Bushnell trophy trs-25 red dot sight riflescope, 1x20mm, black

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  • matte black presenting a 3 moa dot reticle with eleven brightness settings; mounts easily on maximum picatinny rails and is well suited with pistols, shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders
  • water resistant creation: o ring sealed optics stay dry inner, even when absolutely immersed in water. Parallax – 50
  • shockproof production: constructed to resist bumps, bangs, drops and the difficult and tumble surroundings of the field
  • nitrogen purged fog proofing: nitrogen inside the scope ensures indoors optical surfaces received’t fog due to humidity or rapid temperature alternate

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product description

water resistant construction and nitrogen-purged fog-proofing

presenting nitrogen-purged fog-proofing, this purple dot sight will now not fog up due to humidity or rapid temperature modifications, so you can continually truely see the purple dot and your goal. The optics are o-ring sealed and will live dry even when completely immersed in water.

adjustable brightness for higher target acquisition

the trs-25 has adjustable brightness settings from 1 to 11, illuminating the three moa dot reticle inside to better assist you with goal acquisition. And through choosing decrease brightness settings, you may extend the purple dot’s battery life.

shockproof creation for optimum sturdiness

built to resist bumps, bangs, and drops, the trs-25 is available in robust, precision-engineered housing and is perfectly suited for the hard-and-tumble surroundings of the sector. You may by no means should worry approximately unfavorable this pink dot sight.

bushnell: the industry leader in high-overall performance sports optics

since 1948, our guiding principle has been to offer the very best-pleasant, maximum dependable and low-cost sports activities optics in the marketplace. Our award-winning products enhance the entertainment of every outside pursuit and empower every body to get out and enjoy their ardour. Combining contemporary layout and overall performance with a commitment to being accessible to all, bushnell is the most diagnosed and authentic sports optics logo within the global.

4 reviews for Bushnell trophy trs-25 red dot sight riflescope, 1x20mm, black

  1. Sgt. Pitbull

    I’ve purchased several red dot sights below $100 and none have been able to withstand the recoil of my AK47. Once they reach the 500 round mark all have failed, even the ones that look cool and say made by veterans. None have survived! This is the ONLY sight under $100 that has survived and maintained its accuracy. I now use it on all my rifle platforms. Let’s begin with the mirror finish on the lense that not only provide excellent light but reduce glare. The water proof gaskets inside every knob are made thick and very durable. The windage adjustments are tight enough so that you can use a dime and make your adjustments and never have to worry about the recoil to loosen them up. It uses the CR2032 battery and I personally have had them go much longer than a year before having to replace them. Just don’t use cheap batteries, purchase a reputable brand and you will never find yourself in the woods with your red dot dead. After testing this sight on my AK47 and shooting a few thousand rounds, I have never had to make any adjustments to them. They are made extremely well and durable. Not to mention they won’t fog up in adverse weather nor will they rust, the coating on these is very good. If you find my review to be of help, please click the “helpful” button below. Thanks and always be safe 🙂 Read more

  2. Douglas Edwards

    As you are likely aware, there are myriad choices of red dot sights to choose from. When investigating the TRS-25, I liked what I read of other’s experiences with the sight until I came across some reviews stating there was a noticeable difference between the older model (gold lettered Bushnell) and the newer model with a white logo. Amazon shows a photo of the older version, but advises you may receive a sight with the white lettering. The reviews were not so favorable on the new model written by those who have both. The lettering is too garish…the optic is not as bright as the older model…the dot disappears on the edges of the viewfinder. You’ve probably read those reviews. I decided to give it a shot anyway and ordered one. It arrived promptly and in good shape. I was anxious to open the box and see what model I purchased, old or new. I was hopeful…the box pictured the sight with gold lettering, I opened the box and…NO! Doggonit! It’s the the new model. I was set to be disappointed and find problems right off with the sight. Guess what? I didn’t. It worked just fine. The dot was bright, it was clear. It didn’t disappear at the outskirts of the viewfinder…the dial to control the brightness was not loosey-goosey. It seemed just fine. I was relieved, and so should you be. Now I haven’t seen the older model TRS-25 to compare it to, but I do have an Eotech on my AR that I’ve looked through for a long time. Granted, it’s not Eotech, but it’s mighty well serviceable enough to sit atop my 9mm Beretta carbine. The four stars instead of five is because I haven’t put it through the paces to make sure it continues to work and will hold zero, but I am optimistic about being satisfied with this purchase… I hope this helps some other guy who worries about a few negative reviews in spite of a thousand positive ones. Read more

  3. Espresso Fan

    When you first browse this TRS-25 on Amazon, the main display page shows a photo of the sight with the Bushnell Logo in a small font printed in Yellow/Gold. That is an old image. Do not buy this sight thinking or hoping you will receive once with the Yellow logo version like shown in the original Amazon photo. You will get the newer model with a White/Silver logo… even the one Sold and shipped by Amazon! The primary reason for mentioning this is … if you’ve spent any time reading various internet forums and reviews, or taken the time to peruse all the reviews here in Amazon, it’s common to find warnings about TRS-25’s with a white versus the yellow Bushnell logo. Also, do not buy this sight if you are attempting (as some suggest) to play the “Yellow Logo lottery” hoping you will receive one with a yellow logo and not a white one. That lottery trick / suggestion is also quite old. It may have worked back in early 2015 when Bushnell first did the redesign but all the old stock has long since been exhausted. The logo color warnings are not relevant, i.e., ones that state the original yellow/gold Bushnell logo is found on models that are made in Japan and better quality when compared to the newer models with the Bushnell logo in white that are now coming out of China. Some of the negative review complaint examples: Red dot is about half as bright. Red dot is not centered in display Red dot is distorted End lens is Green no long Red/orange So… are the current Chinese models inferior to the Japanese model? Not really. Bushnells production quality guideline standards are strictly enforced regardless of the country of origin. Have there been problems or complaints about receiving units with manufacturing defects? Yes! BUT… there are three good reasons: 1) If you take the time to read ALL the negative reviews you will discover a lot of them are pre-2015 when the units were shipping from Japan. This simply means people were complaining about the same issues with the Japanese as with the current white logo models from China. 2) Items like this are mass produced on a production line in the tens of thousands. Occasionally defects find their way into an item, even products from leading manufacturers made in the US. It doesn’t mean the product is junk. It can simply mean you were unlucky enough to get one with a manufacturing defect. 3) Most factual – at any point in time there are typically 4 or more third party sellers on Amazon selling this very same item. Some of the sellers are selling fake products. You can get ripped off. Your best bet is to only buy products like this when the item says “Sold and Shipped by Amazon” If you buy something Sold and Shipped by Amazon, returns and refunds are easy and painless. If you buy a knockoff from a third party vendoryou have to work with them, not Amazon, and may have to pay return shipping and or restocking fees and if lucky get your money back FACT: The genuine current production models from Bushnell are manufactured in China and ship with the Logo printed in White/Silver paint. The logo has a “slightly” raised finish you can feel. Do yourself a favor and look at all the other photos in the Amazon listing, as well as all the images in the advertisement below the listing. You will see ALL the photos show the Bushnell Logo in white/silver. Its only the top photo in the Amazon listing that is incorrect since it shows the old original yellow/gold version. FAIR WARNING: This Red Dot Sight has been around for a long time and is very is popular. As a result there are plenty of fake knockoffs on both Amazon and eBay. Further confusing the matter, the crooks making the fake knockoffs are smart and are aware of the lottery rumors and the hopes people have on finding “new old stock” with the Yellow/Gold logo. As a result the crooks are making fakes units with the yellow gold logo. Today you can buy fake knockoffs with the yellow/gold logo just like the original Japanese model. Don’t fall for it. Today’s genuine TRS-25 made under license by Bushnell have the larger Bushnell in white/silver. (see attached photo) TIP: Check out the YouTube video with the Title: REAL VS FAKE Bushnell TRS-25 Trophy Red Dot Sights In addition to the Real vs Fake video , upon inspection of the lenses… one end should appear to be clear glass and the other lens should have a vivid red/orange tint. Lenses on “some” of the knockoffs have green finish or tint. Its a pretty iridescent green , but fake nonetheless. Also be aware some fakes have the red/orange lens so don’t use that for an indicator alone. Shop carefully. Better yet ,only buy if it says Sold and Shipped by Amazon Two suggestions to ease your anxiety and pain: 1) Accept the fact you will be getting the white log Chinese version. Buy the TRS-25 when the price is down. How? If you bother to watch the TRS-25 over an extended period of time you will see the price fluctuates anywhere from $45 to $145 (hint: check the website camelcamelcamel) If you wait and watch the TRS-25 on a regular basis you can get lucky and buy it when the price is closer to the $50 range. 2) Be vigilant. Avoid Amazon third party sellers you are unfamiliar with. Read the sellers storefront reviews. Again, your best bet if you decide to and purchase one of these… verify the one you selected and placed in your cart shows: “Sold and Shipped by Amazon”. Granted it may be a few dollars more that one being offered by a third party seller but you know it will be the genuine article Last, some owners have complained the red dot appears distorted or a blurry. This will happen if you have an astigmatism. It’s a very common eye disorder that can be corrected by Lasik or eyeglasses. If you wear prescription glasses put them on, then you will see a perfect dot. Unfortunately, as a rule, contacts typically do not correct astigmatism and the image may still look distorted. Be aware Bushnells “One year limited warranty”. Not a deal breaker, but if you ever need to send it in under warranty you will need to also include $10 to cover their return shipping back to you. Read more

  4. KBeagle

    I have an older TRS-25 like the one pictured with orange lettering. It’s been great, I love that thing! I bought another and it’s a little different, white lettering and a slightly shorter brightness knob but feels equally well made. What ruins it is that it doesn’t get bright enough to see outdoors in sunny conditions. Surely it’s defective and Amazon was good about an exchanging it. The second one i received is the same, the brightness at setting 11 on the new ones is the same as 5 on my old one. It has a significantly lower maximum brightness. On a pistol or anything you want to have fast acquisition it’s useless. I’m going to keep it because I needed a replacement red dot for my telescope and the lower settings are really really dim so it should be good for that. Read more

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