Carson miniaura digital night time vision monocular (nv-two hundred)

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  • ensure this suits through getting into your version wide variety.
  • miniaura is completely digital with photos on the way to appear in black and white
  • extremely compact and lightweight 3. Four oz. Object dimensions: 2. 6” x 2. 2′ ‘x 2. 2”
  • infrared intensity may be easily adjusted with the frenzy of a button
  • covered with smooth garage pouch and is powered by using three aaa batteries (no longer blanketed)
  • boasts a 19 diploma perspective of view and you may see up to 146 toes in overall darkness. 12 months restrained assurance

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the nv-two hundred, mini aura is a totally virtual night time vision monocular that won’t burn out. The photograph seen will now not be inexperienced however a crisp black and white view. The intensity may be easily adjusted with a easy push of a button. There may be a 19-diploma attitude of view and you could see up to eighty two feet in overall darkness. The mini air of mystery is compact and light-weight and might even in shape on your pocket permitting you to carry it almost anywhere. Use the mini air of secrecy on tenting trips for late night wildlife viewing, at nightfall at some point of searching journeys or during any out of doors interest. It may be used in ambient light or general darkness. The mini aura comes with a carry pouch and wristband. Uses three aaa batteries (no longer included).

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product description

the miniaura from carson is a very virtual night vision monocular that gained’t burn out over time. The picture visible will no longer be green however a crisp black and white digital view. The depth can be without difficulty adjusted with a simple push of a button. There may be a 19 diploma angle of view and you can see up to 146 toes in general darkness. The miniaura is compact and light-weight and can even suit to your pocket permitting you to bring it almost anywhere. Use the miniaura on camping trips for overdue night flora and fauna viewing, at nightfall for the duration of looking trips or at some stage in any outside interest. It could be utilized in ambient mild or total darkness. The miniaura comes with a tender carry pouch. It uses 3 aaa batteries (no longer blanketed).

from the manufacturer

the miniaura from carson is a totally digital night vision monocular that won’t burn out through the years. The image seen will now not be inexperienced but a crisp black and white virtual view. The depth may be without difficulty adjusted with a simple push of a button. There’s a 19 degree perspective of view and you can see up to 146 toes in general darkness. The miniaura is compact and lightweight and might even fit in your pocket permitting you to deliver it almost anywhere. Use the miniaura on tenting journeys for late night flora and fauna viewing, at dusk for the duration of hunting trips or all through any outdoor hobby. It could be used in ambient light or total darkness. The miniaura comes with a gentle convey pouch. It makes use of three aaa batteries (no longer covered).

4 reviews for Carson miniaura digital night time vision monocular (nv-two hundred)

  1. George H.

    INFORMED REVIEW: Im calling this an “informed” review due to the number of reviews i have read on this monocular and similar products. Now that i have it and have used it, i can compare that to what ive read. From what ive read, alot of people want much more out of night vision, at this price point, than is realistic. Now, hold your horses on that thought, this little monocular is fantastic by any measure. For 95 dollars i am now able to see up to a hundred yards through my yard with great detail. And i asked myself the important question i think many of us on here wonder when looking for night vision devices. “Can I use this to see people or animals a solid distance in front of me, in complete darkness, with enough detail to make our who or what they are, and what they are doing?” Yes. Yes,yes,yes. Anyone who says otherwise has gotten a defective unit. Because for 95 dollars im able to use this stupid thing to pick out the details in the bark of a tree a solid 150 feet away from me. That is p-lenty enough for me. Now im not the owner of a large rural property, in which a more powerful device would be needed. Im in a suburban area with a fairly large yard, enough for this small device to show me whats going on at night, and i am usually able to scan about 1000-3000 square feet of space in front of me at any given angle of view. Thats assuming i can clearly see about 20-40 feet wide and about 100 deep.Additionally, this thing performs wonderfully in tight spaces, so that review about it not being suited for attics and crawl spaces, they are completely wrong. Remember, this thing fits in my pocket without much trouble at all. So all in all, this device is very effective for how cheap and small it is. It has a surprisingly solid construction of what appears to be ABS plastic and hold three normal AAA batteries. I love that. My only question is how battery life holds up, but since it runs off AAA it can be replaced and as much as I need can be carried on me at any time of course. So it’s designed for you to keep powering it wherever you need it really. This appeared to be cheap and dodgy when i ordered it. What i got was far from that. This monocular is seriously worth the money. 9/10 Read more

  2. Topher

    For under 100 bucks this thing is Legit, hell, I might be just as happy if I paid $200. My only gripe is that it has a tiny foeld of view. I took some pictures with it and you can see that with the IR light off it’s tough to see much, Eben with plenty of ambient light. But the IR definitely kicks it up a lot. 1st picture – IR ON FULL. 2nd picture – IR off. 3rd picture – just a picture of same area with phone flash (no monacle as this is just for reference and comparison) 4th picture – size of unit. Hope this helps. I’m impressed and would recommend. Read more

  3. John Gunz

    I had a gift card and always wanted to buy this thing. In short I would have gladly paid full price. I had a gen1 device about 10 years ago…. this thing blows that out of the water by 1000%. The picture quality is about what you get from a modern baby monitor. Pro’s: -uses typical batteries and not the expensive CR123 or whatever that my gen 1 needed -picture quality is exceptional compared to my old gen1 device…. not even close. Larger field of view, no distortion at the edges. The old gen 1 device I had was literally looking through a tiny hole with massive “fish eye” effect. This has no fish eye and can scan larger areas quickly. -Super light compared to the clunky gen1 device I had, powers instantly, you can’t accidently fry a tube if a car drives by Pro/Con: -1:1 magnification. I personally like this but some might find this to be a con. My previous NV Gen1 device had a 3-4x mag…. didn’t care for it since it reduced the field of vision greatly for how far you could actually use the device. -Its extremely small. I was surprised even after reading all the reviews. Its tiny! I like that compared to my Gen1 device which took like two hands and a backpack to carry (like the size of a old school camcorder). Con’s: -The IR is visible, and usually needed. its not always needed if there is enough ambient light (i.e. suburban environment). I’m not trying to use this as a self defense / mil style application so if the red dot happens to be spotted I’m not worried. The spotter would have to be fairly inline with the device to spot it. Its not super bright but would be noticeable at closer distances and if it was very dark. -You can’t see through windows…. I think this is very typical for any NV. My GEN1 device always had window glare whether trying to see out of a window from your house to spot something in the backyard, or trying to look through a window from a distance (i.e. backyard / into your house). Again I’m not trying to use this thing as a survival tool, or anything pervy so I’m not really that concerned and I’m not convinced that higher GEN devices can do this effectively all the time. -I wish the IR emitter could be dialed back a bit (i.e. lowest setting could get lower). -I do have 1 horizontal line through my display…. very not noticeable or annoying but its there. Again, picture quality is completely insane compared to my old Gen1 device. completely satisfied for this price. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I’m amazed at how well this little night vision device works. I’ve only had it a few days, but so far it is exceeding my expectation. A neighborhood cat had kittens a few weeks ago under the deck behind our detached garage. Tonight, for the first time, I was able to see three of the kittens playing up on the deck in complete darkness. The image is bright and sharper than I expected. Because I wasn’t using a flashlight, neither the kittens nor their mother were disturbed by my presence. Looking forward to taking it out to the woods at night to watch more critters. I plan to by another as a backup plus a couple for gifts. I’ve seen some reviews that commented that the batteries, “Only lasted about 10 minutes.” Not sure what kind of batteries that person is using, but I’ve had it on constantly till it auto shuts down for probably a couple of hours of total use so far, at the brightest setting, and my alkaline batteries are still going strong. I’ll track the actual use time on new batteries whenever these finally need to be changed. But “a battery hog’ it ain’t, at least in my experience. Read more

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