Celestron – nature dx 8×42 binoculars – out of doors and birding binocular – completely multi-covered with bak-4 prisms – rubber armored – fog & water-proof binoculars – top pick optics

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  • make certain this suits by coming into your version variety.
  • best binoculars for each adventure: a first-rate match for anybody from novices to mid-range outdoors and birding fans. The suitable aggregate of premium build, portability, and fee
  • top-rated glass optics with awesome specifications: absolutely multi-coated lenses for brighter photos, extra contrast and highest resolution with section-coated bak-four prisms, 8x magnification electricity, and six. 5-foot close awareness
  • robust, waterproof mid-sized frame: pretty specific build and layout that offers protection from out of doors elements. Capabilities a water-proof/fogproof, rubber-armored, polycarbonate housing. Relaxed twist-up eyecups with multi-prevent feature make certain right positioning of the eyes for eyeglass wearers and non-eyeglass wearers alike
  • all you need is covered: take this binocular with you everywhere. We’ve covered a compact sporting case, goal lens caps, an eyepiece rainguard, a neck strap, a lens fabric, and an practise guide for smooth use on the cross
  • unbeatable warranty and customer service: purchase with self belief from celestron, a leading binocular and telescope logo, based totally in california considering the fact that 1960. Your purchase is backed by way of a confined lifetime guarantee and limitless get admission to to technical assist from our crew people-based totally specialists
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nature dx 8x42mm binocular

celestron’s mid-length, affordable favorite among birders and out of doors fanatics around the sector.

wonderful mid-length birding binocular

get the right aggregate of magnification, field of view, and close cognizance distance for birding. Nature dx turned into named a pinnacle select beneath $2 hundred by way of the cornell lab of ornithology.

absolutely multi-covered lenses section-covered bak4 prisms

fully multi-lined lenses provide high ranges of nicely-controlled mild transmission at the same time as phase-covered, top rate bak4 prism glass guarantees sharp, genuine-to-existence coloration of located topics.

water-resistant and fog-proof

full of dry nitrogen gas and sealed, the character dx can effortlessly withstand rigorous outdoor use with out inner fogging of the lenses.

relaxed and eyeglass- pleasant

twist-up eyecups are comfortable to apply and may be without difficulty located to be used without or with eyeglasses.

tripod adaptable

use an non-obligatory celestron tripod adapter to mount the binocular on a monopod or tripod for lengthy durations of steady viewing.

higher viewing

objective lens caps, eyepiece rainguard, neck strap, carrying case, lens cloth, and guidance guide all included.

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nature dx 8x42mm

nature dx 10x32mm

nature dx 8x32mm

nature dx 10x42mm

product description

proudly created with us engineering, the nature dx 8×42 exhibits photograph element you won’t find with other beginners’ binoculars. The fully multi-coated lenses offer maximum light transmission thru the entire optical route, resulting in brighter, sharper pix even in low mild conditions. The exquisite bak-four prisms are segment-covered to growth the comparison and determination. Nearby subjects like flora and insects are easy to view with a close focus of just 6. 5 ft. Those binoculars also permit the pursuit of remote subjects with 8x magnification and forty two mm goal lenses to without difficulty collect and comply with your difficulty, irrespective of the space. The nature dx 8×42 frame has been specially designed to bear your travels thanks to its lightweight polycarbonate housing, which protects the binocular from damage. The binocular is 100 percent water-resistant and purged with nitrogen gasoline to save you internal fogging of the lenses in moist situations. Rubber armor guarantees sturdiness, and the twist-up eyecups with multi-stop characteristic allow for correct positioning of the eyes, even for eyeglass wearers purchase with self assurance from celestron, primarily based in california for the reason that 1960. Your buy is subsidized by a restrained lifetime assurance and limitless get entry to to technical support from our group people-primarily based specialists.


Binocular, w/ basic smartphone adapter, w/ NexYZ smartphone adapter


10×32, 10×42, 10×56, 12×56, 8×32, 8×42

5 reviews for Celestron – nature dx 8×42 binoculars – out of doors and birding binocular – completely multi-covered with bak-4 prisms – rubber armored – fog & water-proof binoculars – top pick optics

  1. Jay S

    These have turned out to be my favorite pair of binoculars. The view is really nice, they fit very well into my hands, the focus is buttery smooth, and they seem really well made. I was on the search for the best 8×42 I could find in my price range for bird watching and nature viewing, and in the process I’ve tried quite a few different brands/models. I did tons of research, reading every review, test, and recommendation I could find. My budget was up to $400, but I still tried more expensive binoculars just to have a good basis for comparison. The above-budget binoculars I tried were Vortex Viper, Vortex Razor, and Zeiss Conquest HD. Again, those were just for comparison and “benchmarking”. These were tried in a store only, but it was a large store with many bright and also shadowed areas… plus lots of “stuffed” wildlife mounted high on the walls (deer, etc.). The following binoculars were compared outdoors, I had each pair of these for one to two weeks, so I had time to do very thorough comparisons in many different lighting situations. Included were: Vanguard Spirit ED, Olympus Magellan EXWP I, Carson HD, Celestron TrailSeeker, and Atlas Intrepid ED. I also had/have some other sizes for comparison… Sightron Blue Sky II, 8×32 Alpen Apex 8×32, Alpen Shasta Ridge 10×42, Atlas Intrepid ED 7×36, and Kenko UltraView 10×42. I have used many other pairs of binoculars for my other hobby, stargazing. Many of you already know that stargazing is very demanding on binoculars in terms of brightness, edge distortion, and resolution. I only mention this to show a bit more of my background, as some binoculars that are great for astronomy aren’t the best for daytime… and vice-versa. These 8×42’s were going to be strictly daytime use for me, so only casual testing at night was performed to get a better idea of resolution, brightness, and edge performance. Ok, one of the BIG things I learned from all of this is that YOU have to try any prospective binoculars yourself. Just because an expert reviewer says a certain pair are fantastic doesn’t mean they’ll be fantastic for you. Everyone’s eyes, face shape (which can affect required eye relief), priorities, etc. are different. The other big thing, for me anyways, is that resolution is king. It doesn’t matter how great the edge performance is, or how bright the binocular is, or how much depth of field there is if what you’re viewing won’t come into sharp focus. I thought my Olympus Magellans were sharp and was totally happy with them, but after experiencing a bit more sharpness I can hardly stand using them. Those are considered really nice binoculars, especially in their “day”. Now, saying that, the Celestron Nature DX were not the sharpest binoculars I tested when performing strictly resolution testing (using fine print, barcodes, etc. at close and far distances). They were very close compared to the sharpest of the group, though, and I doubt most people would notice any difference. However, in real usage, they’re as sharp as any of the others and I couldn’t notice a difference at all. To cut to the chase, the Nature DX’s were the only binoculars that really made me smile every time I used them. My eyes just seemed to effortlessly relax into the image. I would take several binoculars into the field at the same time, viewing everything from birds to pinecones, to clouds, to airplanes, to people. Each time, when I looked through the Nature DX’s, I found myself actually enjoying the image, instead of just focusing on how well it looked from an analytical perspective. Every other binocular I spent the whole time adjusting focus and diopter settings, trying to get that little bit more of “great” view. Then I’d try the Nature DX’s again… and again I’d sink into the image, being amazed by that Acorn Woodpecker and actually intently watching what he was doing, forgetting that I was testing all these different binoculars. THAT is what a great pair of binoculars for YOU will do… you’ll feel like you’re actually there, instead of just viewing from afar. Solely scientific testing won’t determine the best for you. Like I mentioned, at first I wanted a bit more resolution, but found that in real world use they had just as much resolution as any of the others, even the ED models. They do everything very well, it just all comes together with these. Plus you can’t beat the price. I was happily willing to spend the full $400 of my budget if I needed to, and to be quite honest if these were $400 I would’ve paid it, I absolutely love them. To top it off, they’re very compact and lightweight, about the size of most other 8×32’s. I’d buy another pair in a heartbeat if mine were ever lost. Just for your info, I’m really happy with my Alpen Shasta Ridge 10×42. Fantastic resolution, great feel, and a great price (got them on sale for $99). Close runner ups for me after all this testing were the Atlas Intrepid ED 8×42 (very nice view and resolution, just a tad too long for me, plus I’ve found out I like the top hinge vs. the Atlas’ open hinge design), the Atlas Intrepid ED 7×36, and the Celestron TrailSeeker (which are very close to the Nature DX… a tad bit sharper, but my eyes didn’t sink into the image as much as they did with the Nature DX). So, out of all of the ones I tested, the Nature DX 8×42 and the Alpen 10×42 are the ones I kept… not because of their lower prices, but because they were the ones that I really enjoyed using. I hope this helps some of you! Read more

  2. Daniel Vreugdenhil

    After evaluating a lot of 8X42s this turns out the best value for money. Spending a lot of time with really great birders, I always have the feeling, that many of them want to have a Leica or Zeiss for the prestige. When I ask them their opinion on these Celestrons, they look at me with some hidden comtempt……… After all, I am not a real birder, but just a professional ecologist……… in spite of my PhD and 5 decades in the field: NOT A BIRDER!. And they are right. However, my vision is still 20-20. And you know what? I just don’t see all that much difference between those $2000+ binoculars and these $125! I once had a real Leica 8X42 and I lost it…… I felt so bad. Now, if something happens to these Celestrons, I just smile and think, glad they were not Leicas. Folks, I tested more than 20 different under $200 brands, and these represent the best value for money. Don’t hesitate to buy these. And if you travel to a developing country, donate them to a park ranger! those guys rarely have decent equipment and the protect nature under very difficult conditions. Read more

  3. NorEsBo

    This is my first pair of binoculars for birding, and I chose them based on a list published by the National Audubon Society; these were the highest rated bins in the “get in the game” category. First off, they don’t feel too heavy in the hand, and they have a nice rubber coating all around which make them really comfortable to hold. However, the included neck strap isn’t so great since the edges are kinda scratchy. The image quality is excellent, especially for the price. At 8x magnification, you’re obviously not going to get a great image when looking at a kite from 100 yards away, but anything reasonably close looks amazing. The color is true, and the field of view is pretty wide. And here’s something that really sets these apart from a less expensive model also by Celestron that I bought for my son: these are really, really good at close focus. I’m able to view objects (and birds like common paraques that often sleep near trails) at just 5 feet away. I can see every detail in a paraque’s plumage, for example, that I simply cannot achieve with the less expensive model. The “eye relief” afforded by this model is good, too, and the twist telescopic eye cup feels nice and sturdy, another major difference between this and the cheaper model. Read more

  4. Aged Runner

    If I had reviewed this yesterday – 4 stars as a very good moderately priced birding binocular. However, it is supposed to be waterproof. It was on my patio table, under a pergola during a little rain we had. Not immersed, just some rain. The right lens is totally ruined with water inside. Customer service and supposed warranty?? Who knows? Nobody at their customer service. On automation for 2 hours and still waiting. You can get your kicks on route 66. Total nonsense. Should have known, in spite of the accolades, this product is made in China and is a piece of garbage and there is no company to back it up. Read more

  5. Simpson

    I used these binoculars for birding for nearly three years and enjoyed their clear vision and light weight. I even recommended them to friends. I always stored them with lens caps on and in their case. Then one day this spring, I picked them up and heard rattling. An interior lens and seal had come loose. I checked Celestron’s warranty and they offer a lifetime warranty on all optics so I tried to call customer service and couldn’t get through. Instead, I submitted an online ticket in June. They responded by email WEEKS later with instructions to mail them back to Celestron with a check for $14. I mailed them immediately and then didn’t hear back until September. They finally responded to say they were back-ordered with no timeline for when I’d receive my replacement binoculars, which seems odd since they are in stock here on Amazon. Bad customer service and a less than durable product. I won’t be buying from Celestron again. Read more

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