Cap barbell (hhwv-cb020c) adjustable weighted vest, 20-pound

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  • ensure this fits by coming into your version quantity.
  • adjustable conditioning vest with steel-shot weight packets, weighing about zero. 75 lb
  • facilitates you gain energy and burn extra energy
  • adds up to twenty kilos of resistance
  • neoprene padding for consolation; incorporated pocket for mobile cellphone
  • the vest is made with breathable mesh with adjustable clips to healthy your frame type.
  • width: 14. 50; height: sixteen. 50; intensity: 5. 00 & weight: 20. 00 lbs
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cap barbell adjustable 20 pound weighted vest

upload power education on your cardio exercising with the cap adjustable weighted vest. The vest is made with breathable mesh with adjustable clips to obtain the preferred healthy on your frame type. Carrying the vest for the duration of exercises will assist you gain strength and burn additional energy via including resistance for your workout, no matter your activity. The vest is weight adjustable, with each steel-shot packet weighing approximately zero. Seventy five lb. Other functions encompass reflective protection strips to maintain you out of damage’s manner after darkish and an integrated pocket for an mp3 player or cellular telephone. Built with neoprene padding for comfort, this vest’s one-size-fits-all design suits each men and women.


fully adjustable waist belt and padded shoulder straps allow for a cushty and cozy suit. The vest includes reflective stripes for easy visibility if used for the duration of on foot or running whilst darkish outdoor.

the cap adjustable weighted vest is good for resistance schooling. The anchor hooks are designed for parachute run schooling. Build speed and agility with this weighted vest.

without problems adjust the vest’s total weight by removing or including the man or woman weight packets. Each weight packet is filled with 3/4 lb of weight – including as much as a total of 20 pounds.

product description

add electricity education in your cardio exercise with the cap barbell adjustable weighted vest. The vest, which adds up to twenty pounds of resistance for your workout, is made with breathable mesh, with adjustable clips to in shape your body kind. Once on, the vest helps you advantage energy and burn additional energy regardless of your interest, from aerobics to sports activities. The vest is weight adjustable, with every metal-shot packet weighing about 3/four pound. Simply begin with only some weight packets and then upload greater as you get stronger. Other capabilities include reflective protection strips to keep you out of harm’s way after darkish and an incorporated pocket for an mp3 participant or cell phone. Constructed with neoprene padding for comfort, the vest’s one-length-suits-all design fits each males and females.


20 Pound, Black

8 reviews for Cap barbell (hhwv-cb020c) adjustable weighted vest, 20-pound

  1. SteelGeek55

    ….I found a way. 1) Get a flat head screwdriver 2) Place vest on a table or bed because it’s easier standing than sitting down. 3) Roll the weight in your hand to loosen the sand than take the sown end and flick it like a sugar/ sweet & low pack. This gives you about a third of empty space at the top. 4) Spread the opening with your finger and slide the full end down leaving a little exposed on top. 5) Take the screwdriver and work the upper flap over the exposed top. It’s elastic so don’t worry about puncturing the top flip. Work one side in than the other. 10 weights in the front and 10 weights in the back. The hard work paid off because, unlike my old vest, there’s no movement/jiggle. This is major because, with my old vest, it was distracting and irritating. They just dropped into pockets & were loose & bulky. These weights are in tight & snug. This vest fits like a glove too because the 2 velcro body fasteners are elastic. Also if you need padding in the shoulder area…just go to the Dollar Store, buy a 2 packet of black wash cloths for $1.00, fold-to-fit, then insert into the slots underneath the shoulder area. Cushion on the Cheap…lol. I ran 5 mile this evening and I was impressed. Did some push up & dips too (used a picnic table). My legs & chest ache a little but that let me know I had a good workout/run. Training for another 5K this month & I need the resistance. Maybe I can represent in the 60 to 65 age group again. Happy Training. See ya’ll at the finish line. Read more

  2. Sergio Cabral

    My new “vest”friend! Amazing addition to my fitness equipment collection… This is precisely what I needed to kick it into 4th gear of my body fat burn regimen. Excellent quality, easy to fasten double-strap on the Velcro, gray pocket in the front easily fits my iPhone 6 (snug), just an amazing piece…. I don’t even feel it on me! Ideal to have on during pull-ups, dips, running, etc. Definitely recommend for anyone serious about their fitness and physique (i.e. even beginners). Read more

  3. Virgil Caine

    I am a boxer and strap this on when shadow boxing and boy does it smoke me! That extra 20 pounds added to any routine really makes a difference….especially in the legs. I also found that wearing this while on the stair master has significantly increased the size of my calves! Might sound crazy, but i noticed a big difference in my calf definition and size after only a month… try it out for yourself if you dont believe me! PROS: – super easy to assemble. It comes as an empty shell with around 20 little sand bags you insert, 10 in the front, 10 in the back. Im no math expert, but im assuming that each one ways around 16 oz. It took me like 15 minutes to put it together. – Fits tight and secure – Great Augmenter to just about any workout routine! CONS: – I cant think of any. If durability is an issue and I notice any of the sand bags break, Ill definitely update my review Read more

  4. thatguy2257

    I’m in my 40’s and working hard to get in not great but AMAZING shape. It’s been a journey but so far so good. Initially, the vest took some getting used to so I recommend wearing it for 15 minutes so your body can adjust. In fact, I’d recommend performing some stretches in this vest (especially if you’re starting out with the 20lb vest) as it’ll help you adjust your balance. I jump rope in the vest; Perform burpees, jump squats, step-overs (plyo-box), sit-ups and almost my entire workout in this vest. **FULL DISCLOSURE**: Be patient putting the 1 lb sand packs inside the vest pockets. It’s a little challenging to squeeze them all in there (note there are 20 1lb sand packs) but it makes sense that the fit is tight as you don’t want to deal with anything falling out while exercising or jogging. Again, first vest but not my last. I plan to “graduate” to the 30lb vest next. Buy this product to build strength and accelerate your weight-loss today!! Read more

  5. Chad

    Poorly designed and very uncomfortable to wear. The weights press against your rib cage and there isn’t any padding provided. They also charged me $15.00 to return the vest when the product only cost $40.00. Don’t buy it! Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    We used it for Murph or 2 miles of running, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups and 300 squats and it held up very well. If you’re more slender it will move around a little more, but it’s better than a lot of vests and reasonable priced. Read more

  7. sharlene

    My brother in law did a lot of research for me to find a good weight vest to buy for my son. At first, I saw the price and thought maybe it wouldn’t be that good. I was fooled by the theory that more expensive equals better. Luckily, my brother in law was adamant about me getting this and for good reason. It has turned out to be a perfect product. I will say when we first got two of the weights were torn. However, I put a claim through amazon and the company shipped out a new one even before I had sent this one back. Their customer service and promptness were incredible. The second one was perfect. My son uses this several times a week to train. He runs with it and says that it is very comfortable. He likes the fact that he can determine how much weight he puts in it. Read more

  8. Lisa G

    Got this weighted vest for my husband as an Xmas gift to replace the weighted vest he has worn for years that was basically staying together with duct tape. He didnt want the same brand vest he had started with because the mesh had begun to tear very quickly after first purchasing it and I am not kidding when I say it was held together by duct tape. Anyway, so I bought this vest and have been very impressed with it (although its only been a couple weeks). The weight bags went into the slots fairly easily. It’s not a speed job so you have to just be patient. My husband ran in the vest (with a t-shirt underneath) and reported that it didn’t bounce around like his old vest. This new one didnt rub or chafe anywhere. It does have a pocket for phone or ipod or something but my husbands huge phone didnt fit in it. The next day my husband went for a run and wore a hoody underneath and it worked fine. He also did push-ups and burpees in the vest and reported that it felt comfortable and snug. Update: two years later and it’s still Going strong!!! Read more

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