Carson minimight 6x18mm pocket monocular with carabiner clip (mm-618)

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  • ensure this suits by means of getting into your version quantity goal weight: zero. 2 lbs.
  • field of view: 426 toes at 1,000 yards fully lined optics
  • best compact and portable monocular for camping, hiking, looking, safari, chook watching, live shows, wildlife, carrying, journey, surveillance and different outdoor adventures
  • included add-ons: gentle pouch, carabiner clip and lens fabric sponsored by using carson’s no-fault, no-trouble guarantee

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this minimight from carson is a 6x18mm pocket monocular that you may deliver with you anywhere. The minimight comes with a carabiner clip to connect in your gear or your garb. Take this transportable monocular together with you on hikes, nature walks, ball games, hunting trips or every other outside sports. It functions completely coated optics to be able to give you a crystal clean and specific image. The sphere of view is 426 toes at 1,000 yards. The minimight monocular is available in blanketed with a soft pouch, carabiner clip and a lens cloth. It’s miles backed via carson’s no fault, no hassle assurance. At carson, we manufacture most effective the highest fine binoculars. We’re so assured in our products that we returned them with a no fault, no trouble guarantee! Inside the even that your binoculars get damaged, regardless of reason, carson will repair or update them for a complete fee of $15. 00, which incorporates all go back delivery and dealing with fees. No hidden costs! In case your binoculars are observed to have manufacturing defects in substances or workmanship, carson will restore or replace your binoculars and go back them free of price

8 reviews for Carson minimight 6x18mm pocket monocular with carabiner clip (mm-618)

  1. Bonnie Smith

    Wanted something small to take when traveling. For enjoying the view and watching wild life. This works great for my intended use. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Included a case and a cleaning cloth. When purchasing the ROXANT Mini-Monocular I also purchased a Carson Mini-Monocular to compare. They are about the same quality and price. Either is a great purchase I highly recommend. They are about the same size, smaller than I expected for the viewing quality, amazing. The Carson is only three inches long! The Roxant is slightly shorter (see my comment regarding the eye cup) which might be the reason for the slight difference. The Carson is a little heavier and because of its shape and a little wider, not as conveniently sized as the Roxant. However, the shape is very comfortable to hold. And the extra weight makes it FEEL as though it is better quality. The packaging on the Carson was very difficult to open. The Roxant was in a simple box, no problem! The eye cup on the Carson is a longer, at least twice as long as the Roxant. This makes the Carson easier to use (and slightly longer). When I hold the Roxant against my eye, in bright light, it reflects my eyelashes. Making the Roxant a little more difficult to use than the Carson. The Carson can be rested on the eye socket. Therefore, it is easier to hold the Carson still for better focus at a distance. The Roxant case was much smaller and more convenient than the Carson case. However, the Carson case is made of canvas and I’m guessing a soft polester interior. The case from the Roxant is either plastic or rip stop (hope it is ripstop). It also has a soft interior. But does not appear to be as good of quality as the Carson case. Roxant High Definition Ultra-Light Mini Monocular Pocket Scope Pros: a little smaller, light weight, small case, decent quality Cons: shorter eye cup, more difficult to focus, case quality? Carson MiniMight 6x18mm Pocket Monocular with Carbiner Clip Pros: small, light weight, decent quality, good quality case, easier to focus, comfortable to hold Cons: case larger than needed, packaging was a nightmare to open Read more

  2. Nemo427

    I purchased this scope along with 3 others at the same time that had different zooms and prices. (Polaris, Roxant & MiluoTech). This is nice little scope and if you are looking for a small portable scope, this will do the job. I doubt the caribiner clip will hold up long. The chain appears to delicate. If you want to stay with something tiny, this is a great scope for the cost, but you may want to also check out the Roxant scopes. The Roxant I purchased at the same time is also a 6x zoom, but 30 mm objective lens. The Roxant is considerably larger and does cost more, but what an incredible difference the size makes when it comes to bird watching and other activities. Don’t waste your time or money on the MiluoTech 16×52. While it is a similar cost as the Carson, the Carson is far superior to the very blurry MiluoTech. Read more

  3. Desert Dog

    This thing is tiny. It is great to have in your pocket or clipped to something for those occasions when need to see something but don’t have a larger scope or binoculars. I actually prefer the Carson 7x18mm monocular. It is bit larger but still small enough to keep in a convenient place. If you want to carry a monocular on a keychain the 6×18 would be a good candidate. The optics are as you would expect for a tiny inexpensive monocular. Serviceable, when you want to see if that really is big foot across the creek. Read more

  4. Gareth Davies

    Overall: pretty good. For 13 bucks: great! When shopping for optics there are two facts: high quality lenses are expensive, and size matters. Manufacturing top quality lenses requires precision and expensive materials. There is simply no way around this. For the most part “you get what you pay for” definitely applies to optics of all kinds. Is a $1000 binocular or monocular twice as good as a $500 model? Maybe not, but if you want good quality you should be prepared to spend $100 or more. Also, when it comes to any optic used to see long distances, bigger is better (in terms of image clarity and brightness). This product is small and cheap, but, for what you get it is an incredibly good value. In bright daylight, the image is very clear for its size. It’s tiny and fits in any pocket. It comes with a cute little carrying pouch. And it’s ONLY $13! My only complaint is that the rubber eye cup doesn’t roll back for eyeglass wearers. I can use it with my glasses on but the image is twice as large if I put it right up to my eye. If you are in need of serious optics for bird watching or hunting you will be disappointed. If you want something to carry, unobtrusively, in your pocket that will let you see things you can’t see with the naked eye… this is it! Oh yeah, did I mention… $13?! Well worth it in my opinion. Read more

  5. J.Perkins

    A bargain. Much better than I thought it would be. I was looking for a pocket scope to use on hikes. It seems perfect in that respect. Tiny. Nice optics for price etc. The only reason for four stars and not five is the included chain/carabiner. Just too lightweight to trust in my opinion. But wouldn’t use that part anyway. Fits nice in cargo pants pocket. So far, we’d it buy again. Read more

  6. Rex

    I’ve discovered that many times when I use this telescope (monoscope? monocular?) I can’t get it to focus because I’m a little too close. I read the description but I guess I underestimated the distances at which I’d be using it. Other than that, it’s a fine little tool – light weight, compact and comes with a nice case. It’s a bit wobbly if you use it one-handed, but stabilize it a bit with the other hand and it works just fine. Read more

  7. Some Dude

    Lightweight, easy to use, but optics are very poor quality. Objects are in focus EXACTLY in the center, but blur as you look from center to edge. Cannot recommend. Read more

  8. Raymond Seabond

    It’s ok. The field of view is quite narrow, and it’s a bit dark. But I don’t see how to avoid that, given the specs and the roof prisms. More durable than the little Carson/Brunton jobs. I would give it a pass for something like the Steiner 8×22–even tho that costs quite a bit more, it’s also a much better tool. But, for the price, it’s not bad. I gave it to my six-year-old, and he hasn’t destroyed it yet, so that’s a good use. Read more

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