Cap barbell rubber lined hex dumbbell set non-slip hex form for muscle firming, power constructing, weight reduction – multiple picks to be had

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  • ensure this fits by way of entering your version variety.
  • set includes – a pair of five, 10, 15, 20 and 25-pound coated hex dumbbell weights.
  • maximum gripping electricity – metallic handles feature medium-intensity diamond knurling for a cozy, non-slip grip for the duration of physical games. Give a boost to your hand grip by using operating your manner as much as heavier weights.
  • covered heads – the cast iron dumbbell heads are covered with a layer of safety to reduce damage to health equipment, flooring, and more.
  • construct strength – notable for both upper frame and lower body exercises. Use dumbbells for resistance schooling, to growth persistence, construct electricity, and much more.
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cap barbell a hundred and fifty lb hex dumbbell weight set

build out your property fitness center by means of including the cap barbell a hundred and fifty-pound coated hex dumbbell set. Build muscular tissues, lose fats, and burn extra calories by adding dumbbells for resistance all through your strength schooling ordinary. This set is designed for novices and intermediate weight lifters. Start off using the 5-pound pair and work your manner up to the 25-pound dumbbells. Constructed to be tough and sturdy, the coated dumbbell heads help lessen weight room noise and add a layer of protection between the dumbbell and different device/flooring.

the cope with features a medium-depth diamond knurling to make certain maximum gripping electricity in the course of sporting events. Do not worry about your hands slipping because the knurling presents the help needed for a good, non-slip grip. The dumbbell heads are made from excessive-grade solid iron with a durable coating for lengthy-lasting performance.

  • construct muscle
  • improve core energy
  • raise stability
  • higher bone fitness
  • burn more energy
  • expanded strength stages
  • superior ordinary mood
  • and much greater!
  • versatile and purposeful use

    dumbbells may be used for such a lot of distinct physical activities. Use them to exercise all principal muscle businesses – from palms, chest and lower back to core and legs.

    those dumbbells will add splendid range for your workout ordinary and help you attain your fitness desires faster!



    8 reviews for Cap barbell rubber lined hex dumbbell set non-slip hex form for muscle firming, power constructing, weight reduction – multiple picks to be had

    1. TheBoys1999

      Pretty disappointed that I only received 1/2 my order. Waiting for seller to respond. Read more

    2. Joe

      I’m writing this review that as if he date of purchase these do NOT come with a rack. The reviews and Q&A say it does, however the description does not state it does nor did I receive a rack- only the weights. Read more

    3. Peter C

      Sturdy, balanced, easy to hold.. those are the great qualities of this set. However – they have a strong chemical smell which hasn’t faded after several weeks. We store ours in the bedroom and we’ve had to sleep with windows open. Read more

    4. school play

      These weights are very good, but the price recently increased due to the COVID situation. They had a slight smell, but I wiped them down with slightly damp paper towels. Read more

    5. Lee I.

      $150 and free shipping for these dumbbells and rack? No brainer, especially shipping to Hawaii! They were greasy when they arrived so I washed them in dish soap and warm water then dried them. They’re awesome! Read more

    6. Lily G

      These were better than expected! I’m so pleased that I bit the bullet by ordering these. The price is great for the pairs included. These are well balanced, great grip, great size, just perfect. When I’m ready to order the poundage above these, I’ll definitely be ordering the same make and style and, if provided, from the same seller. They were packaged brilliantly by individual dumbbell so that there wasn’t a large box weighing 100+ lbs. Whatever the coating is on the ends is awesome. I had purchased another set by a different maker, and the coating was just awful, peeling and chipping off, but these here are just great with the rubber. It also makes for better contact should these nudge limbs, bones, or floor. Love, love, love. I noticed a few reviews mentioning a chemical smell, but I’m not experiencing that at all. There IS a noticeable scent, but it just smells like new athletic shoes, an athletic shoe store, or even a car tire–that lovely rubber aroma. It’s actually kind of nice–call me crazy! I can’t wait to order my next set! Read more

    7. potatobod

      Entire CAP 150 lb. dumbbell set arrived, on time, no problems! They did come in separate boxes and the carrier delivered them all together in one drop. Boxes were intact, weights unscathed. Really happy with this set and WF Athletic Supply. Read more

    8. S. Dunning

      Slight odor from rubber but my experience wasn’t that bad at all. Rubber seems a bit ‘tacky’ and prone to attract dirt or dust but they easily wipe off. Other than that they are thick, sturdy, and feel well made. Very happy with the set. Only negative, which wasn’t a huge deal, is that they came in 2 separate shipments across 3 deliveries. And only first shipment was track-able via item tracking which showed it as delivered before I had all of the pieces. An email to seller provided second tracking number. Also, the weights from the second shipment looked as if they might have come from a different lot/batch as the rubber black color was very slightly different but for me not a big deal either. Read more

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