Bushnell legend l-series 10x42mm binoculars

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  • 340ft area of view
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ed prime glass, bak-four prisms, and fully multi-coated (fmc) optics

more-low dispersion (ed) prime fluorite glass provides extremely good colour resolution and certainly eliminates chromatic aberration and shade-fringing to convey out the maximum wonderful info feasible. Absolutely multi-covered (fmc) optics and top rate pc-3-lined bak-four prisms seize your concern with vivid readability and assessment, even in low-mild conditions.

ultra extensive band coating to lessen reflection

bushnell’s anti-mirrored image extremely extensive band coating method is customized for every lens element within the optical path. The end result is most light transmission and colour accuracy for optimum brightness and proper shade viewing across the full light spectrum.

rainguard hd for a clear view in wet climate

bushnell’s patented everlasting water-repellent coating causes rain, snow, and sleet to bead up tightly and scatter less mild, turning in you a clean photo even in wet situations.

bushnell: the enterprise leader in high-performance sports optics

because 1948, our guiding principle has been to provide the highest-first-class, most dependable and low-priced sports activities optics in the marketplace. Our award-prevailing merchandise enhance the amusement of each outside pursuit and empower each person to get out and revel in their ardour. Combining modern-day layout and overall performance with a commitment to being reachable to all, bushnell is the most recognized and authentic sports activities optics emblem inside the world.


Black, Realtree Xtra

6 reviews for Bushnell legend l-series 10x42mm binoculars

  1. AK

    I know very little about binoculars in general but I live in a high rise apartment building in downtown Louisville, KY. I have a view of a lit of busy streets around the building and there is always something going on such as concerts, shows at a couple theaters within view, police pulling people over or ambulances picking people up for one reason or another. As creepy as it sounds while I am typing this, when you see all of these things it makes you want more information so I decided to get a pair of binoculars. I initially got a larger pair titled surveillance binoculars that had 15×70 magnification but they are so bulky and the magnification so finicky that its hard to use them quickly which is what you have to do when you hear something happening outside or its over with before you tried to be nosey. So I read a little bit more and saw this Bushnell pair as a deal of the day on Amazon and decided to pull the trigger. I must say I am much happier with the size and the magnification and again while I know very little about binoculars these are perfect for being nosey from the 21st floor of my building. I have added pictures that show the magnification of the binoculars to a bus stop across a busy street about a block away, the size of the binoculars compared to my hand and what all is included with the purchase of these binoculars. Hope this helps someone like me that does not know much about binoculars make a more educated purchase of binoculars. Read more

  2. aj68510

    The design is pleasing and professional. The optics are excellent, I took them to the store for a comparison with Vortex diamondbacks 10×42. They are slightly clearer and sharper than the Vortex brand. I took plenty of time to establish that, no question. But, the bushnell $50 cheaper price comes with secondary design flaws. The occular side rubber cup sleeves that your eyes rest on that are supposed to be a permanent part of the binocular are sliding off the hard barrels and one of mine has come off. It’s easily put back on but there is a high risk of loosing it. This is likely to happen when you affix and remove the separate one part protective rubber duo caps. At the other end of the binoculars there is a similar problem with the objective lense rubber protective caps. They cleverly attach to the barrels hard chassis via their ring rubber extension. That too slides off and falls very easily for example if you take the binocular out of their soft carrying bag. These two things do not affect the optical performance at all. The vortex use hard plastic at the occular instead of rubber (which could be less comfortable) so does not have that issue. The objective rings is just an annoyance but if you loose the occular side rubber it exposes the eye relief guides grooves in the chassis which is more of a concern. After a coupe of days using them i realized the focusing wheel has slack in it. I went to a local store that has the E model with same mechanism and the focusing wheel was firm without play. This slow down the ability to focus every time you change the focus direction. I felt this a more serious defect that impaired usage direclty and decided to return them. EDIT: I got the replacement binocular. All the issues are gone, even the rubber rings seemed to be made of a more elastic rubber don’t fall off. The focusing wheel is normal. Though when they arrive something looked wrong with the diopter locking ring which looked pushed down slanted but as i pushed it down i clicked fully and went back straight. After that I had no problem with it. For the price though these are awesome binoculars, again the optics are excellent better than Vortex diamondback and I used to own Talon Vortex as well at $380, though pin sharp in the center they were not as shap in the periphery of the field of view like the legend. My conclusion is that these are $400-$500 optics binoculars with mechanics no better than a $100 binocular. The result is an extremely appealing value. From the issues I had on the 1st pair only the loose focusing wheel was a performance issue. With the 2nd pair I am very satisfied. These are excelent binoculars for bird and criters watching. But I would not take them in the dirt. These are not military grade ruggedness in construction, it’s all about the glass. Read more

  3. Kellianne thayer

    My husband did a lot of research on what to invest in. We spend a lot of time outdoors hiking and kayaking. Had a lower end pair and wanted to upgrade to get better views of the wildlife. We are thrilled with these. The vision is 100x clearer than the last pair we had. Love the grip and the weight is not to much. We even compared them side by side with the top priced Swarovski binoculars and found these to be better for what we were looking for. Read more

  4. Christopher

    Wow these are incredible for the price, I got a great Black Friday deal @$106, I also have pair of Zeiss Victory TFL 10×42 binoculars, that cost $2000+ And I can barely tell the difference between the two. The Bushnells are excellent! Clarity and color ar great. Of course the Zeiss have better clarity and color representation but for $1900 more I’d except a HUGE difffernece between the two but I just can’t see it. The Bushnell are high quality and a great value even at retail price Read more

  5. Carrie

    The boyfriend is an avid hunter and rather picky. I refused to buy him a $700 pair of binoculars. So I studied and thought these would be good. At first he stuck to his nose a little… but he gave them a try and he tells me all the time how awesome they are… this is a good buy Read more

  6. ma4kayla

    Focus is fast! Love the light when viewing. Only viewed to 300 yards according to my range finder. Looks like it’s right in front of me! Clear as all get out! I use the diopter for an off eye and it’s awesome. Used a buddies competitors binos that had 15×50 and these are just as good. I shoot AR15’s and only need 1-200 yards of view, can’t stand a single eye spotting scope. These are AWSOME for spotting on a tripod. Bought the tripod attachment and they work great on a standard tripod. Read more

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