Bushnell powerview wide angle binocular, porro prism glass bk-7

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  • make certain this suits via coming into your version wide variety.
  • prism glass: bk-7, prism device: porro
  • 12x magnification, 50-millimeter objective binoculars with porro prism device
  • bak-7 prisms and multi-lined optics for superior resolution and image clarity
  • rugged, surprise-soaking up, non-slip rubber armor; instafocus device
  • compact yet powerful binoculars suitable for a variety of programs
  • confined lifetime guarantee
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bushnell powerview, huge perspective binoculars

powerview functions multi-covered optics, multiple layers of coatings on all lens surfaces to growth mild transmission and photograph brightness.

powerview sports a rugged rubber housing for sturdiness and grip, providing you with confidence to use them anywhere, at any time.

bk-7 is a excessive first-class prism glass, presenting efficient reflectivity and light transmission for extraordinarily brilliant viewing.

bushnell unboxed

  • bushnell powerview wide angle binocular
  • lens covers
  • lens cleansing cloth
  • product guide
  • sporting case
  • porro prism construction

    with the powerview’s porro prism production, they’re best for excessive high-quality informal viewing revel in, which include fowl looking, wearing events, and concerts at a fragment of the value.


    10×50, 12×50, 20×50

    7 reviews for Bushnell powerview wide angle binocular, porro prism glass bk-7

    1. His Apprentice

      We bought these to enjoy watching deer on our farm. They are just right for this at distances up to about 900 yards. Much better at light gathering than the 8×28 units we have used in the past. Focusing is easy and fast and they are light enough to use for extended periods of time. *** UPDATE – 3/9/2017 *** I took a photo today by simply placing my cell phone lens over one of the eyepieces. I verified the range to the road sign using GPS at 8,472 ft (1.6 miles) – (2,824 yards) The view is actually razor sharp, but the autofocus on the phone camera blurs it a bit. I am very happy with the Bushnell Powerview 20×50. Read more

    2. S L

      My initial impression of these was pretty high. I was able to get both eyes in sharp focus on a bright star, collimation seemed also very good and chromatic aberration seemed acceptable. (Note, this was just by bracing myself against a sturdy object; a tripod might have made any subtle flaws more noticeable). The next day I tried to view nearer things in daylight. Again, at first I was pretty impressed. Then as I focused the binoculars in and out, I heard a kind of crackly noise, and eventually noticed an intermittent clinking sound (like metal on glass) as I moved the binoculars around. I traced the sound to the right barrel, and shined a flashlight through the objective. While I couldn’t see a loose element, I could see a bunch of clear flakes sitting on the objective and scattered in the right barrel. I don’t know if it was lens glue or actual glass, but this is not good. I can’t speak to what happened during shipping, but in my possession, it was never roughly handled or dropped. The only “shock” it could have received was thermal shock from going outside in 20F weather to look at stars, which hopefully shouldn’t cause an optical train to fall apart! Read more

    3. Johnny Volatile

      I was going back and forth on these or a pair of Nikon (any pair or Nikon’s, really). It was my understanding that these here Bushnell would be less than stellar compared to an expensive brand. Not true. These Bushnell 20×50 are awesome! They are super crisp, and believe it or not, they are actually really easy to hold steady considering the magnification. They have slightly more weight than, say, a small compact pair of bino’s, but these are great. Worth every penny. Read more

    4. Ms. Sturry

      I’m going to plagiarize “Steve’s” one star review from 2014, as I either received the pair he sent back, or Bushnell continues to deal with quality control issues. I had high hopes for these, so far my much cheaper binoculars are superior. Here’s Steve’s and my experience: “I have owned do own a lot of binos. These are just plain old poor quality. The lenses never focus right even with adjustments as per instructions. The focus-er (sp?) is so sensitive that it literally moves by itself. The distance between the eyepieces is to narrow and will not adjust out far enough. The best way I found to use them is to close one eye because even after adjustment things are still blurry. I own the previous model of these and I grab them instead because these are dookie. Would not buy again or recommend.” Read more

    5. J. M. Grant

      I’m somewhat experienced with SLR cameras and have a number of telescopes and binoculars of varying price ranges. I found these to be problematic to the point where I wonder if they’re broken – except some issues are physical limitations. Pros – Nice solid feel. That’s it. Cons – -The closest you can get the eyepieces together is still too far apart. I can just use it, my girlfriend can’t have both eyes using it at once – she’s 5’4 and her eyes are normally spaced for her size. -Blurry. Blurry. Blurry. Even with diopter adjustments, I simply cannot get a reasonable amount of clarity out of these. It’s really bad. Using one side at a time doesn’t seem to help. -Focus requires much more pressure than I’m used to. I use these in broad daylight to look at things on my property (fields, etc). Stationary, plenty of light. I have a Vanguard set that I paid $200 for (Amazon, on sale) and they are flat out amazing. I have other glass that was in the $80 price range which is far superior to this set. I’ve had them for eight months; going to reach out to Bushnell and will update if they are helpful. Read more

    6. Michael Sobrido

      These binoculars are well constructed and the optics work great, especially for the price. I used them on the range this weekend and I was able to see .223/5.56 holes in my paper target without any issues at 100 yards. My only complaint is that the focus knob is loose and requires constant adjustment. Every single time I place the bino’s down, I found myself having to readjust the focus knob. If it weren’t for that issue, these bino’s would easily receive a 5 star rating from me. Read more

    7. Sincerity

      I’m so happy I can perfectly see the wildlife in the open expanse out our back windows now! It’s absolutely crystal clear, not too heavy, and I don’t shake so much to make it prohibitive. All of the things I was worried about! My favorite thing off the bat is the tilted lever in the middle for changing focus. What a huge improvement on those familiar rotating wheels. It’s also nice that it comes with a (soft-cover) case. We have a smaller Bushnell binoculars but they really won’t do the job for long distances. In my limited binocular research, it’s the first number which signifies the distance. So 20 is going to be much better for distance than the common 10 or 12. I don’t think anyone would regret this purchase. These are fantastic! Happy birthday to me! ETA: I used this to go to a concert in a large auditorium downtown, and we sat in the very back row! I took these along and we had so much fun seeing the performers “up close.” It worked absolutely perfectly for this use as well. Read more

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