Butler creek 19000 bikini rifle scope cowl, black

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  • make sure this suits by means of coming into your version range.
  • introducing our new bikini rifle scope cowl having the potential to guard protects optics with goals making it effective and green.
  • one of the best function of this searching rifle scope cover is that it has two pliable rubber like caps
  • best is confident and maintained up-to a sure level assembly all the contemporary marketplace criteria.
  • scope cover rifle makes rifle tight dustproof, moisture proof seal
  • suits riflescopes with goal bells please watch related video for preparation on sizing.
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butler creek 19000 bikini rifle scope cover

the bikini scope cowl protects optics with goals as much as 62mm in diameter. The simple, one-piece layout functions stretch retainers that preserve rubber caps company towards both stop of the scope, imparting a dustproof, moisture-proof seal.

  • suits riflescopes with objectives as much as 62mm out of doors diameter
  • one-piece, short-clearing layout
  • best for garage, transport and subject use
  • features

    absolutely the closing scope lens protection for hunters and shooters

    create a watertight, hermetic seal lens cover you may open with a touch of a button so you can placed your shot through the narrow window of opportunity within the most severe conditions

    butler creek: born from experience

    firearms and optics are investments well worth protecting. Butler creek produces progressive, field add-ons that enhance the shooting enjoy for hunters and tactical fans alike. The wide array of add-ons are designed by shooters who recognise the value of great and durability

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    6 reviews for Butler creek 19000 bikini rifle scope cowl, black

    1. JCC Viking

      I purchased this product because it was inexpensive and well reviewed. It’s a great concept. It’s simple and effective. However, after two months the rubber “straps” had completely deteriorated and one broke. From the time I installed the scope cover until I noticed the broken strap, the rifle had been inside (not exposed to UV). I figured the manufacturer had, somehow, ended up with a bad batch of rubber. This unit has a 30-day return window and I was a month beyond that when I noticed the problem. I wrote to the manufacturer but after nearly two weeks, I had not received a response. At that point, I contacted Amazon and they agreed to make an exception to the 30-day return policy and issued a refund. I love Amazon! Because the reviews are good, your luck is likely to be better than mine. For me, though, the company’s failure to respond was the coup de grâce. I will no longer purchase products made by this company. Read more

    2. Marshal Shlafer

      I’ve never been a fan of the cheap plastic caps that come with most scopes, mainly because after a while the cord that connects the front and back covers loses its elasticity and the caps don’t stay put. So I thought this product would be a good idea. I planned on buying several for my several scopes, but just bought one at first to start to see how the product worked. It’s advertised to fit all scopes, and I have what you might call an “average sized” scope: about 12 inches long, objective (lens + surrounding housing) about 48 mm diameter, eyepiece about 42 mm. The bikini cover was a very tight fit; it was quite difficult putting the covers on over each lens, tugging and stretching and trying not to accidentally touch a lens with a finger while pulling and stretching out the covers to go on. Part of the problem was that stretching the whole thing to reach front to back, not just stretching the covers per se, was difficult too. Things loosened-up a bit after putting the cover on and letting it sit overnight or longer, but it was still more of a nuisance than I’d like. In addition, I also suspect that on cold days (and we’re getting there), when the rubber gets stiff(er) again, the difficulties will come back. So, I don’t think I’ll be buying more of these, and although I don’t want to start spending more money on individual slip-on/flip-up caps for each scope I’ll either do that or simply stick with the cheap plastic caps that came with my scopes. Read more

    3. Otic9000

      I recently purchased a 30-06 with a Nikon scope. I’ve seen the fancy spring-loaded caps for scopes, and I was going to go that route, until I saw this cover. I’m a firm believer in the more complicated equipment is, the more likely something can go wrong with it. When I took this cover out of the box, I was underwhelmed. But, after using it a few times in the field, I’ve found I love it. It forms a waterproof/dust-proof seal on both ends of the scope, the unit can be completely removed in less than 3 seconds, it is easy to clean, it provides a good “bumper” for the scope, and if I ever lose or break it, I can afford to replace it. This is truly a great buy, and it performs as advertised. Read more

    4. Outback Joe

      This is a good cover that’s fast and easy to to remove but it does take some time and effort to install. There is a finger grip on the rear cap that make removal easy but to install the caps you’ll need to stretch them over the front and rear of most scopes lenses. I tried it on two scopes, one with a 44 objective and one with a 50. It would not fit over the 50mm objective or stretch long enough to reach the 50mm objective. Once installed the soft rubber caps protects the scope very well. The only downside is the covers side straps are distorted and anything but straight. Once installed the straps straighten and lay flat on the sides of the scope. I like this cover better than flip up caps since it comes off so fast. I will be buying a couple more. Read more

    5. StarvinMarvin

      I was concerned at first that these might not provide any protection for lenses against any bumps, but the material is thick and when stretched tight across the objectives actually makes a pretty thick “cap” across the lens. Not as much protection of course as a plastic cap, but substantial just the same, especially the deeper the lens is from the rim. A nice feature is this cap will also bubble out from trapped air. That provides even more protection. I gave it 4 stars for durability not because it has lasted long – I’ve only had them a month – but because the construction seems heavy duty – the rubber is thick and solid. It makes a tight fit on my 12 in scopes and 40mm are harder to fit than 32, for sure. Not so tight that I worry about tearing, but difficult to manipulate and stretch just the same. I wouldn’t wanna try anything over 40. Because of this difficulty in installing these, I wouldn’t recommend them for rainy-day-outdoor-field use where they might need to repeatedly come off quick and go back on. But for use at the range and for storage, they’re perfect, especially at that price. Read more

    6. West Texas

      My red dot came with lens caps, but my magnifier did not. Strange as they came as a bundle. There basically is nothing available that would properly fit and cover the magnifiers lenses so I went with this guy. It’s nothing fancy and is not very pretty sitting on there, but it is only in use when my gun is in it’s hard case. Take the gun out of the case then remove the lens cover. Although I purchased the shorter one it’s still a little long for my magnifier. My solution was simply to hold one cover on one lens, give the thing a few twists and place the second cover on the other lens. Not the best solution, but until I can come up with something better, this will do the job. If you’re in my situation and can’t find proper lens covers then this will do the job in a pinch. It just won’t be pretty. Read more

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