Cap barbell olympic 2-inch weight plate, grey, single

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  • make sure this suits with the aid of entering your model quantity.
  • construction – made from stable solid iron with a machined middle hole and a gray, baked tooth coating. Those olympic weight plates have a 2-inch middle hole to accommodate olympic bars.
  • features –the grey baked teeth coating guarantees a durable, dependable weight on the way to closing thru grueling workout routines. Raised silver numbers assist to without difficulty identify weight size.
  • versatile – weight plates may be used to perform muscle strengthening sporting activities and patience schooling, and to increase flexibility and stability. A single weight plate can also be used for warm-up sporting events.
  • alternatives – those weights are available in 2. Five, 5, 10, 25, 35, 45 and 100 lbs.
  • believe – trust enjoy. Cap has been a pioneer inside the fitness industry for over 30 years with places worldwide. Probabilities are, if you have ever worked out earlier than you’ve got used a cap product.
  • recreation type: weightlifting
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cap barbell grey olympic 2-inch weights

the cap barbell olympic weights in gray function a baked enamel finish to save you chipping during use and are fabricated from strong forged iron for durability. Those weights accommodate olympic bars, which have a two inch diameter in width. Upload a few extra weight to your workout with these olympic weights. Every bought personally.

available in different sizes

the cap barbell olympic weights in gray have raised letters and quantity to without problems identify each weight and are available in several sizes, which can be as follows: 2. Five, five, 10, 25, 35, and forty five kilos.

available in exceptional sizes

the cap barbell olympic weights in gray have raised letters and wide variety to without problems become aware of every weight and are to be had in several sizes, which might be as follows: 2. 5, 5, 10, 25, 35, and forty five kilos.

to be had in one-of-a-kind sizes

the cap barbell olympic weights in gray have raised letters and variety to without difficulty perceive each weight and are available in several sizes, that are as follows: 2. Five, 5, 10, 25, 35, and 45 pounds.

available in extraordinary sizes

the cap barbell olympic weights in gray have raised letters and wide variety to without problems pick out every weight and are available in numerous sizes, that are as follows: 2. 5, 5, 10, 25, 35, and 45 pounds.

45 lb

25 lb

10 lb

2. Five lb


25 LBS, 35 LBS

8 reviews for Cap barbell olympic 2-inch weight plate, grey, single

  1. B. Boyd

    Update: Everything I said about the 10’s goes for the 5’s and 25’s as well. These are utter TRASH. I simply MUST return them because no amount of grinding or filing will make them usable. Online is the ONLY way they could sell these. If you were to see them beforehand, on a shelf, in a brick and mortar store you would never purchase them. The casting quality is beyond poor. I ordered 4 10’s, 4 5’s, and 3, 25’s. The 10’s arrived today and three of the four have “foundry putty” (filler) in the holes that prevents me from sliding them on the bar. They also have huge voids and more putty along the outside making them jagged, out of round, and generally ugly. Other edges are so sharp they almost cut you. One isn’t even the same outside diameter as the other three. I understand that some people will say weight is weight and the look shouldn’t matter but I disagree. I’m paying for a product so it should be right. Not only that but the voids and fillers tell me this is not a structurally sound product and may not last. I was expecting to find “made in China” decals but I guess even China was too embarrassed to put their name on these. Read more

  2. Chase Grieser

    I ordered 6 of these as we needed more in the weight room at the fire department. I was disappointed at the quality of these weights right out of the box. The other firefighter who helped me unload them asked if I bought used weights. Every single one has a chip or chips out of it and the thickness of the weights vary. You can see a few of the many chips in the picture I attached Read more

  3. Evan

    These plates were 80 cents a pound. They are uniform thickness and width. Great for the money. Definitely cheaply cast / molded, but not even close to scrap metal as some reviews claim. Disclaimer: I knew before i bought these i’d have to file down some sharp edges with a file. I own a file, If you have no file or a standing drill – don’t buy these if you care about your Barbell. I also don’t know the exact weight of these plates, i don’t have a 0.1 lb increment scale. I spent 10 minutes filing mildly sharp edges on the inside and outside. Worth saving 60% vs fancy calibrated Olympic plates. I’m not rich or a competitive lifter. Definitely not a 5 star purchase, but worth saving $12 each on 10lb plates to do a few minutes of filing/sand-papering for people on a budget. Read more

  4. IamME

    I don’t know why everyone is complaining. These are “inexpensive cheap plates” that come with free shipping if purchased at the right time is under $1 a lb. If you want perfection then buy machined plates. None of these cast plates will be 100% perfect if you buy 6 45lb cast plates chances are they maybe off 1/4lb or so. example i bought 3 10lb plates they read 10.2lbs on the scale +- 0.03 So you can buy these @ under $1lb or you can get more accurate weights @ over $2lb. And lets not talk about rubber plates. Read more

  5. Jess

    Do not, I repeat do not buy these if you care about your bar at all. The inner ring is jagged and eats up your bar. Read more

  6. jr

    These CAP plates were never the best of the best, but I knew that going in. What surprised me is that CAP has gotten worse since I first bought my 300# set off Amazon a few years ago. They changed the enamel used to coat the weights, the lettering used is not quite as pronounced and the plates have some weird casting issues (lopsided in in a few places on multiple plates). I would recommend looking around and don’t buy these unless you get them for under 1$/lb shipped. The quality is pretty poor even for a bargain plate. Giving two stars because they are mostly round and do fit on my bar. Read more

  7. Red Beard Ops

    I ordered two CAP 10 lb plates. I had seven 10# plates (2 CAP and 5 Troy) in my gym already and was hoping to match these up to make a “calibrated” and/or identical set. The weights of these plates were as follows: 9.75 lbs and 9.29 lbs (2.5% off and 7.1% off respectively) I feel as if 7.1% off is unacceptable for a standard cast iron 10# plate. The 2.5% off plate isn’t great but more along the lines of expected. The silver lining is that I had another CAP plate @ 9.70 lbs which I was able to paint and match one of the new ones with. I’d rather them be high than low… but hey I’ll take it. In regards to the finish on the hole, I also had some burs left in mine from casting. Knocked them down with a file. The finish was decent overall. Read more

  8. Ashley B.

    I purchased the 2.5lb weights for my home gym and they are as advertised. They get the job done and that’s all I could ask for. However, these have serious issues: 1. Smell – these smell like fresh paint and even after having these for months in my garage, the scent still lingers. It’s not pleasant at all. 2. Quality – it looks as if the metal underneath the paint chipped somehow, and the paint job is quite jagged, I see others on here that purchased heavier weights which ruined their barbells. Lucky for me, I only needed these for incremental weights and they are not heavy enough to scratch my custom Rogue barbell or I’d be *furious* to say the least. The paint is also heavily caked on…. I’m not sure if they just put too much activator in the paint that it leaves a less smooth finish on the plates. Can I recommend the heavier weights? Not from what I’ve seen. But the lesser weights get the job done even if they kind of smell up close. I don’t smell them when they’re on the barbell so that’s all that matters to me. They were relatively cheap even during vivid when people are up selling weights, so I’m not going to complain too hard, but please take it with a grain of salt. Read more

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