Carson lumiloupe extremely 5x led lighted stand loupe magnifier with 3 brightness settings (ll-88), black

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  • ensure this fits via coming into your version range.
  • more than one aligned acrylic lenses, 5x magnification strength, 2. Five inch diameter lens
  • led illuminated magnifying with 6 ultra brilliant led lighting and three brightness degrees
  • weight: 6. 7 -ounce, dimensions: 5. Five-inch x three. 625-inch x 1. 375-inch, version: ll-88
  • best stand loupe magnifier for low vision, inspection of coins and stamps, reading, interest, crafts and duties requires three aaa batteries (now not included)
  • subsidized by means of carson’s constrained lifetime guarantee

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from the producer

three layered pre-centered lens elements offer a sharp and powerful 5x magnification.

rubberized finger grooves permit customers to have a soft and comfortable grip at the magnifier.

4 raised bumps alongside the base of the magnifier permit users to slip and drift this magnifier easily across newspapers, magazines, blueprints and greater.

the lumiloupe ultra contains three brightness ranges.

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product description

the lumiloupe ultra from carson is the ideal resource for analyzing high-quality print or analyzing elaborate information on cash, stamps and a lot more. The lumiloupe extremely is a 5x strength ergonomically designed acrylic stand magnifier. It has a 2. 5 inch lens diameter that is good for desk-pinnacle utilization. The lumiloupe extremely has 3 specially aligned, pre-centered acrylic lenses for excessive energy magnifying abilties. There are six extremely vivid led lights spaced across the base with three one of a kind brightness levels for a customizable viewing revel in. Its ergonomic layout gives textured finger grips at both side of the tool and a tapered base with a effectively located on/off toggle transfer. The ll-88 allows one to read for an extended time frame without having to maintain a magnifier. This magnifier is powered by means of 3 aaa batteries (not protected) and is sponsored by way of carson’s restrained lifetime assurance. At carson, we try to make certain our clients are 100% happy with the high-quality of our magnifiers. We’re so assured in our magnifiers that we returned them with an entire life restricted guarantee! Carson will restore or replace your magnifier if it’s far located to have manufacturing defects in substances or workmanship. Please touch carson for additional warranty information.

8 reviews for Carson lumiloupe extremely 5x led lighted stand loupe magnifier with 3 brightness settings (ll-88), black

  1. Richard H. Wood

    Based on the 65mm or 2.5″ diameter top lens and the non adjustable factory focus setting this is designed primarily for reading small print rather than as a loupe used close to the eye. Best focus is achieved when the magnifier base is against the item being examined and the eye about 10″ or so above the top lens so it is used more like a magnifying glass than a loupe. Attempted use with the eye close to the lens causes items to be out of focus and the focus is not adjustable other than by lifting the magnifier away from the item being examined. The illumination works well and I expect the three AAA batteries to last for a long time due to large capacity compared to coin cells. Decent optical quality with minimal distortion if used as noted. If you want a similar relatively low power large loupe style magnifier designed for use close to the eye then get the Carson LumiLoupe Plus 6x Power Focusable Stand Loupe Magnifier (LO-06). Read more

  2. Sir

    I bought this so I could read all of the tiny comic book ads in my Mail-Order Mysteries book. It exceeded my expectations and made the small pictures and print easy to view and read. The LED lights work great even at the lowest level and really made the content pop. The viewing area was large enough that I could view everything I needed to with minimal scrolling or none at all, so it worked great for my purposes. Read more

  3. Gauntlet21

    I’ve never seen a “loupe” so big before so I was shocked by the size of this. I didn’t read the size in description but this is actually designed to look at a small or flat specimen that fits inside the bottom area under the magnifying glass. The image is very clear and the lights are nice and strong. This will be perfect for insects come summer time. If you have an object larger than (approximately) the diameter of the glass, you may have a difficult time viewing specific areas since this magnifier won’t sit flat. Read more

  4. Sunny

    It’s got limited viewing angles, you pretty much have to be looking directly down. There is also some dust particles that you can see, but other than that, it’s a great page magnifier. Works way better than some of the other magnifiers I have, and it has a large viewing area. I love this for fine print on documents. Read more

  5. He who does not know anything

    I am an engineer. Sometimes architects get in their heads that the more words the can jam in a drawing the better. So the get this tiny letters in the drawings that put the small print in medicine packages to shame. This is extremely efficient to read that tiny print. Especially when it was tiny in size E sheets and it is distributed in 11×17 paper. If there is a lot of ligth arrond their othe loupe without the lights is better. This one tends to bend the image too much around the edges, but when you are 100 feet underground or in the basement of a new construction with little light, this is the ultimate solution. Sure, the are ither brands, only at 2 or 4 times the cost. If I lose this one or it gets “borrowed”, I just buy another. However, this one does not get “borrowed” as much a the shiny metal one I used to have and is 1/2 of the cost. Read more

  6. Amazon Shopper

    It is hard to review a product that I have had no prior experience with. There are no complaints as to brightness. I bought this for reading dates and mint marks on coins. It seems a bit clumsy to use, but I am new at this. I had no problem with price, but I didn’t shop around either. Read more

  7. W. Gee

    > really good weight and balance, thought it might be a little light since appearance of plastic in photos, but this is a nicely constructed instrument > lighting is even and consistent with no shadowing > viewing size is very good for viewing stamps > the 3-level adjustable light is very convenient… didn’t think brightness variability would be needed but helps with viewing glossy or flat print stamps > the balance and side grips allow scope to be lifted slightly (~1/2″) and retain focus to zoom in and view high level details like stamp perforation consistency. This was a little more difficult for me to do with a regular magnifying glass attached to a handle > small Crown Royal bag works great for storage 🙂 Read more

  8. Loulou

    Enlarges perfectly and illuminates with good lighting. Easy to see what you’re enlarging whether its words or coins, etc. Came exactly as described. Read more

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