Callaway golf 2020 corduroy adjustable hat

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  • made in the u. S. Or imported
  • light-weight corduroy
  • cooling sweatband
  • 30+ uv protection
  • low-profile unstructured layout
  • adjustable
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Black, Blue, Red, White

7 reviews for Callaway golf 2020 corduroy adjustable hat

  1. judy hovey

    Packaging could be improved so shape remains original. Read more

  2. A. Darling

    Update: My husband wore this a few times and his spray sunblock caused a chemical reaction with the dye and when he sweated it made a rust colored ring all around the bottom of the crown part. Washing doesn’t take it out. Too bad because he really liked this hat! If you use spray sunblock and sweat beware that when the ingredient in sunblock, avobenzone mixes with iron in your sweat it causes a rust like oxidation.. I’m taking one star off because it isn’t really the hat’s issue– but if you use sunblock with Avobenzone do note. Previous review: Comfortable fit and stays in head snuggly in the wind. Looks stylish and feels good. Adjustable strap works well to make the fit just right. It may be a little on the heavy side for warm weather but otherwise it is a nice cap for my golfing. Read more

  3. Gunnar Vogtmann

    Stitching was ok but there were quite a bit of errors on almost every seam. It seems like someone was in a hurry and quality wasn’t a priority with this corduroy SnapBack ball cap. Loose threads abound and crooked sewing and inconsistency in lengths of the stitch were prominent. The front patch is also off center of the front crease. Even the corduroy is lacking any kind of luster. I have hats that cost about the same that have five star ratings because of the quality they exhibited. So for twenty nine dollars I expect higher quality in all the areas than this particular ball cap is lacking in. I would pass on this hat because the quality doesn’t reflect it’s asking value. Two Stars—- Read more

  4. KNDY

    I’m a big fan of Callaway Golf products and the Callaway Golf 2020 Corduroy adjustable hat is very nice! For one, you have the Callaway logo with the V logo est. `82 on the diamond shield. If anything, while a low profile hat, it’s more of right down the middle, as I tried low profiles which were to flat, this one is more of in-between. The hat is adjustable, made of 100% cotton (and made in Vietnam), offers 30+ UV protection with a cooling sweatband. A well-made hat overall! Recommended! Read more

  5. Leah Maines, best-selling, award-winning author, actor, and editor

    The Callaway Golf 2020 Corduroy Adjustable Hat is very comfortable. It is well made. But most of all the corduroy is very stylish. It’s a nice upgrade to your golf hat wardrobe. This has a more youthful look without looking childish. It’s great for anyone from teens and up. The quality is very good. Read more

  6. Mom2three

    I love this Calloway Golf hat. It’s well-made, comfortable, and easily adjustable. It’s also very stylish and looks great. The corduroy makes it a little heavier weight but it doesn’t feel weighty on the head. It’s the perfect hat for all seasons. Read more

  7. Nishant Agarwal

    This is a good quality casual callaway golf corduroy hat. It’s comfy and light. Price is for the brand name logo . Read more

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