Carson hookupz iphone four/4s/five/5s/se, iphone 6/6s, iphone 6 plus/6s plus or samsung galaxy s4 digiscoping adapters with close awareness 7x18mm monocular (ic-518, ic-618, ic-618p, ic-418)

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  • ensure this suits by means of coming into your version number.
  • the hookupz adaptor without difficulty connects your iphone four/4s/5/5s/se to the blanketed closeup close consciousness 7x18mm monocular
  • take pix or report video without delay through the monocular using the digital camera software to your iphone four/4s/five/5s/se
  • the hookupz adapter is simplest compatible with the iphone 4/4s/five/5s/se models
  • the 7x18mm monocular also has a near attention function with a purpose to can help you zoom in for your subjects from 10 inches away
  • it comes blanketed with an iphone 5/5s/se case, 7x18mm near cognizance monocular, iphone four/4s conversion kit and the monocular adapter piece sponsored by way of carson’s confined lifetime guarantee
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the hookupz adapter without problems connects your samsung galaxy s4 or iphone four/4s/5/5s/se or iphone 6/6s or iphone 6 plus/6s plus smartphones to the blanketed near awareness 7x18mm monocular. Now you could take photos or video without delay via the monocular the use of the integrated camera utility for your samsung galaxy s4 or iphone four/4s/five/5s/se or iphone 6/6s or iphone 6 plus/6s plus smartphones. Then, you may text or e mail your buddies your movies and photographs. The adapter includes a detachable rubber ring that conforms to the monocular. Hook up your monocular to view flora and fauna, your kid’s sporting activities and a lot extra! The 7x18mm monocular additionally has a close awareness characteristic so that it will allow you to zoom in to your topics from up to ten inches away. The hookupz adapter is best like minded with the samsung galaxy s4 or iphone four/4s/5/5s/se or iphone 6/6s or iphone 6 plus/6s plus models. The iphone four/4s/five/5s/se model comes included with an iphone 5/5s/se case, 7x18mm closeup monocular, iphone 4/4s conversion package and the monocular adapter piece. Please word that the covered case within the iphone four/4s/5/5s/se version will most effective be well suited with the iphone 5/5s/se. You may ought to use the blanketed iphone 4/4s conversion package in order for the hookupz adapter to be well suited with this model. The samsung galaxy s4 model comes protected with the samsung galaxy s4 case, 7x18mm closeup monocular and the monocular adapter eye piece. The iphone 6/6s model comes protected with the iphone 6/6s case, 7x18mm closeup monocular and the monocular adapter eyepiece. The iphone 6 plus/6s plus model comes covered with the iphone 6 plus/6s plus case, 7x18mm closeup monocular and the monocular adapter eyepiece. Make sure to seize the entirety life has to provide with the carson hookupz. The hookupz monocular adapters are subsidized by using carson’s confined lifetime assurance. At carson, we attempt to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with the quality of our products. We’re so confident in our merchandise that we back them with a restricted lifetime warranty! Carson will repair or replace your carson item if it’s miles found to have production defects in materials or workmanship. Please touch carson for extra warranty information.


iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/SE Version, iPhone 6 Version

8 reviews for Carson hookupz iphone four/4s/five/5s/se, iphone 6/6s, iphone 6 plus/6s plus or samsung galaxy s4 digiscoping adapters with close awareness 7x18mm monocular (ic-518, ic-618, ic-618p, ic-418)

  1. J_Onyx

    I shouldn’t, be since its Carson made, but I am surprised at how well thought out and how functional this setup proved to be. My wife is a property manager. I bought it for her use with her IPhone. I already knew the Carson closeup monocle is excellent. I was skeptical Carson could design and make a phone attachment for it & sell both as a kit for such a good price. Well, they did it! My wife finds it very quick & easy to setup & use. It has really helped her keep her properties, places good for families to live, by close cooperation with DEA, Marshals, State Police. How? By sending in photos of suspicious characters, auto license plates spotted near her properties. It can be that easy to keep sex offenders & hard drugs from neighborhoods, from children. Read more

  2. Thorough Review

    This is actually easier on my iPhone 4s as I don’t need to use the special back that’s supplied for the 5s. The little support bracket simply slides securely on my naked 4s and aligns the monocular with the camera hole perfectly. Now, this monocular is something special in its own right. Because it can focus down to 10 inches, it actually becomes a field microscope when taking close ups. The detail is brilliant, and the camera focus helps pull in an accurate overall focus even if you’re slightly off with focusing the monocular. So, if you have an old 4s or 5s laying around, slap this thing on it and get out there snapping shots! Read more

  3. Vermin

    Forgive me, but WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP! I placed my iPhone into the silicon sleeve and immediately noticed that the hole for the camera was not quite in the right place, blocked part of the camera’s lens. Next, I tried slipping the phone into the hard shell that holds the monocular. This proved very difficult, because the silicon sleeve wanted to stick and drag. Once in place, however, the sleeve was pushed down even farther over the camera’s lens. Needless to say, no pictures were taken. I don’t know whether I got a factory defect or what, but it sure didn’t work like it did in their video. Can you say “boat anchor?” Read more

  4. rlr1960

    Very hard to keep stable when used with a phone. I have an iPhone 6S, am visually impaired so need something to help me see my granddaughters’ activities. As I said, when I used it with my phone it was very hard to keep the picture steady. I had better luck just using it as a monocular – seemed to be better than the 8x one I have and it is very easy to use and focus it when using it s a monocular. disappointed it didn’t let me get better close up video. Read more

  5. Olav A

    This is actually quite a nice setup as long as you don’t expect the world from it. The field of view covers most (but not all) of the shorter screen dimension (width). The happy surprise for me was that the collar that fits around the iPhone (5S in my case) is actually in two pieces: a hard black plastic piece and a soft rubbery gray protector that for all the world seems the exact dimensions of the slim fit leather case from Apple. I’m able to slip the black plastic over the slim fit case when I want the telephoto effect for a shot. Lens quality is okay: these aren’t superior optics you’re buying.The piece that holds the monocular is 28mm interior. Read more

  6. ADmax999

    Perfect for use with the iPhone. Does a great job. Might do better with some kind of built in auto focus, but does the job. You get what you pay for. Read more

  7. j.five

    It really works. Attached it to my 4S and was able to take photos from a distance right away. Thought the pix might blur since the picture on the screen seemed a little unsteady as I held the device in my hand but the pix came out very clear. Be sure to read the instructions before attaching to your phone. The procedure for the 4/4S is much different than for the 5/5S. You cannot use flash with this device so that is a negative. This will not replace a point and shoot camera. The assembly and focus are a little awkward but for occasional shots that were not possible on your phone due to distance, this set up is very cool. Read more

  8. GhillieMan

    . Sometimes packing full binoculars may not be feasible or practical when out in the field or just out doing “stuff.” It also is not wise to leave an expensive set of binoculars in your vehicle where it may it stolen, or lost in the field while hunting. For those times, this HooUpz Adapter with Monocular (Spy-Scope) fills that void for those more distant-viewing events, and when you want to take photos or video using your smartphone. The package comes in three (3) pieces: 1. The 7x18mm Monocular Scope (Spy-Scope) that also can be used with our naked eye as a spy scope; 2. A soft but durable rubber-type housing for your smartphone with built-in accommodation for the smartphone’s zoom button and opening for the camera (if you have your phone in another case such as an Otter case, you must slip it out of it first) and; 3. The hard plastic “adapter” which the rubber housing encased phone fits into on one side, and on the other side of the adapter there is an opening to place the Spy-Scope in (other brand small spy-scopes fit into this adapter, too). A few tips (instructions come with the product): –Do NOT have your smartphone set for “flash” or “auto-flash” because the flash would deflect off the inside of the hard rubber housing and whiteout your photo or video, especially if the phone is not fully inserted in the hard plastic adapter (BTW, the light from a smartphone while taking a distant photo or video is useless anyway because the light would not reach that distance to illuminate your targeted object); –When pushing the Spy-Scope in the adapter, first place the phone face (screen) down on a flat surface, then fully push the scope into its designated slot; –You can set your smartphone to zoom before you place it into the soft rubber housing, or after full installing by pressing the hard outer housing which covers the both the soft housing and the smartphone’s zoom button; –Make sure the phone (now with the soft rubber housing around it) is firmly and fully slid into the hard rubber adapter case–otherwise your phone’s camera lens may not clear the opening in the hard case, and; –Zooming your camera FIRST will remove any black eclipsing the outer edges of your shot. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for some hunters to use their rifle’s scope to identify distant objects. This is NOT a safe practice because where the scope is pointed, so is the muzzle of the firearm–and to hunt with a firearm you must have a loaded gun. Having the adaptor and Spy-Scope in your pocket solves the above hunting problem and is definitely a more safer alternative than pointing the muzzle of your hunting rifle at something you do not intend to kill or destroy. It also makes you ready to take a great shot at that distant, Wise Old bBuck that got away. Stay Safe, …GhillieMan Read more

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