Champion easyhit 2. 5mm diameter shotgun sight

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  • speedy and competently acquire sight photo
  • fits any ventilated, stable rib or flat surface
  • can be established to ported barrels
  • quickly and appropriately acquire sight photo
  • fits any ventilated, stable rib or flat floor
  • can be installed to ported barrels
  • enables shooters to hold each eyes open and hold excellent shape
  • to be had in 2. 5mm & 3mm diameter fluorescent inexperienced and purple and in each 2. 75″ and 5″ lengths
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product description

champion traps & targetsin partnership with world-renown exhibition shooter tom knapp introduces the easyhit fiber optic sighting gadget. This fiber-optic sight attaches by means of an adhesive strip to any ventilated or solid rib or flat surface (and ported barrels) and is low profile as to now not trade your factor of impact. The hole tube layout facilitates shooters use both eyes whilst acquiring their sight photograph. It’s the safest and nice manner to shoot. Functions: – speedy and thoroughly acquire sight photograph – fits any ventilated, stable rib or flat surface – can be installed to ported barrels – permits shooters to maintain both eyes open – guarantees right capturing form specifications: – 2. 5mm – red


2.5 mm, 2.75"


Green, Red

8 reviews for Champion easyhit 2. 5mm diameter shotgun sight

  1. Kevin Unruh

    This is NOT just a replacement sight. It is designed to help you learn to shoot with both eyes open, which is how you are supposed to shoot a shotgun for clays or birds. The tunnel makes the sight invisible to your non-dominant eye when shooting both eyes open. Trust me, you hit more clays and birds once you learn to shoot with both eyes open. You POINT a shotgun NOT AIM it… Read more

  2. mark 223

    I am a right handed shooter but left eye dominate. When I “point” a shotgun I see 2 barrels. With the longer version of this sight, I still see two barrels but only one red or green spot of light. I’ll probably never be a good point and shoot, instinctive shotgun guru and most dove and quail are fairly safe when I’m around. But pheasants and ducks are more likely to end up as supper thanks to this cleaver front sight. I have this sight on 8 or 9 shotguns and have 3 or 4 more sights still in the packages on my gun room peg board. When it comes to shotguns, Teddy Roosevelt come to mind. He said, “I may not know how to shoot well, but I know how to shoot often.” This sight helps me shoot often fairly well. Read more

  3. C.S.D,

    I have a new shotgun that fits me differently than the one I had been shooting for decades and want to get my gun mount correct. I was planning on putting a mid bead on when I found this product thinking it would take the place of the bead. I find that it not as un-forgiving as I was led to believe, you can still see the dot just fine if you are off center or high. I thought you would not be able to see it unless you were perfectly mounted. I like it otherwise but would use the smaller one, 2.75″ instead although I guess the longer one will gather light better early morning and at dusk. Also, it was easy to install. Read more

  4. Jeff

    I found the green dot to be just ok when the gun is level and light is entering the sight from above but when shooting trap and raising the barrel it simply doesn’t illuminate enough and washes out. Read more

  5. uncle-buck

    I put this on two of my hunting shotguns as well as my primary clays shotgun and have been pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness. When shooting shotgun, you want both eyes open and focusing on the bird or target – not the front sight bead or barrel. The red light tube drew my eyes to the barrel, but the green one does not and is perfect. It allows me to maintain about 5% barrel awareness for most shots while also preventing my non-dominant eye from taking over and causing non-hits. Giving it four stars for now. May revise the rating after gaining more experience with it. Read more

  6. flynhi4u

    I got this for my girlfriend who has a eye issue. She is right handed and left eye dominant. She shoots right handed but she wears a contact in her right eye that sets that eye for up close vision. I know, a real mess LOL. Anyway, she struggled shooting clays, who could have guessed that one? I installed this on the gun I fit to her and her hit ratio went from 10-15% to close to 80% her first time out with it. I am not sure she was keeping both eyes open or not which is what you can do with this sight tube as you will only see the red ball in the shooting eye but either way her ability to hit the birds went way up and so did the amount of fun she had. I cannot say for sure how much of a part the sight tube played in her increased ability to break birds as I gave her a gun I modified with a 11 1/2″ LOP and a 2″ drop butt stock as that is what she needed to get the gun to fit her. So I am sure it was a combination of the properly fit gun and the sight tube. Either way it helped and she loved it so it was money well spent! Read more

  7. Georgejr

    I used to look at a target and see two beads, which for Deer/Turkey I would close one eye and/or use a scope to resolve, however I am going to start Duck/Goose hunting and seeing the whole view is a benefit and safety issues as well. Took to the range and shot traps and a world of difference over my previous outings prior to receiving this easyhit site. 2 guys were shooting trap with me and not having very good luck. They weren’t braking many so I decided to have the guys try my gun with this site. Once they switched to my gun they dropped almost all the birds (80% or higher) but when they switched back they hit only a few (maybe 30% tops). That was my way to see if it was my confidence level or actual product helping the shooter. These guys were very new to shooting and went together on purchasing a Remington 870. I could tell they were frustrated at the lack of hits, but that changed after they used my gun (11-87 Supermag) with the easyhit. I went with the 2.5mm and glad I did as the dot is large enough to see without having to focus on it. Look at the target and visual aid that green dot is where you want (sight image) and pull the trigger as you keep moving the barrel. I went with Green as I find my Turkey red/green dot I use green more then red and I will be hunting late season so not much green, but chance of seeing red on trees. Also I found on my scope green is a bit easier on early AM shots (same could be said for late night as well). Improvements…. Would be nice to switch out light pipes for different colors, but I don’t think I would once I am happy with one. Nice part would be if you were unsure and tried both. This is glued onto your rib so not as easy to change the color out once attached. Doesn’t state this, but if you think it is too bright then just cut some electrical tape to cover some of the open sections, I didn’t need this but if your not sure which one to buy, get the longer version and if you want less light just cover up some of the pipe. Notes: Very easy to install, made a great improvement for me (I saw two beads) and also helped two guys just starting hunting. Price is very reasonable and the black sections that hold the light pipe also cover all hints of Green so your non shooting eye can’t see ANY of the green. This is critical for fast pointing and knowing your sight image is right for shooting. I had high vis sight on the gun prior to installing this which allowed swapping out color and size bead. I however saw two beads still so this was a great improvement for myself. If you have non dominant eye issues and don’t want to switch hands, if you tend to lift your head (color of bead drops dramatically if your not in line), if your not sure it will help tape it onto your gun and try it. If it isn’t helping you just put it back in the package with the glue unused and I am sure someone at the range will buy it off of you. I would suspect if your looking at this item you probably have some issue your trying to fix so don’t hesitate just purchase. I spent too much time researching only to find out this is one of the best / cheapest methods to fix my problem and hopefully yours too. Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    Update: Mossberg is a 835 Uti-Mag. We also removed front and mid sight. Our existing front site was the Mossberg big white ball and the Mid a small brass. I actually had moved the small mid site to the front earlier but because of the shorter barrel I wanted to get the longest plane of view possible. I covered the front threaded site hole with the new champion ez hit. The instructions say that removal of current front site is not necessary. For me that white ball thing had to go.!! Read more

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