Champion sports activities everywhere desk tennis: ping pong paddles, balls, and transportable internet & post set to head

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  • play anywhere : our progressive internet posts clamp onto desk tops measuring as much as 75 inches across and 1. 75 inches thick so you can begin a game any time
  • expandable retractable net : light-weight mesh netting can without difficulty be stretched and retracted for short setup on nearly any floor and simple storage after the sport; a extremely good alternative for older nets
  • 2 paddles included : our wooden rackets are light-weight and easy to grip with rubber surfacing that has just the proper amount of tack for each spin and manage
  • easy storage : with a compact, no tangle design and an blanketed mesh bring bag, the internet and posts are smooth to save, keeping them secure and sound among fits
  • out of the container play : includes all of the gadget you want to start a game proper out of the container; 2 rubber blades, a blue paddle and a black paddle, a ball and 2 replacements, and the retractable net
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product description

product description

play anywhere our modern internet posts clamp onto table tops measuring up to 75 inches throughout and 1. Seventy five inches thick so you can start a game any time everywhere. Don’t waste your cash on a trendy piece of furnishings you’re simplest going to use part of the time. Ping pong tables absorb area and aren’t easily portable, so why no longer use a table you already need to play ping pong anyplace and on every occasion you need? Expandable retractable internet our lightweight mesh netting can without problems be stretched and retracted for quick setup on almost any surface. With rubberized clamps to stabilize the posts, the internet remains taught and in area all through gameplay. Then when you’re ready to percent up, retracting the net is straightforward for smooth garage. This innovative desk tennis net is a first-rate replacement for older nets 2 paddles included our wood rackets are lightweight and clean to grip with rubber surfacing that has just the proper amount of tack for both spin and control. Begin building your pro capabilities with a reliable paddle constructed for beginner and intermediate players. Smooth storage with a compact, no tangle design and an protected mesh convey bag, the internet and posts are easy to keep, preserving them safe and sound between suits. Fast unhook the posts and retract the internet, and your ping pong desk is a eating room desk once more. Out of the field play the champion sports anywhere desk tennis set consists of all the device you want to begin a sport proper out of the field. With two rubber blades—a blue paddle and a black paddle—a recreation ball and a couple of replacements, and the retractable net, you have the entirety you want to begin a game right away this set is fantastic for spontaneous children and ping pong loving adults on a finances. – champion sports activities anywhere table tennis set – accommodates 75 inch huge and 1. 75″ inches thick surface – set includes 2 paddles, three balls, expandable/retractable net, and mesh sporting bag.

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the champion sports activities everywhere desk tennis to head set is the suitable sport for use on almost any table – best for a home dining table. A laugh for all ages. Experience the game of table tennis nearly everywhere without the gap of cost of purchasing a wellknown desk tennis table. A laugh for every age. Notable way to discover ways to play.


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8 reviews for Champion sports activities everywhere desk tennis: ping pong paddles, balls, and transportable internet & post set to head

  1. Pat D

    I am a ping pong god and I wanted to assert my ping pong dominance over my roommates any night of the week. Great investment. They cry themselves to sleep every night and I have more than won my money back. You’re obviously not getting professional quality paddles here, but its a great value for the cost. Read more

  2. D. Baker

    We were inspired to grab this set after my wife got us a “ping-pongly” set for Xmas. To their credit, ping-pongly, with their adept social media marketing, planted the seed for this idea and enticed her to buy it. The problem was the quality of that set. It was made with that cheap, nasty Chinese “chemical smell“ rubber. If you’ve ever been in a Harbor Freight tool store, you know the smell, and you may also know that it never dissipates. We left the components, especially the net, with its rubber pad base, out in the sun for days, to no real improvement. The paddles from Ping Pongly were in a way, nicer, with their thick padded surfaces, but overall not good since they give off a literally eye-watering chemical stink, different, and worse, than their net assembly. So I set out to find something from a known, “American“ company, since even though they manufacture overseas, you know they aren’t using the really down-and-dirty factory and the horrible rubber compound with the chemical offgassing. Mission accomplished!! We are very happy with the new Champion set (and at half the price, no less!). If there’s any smell it’s the same smell you would expect opening up any brand-new sporting goods in the last 30 years. It is minimal. And the quality is excellent, especially the net, but the paddles are great too, if a bit louder with their harder, classic play surface. Tons of family fun, and NO stink!!! Read more

  3. Cathy Leggett

    I purchased this product as soon as the schools closed down because I felt like we would be quarantined for a while and would need activities to keep our kids busy. Of all the things I purchased, this has been the most popular! It has actually brought our family closer because we gather every night after dinner to play. After 2 months of owning, my 12 year old son has proven to be the best player. It has sparked a father son dual, a loving and bonding one. They play any time my husband gets a break from working, so several times a day. So glad I found this product, it has been a lot of fun! Read more

  4. Samson

    I bought this as a donation to the nearby recreation center because they kept supplying their table with cheap, easily damaged nets that require some extraneous measure(s) to mount the net on the table. Not only is this the sturdiest table tennis net that I’ve ever seen, but it is also the easiest and quickest net installation I’ve ever experienced. If installed as a permanent net to a ping pong table, I would say that it would require true intent to end up breaking this thing. If left on the same table, the wear and tear should be kept to an absolute minimum. However, I can see where constant removal of the net may contribute to some eventual loss in retraction function. Nonetheless, I feel the net alone is well worth $20. You get some decent yet cheap paddles and some just okay ping ping balls with it. I came back here hoping to buy a couple more, one for myself and other as a gift but it’s all sold out! Read more

  5. CK

    Really fun, and the net is very stable on our 1.6″ thick dining table. Carrying sack is nice for portability. Unfortunately the included paddles are unsanded / unsealed wood, and the ping pong balls are nearly useless. I sanded/sealed the paddles myself, and new ping pong balls are cheap at the grocery store, but had to deduct 2 stars for bad equiment. I can definitely see how the first thing to fail will likely be the spring mechanism that retracts the net, as it feels a little flimsy when retracting, but we’ll see. Will update on how the net holds up after more long-term use! Read more

  6. FriendlyFred

    Paddles and balls are very low quality. The net is decent. I would recommend sourcing the paddles, balls, and net as three separate products. Eventually you will want better balls – this comes with 1 star balls. After playing with three star balls, the one star balls hardly even bounce! The paddles are made out of wood and are no where near as good as an entry level $20 Stiga paddle. If I could do it again, this is how I would do it. Read more

  7. Chris

    I bought two sets to use in my classroom. Two lab tables are pushed together to create a ping pong table that is almost regulation size. It’s a great stress-breaker around finals. The included ping pong balls are cheap quality. One good smash with the paddle fractures them. Five of six were ruined after the first day. Read more

  8. Karl

    These have been a big hit at every family gathering we have had since we got them. Keeping in mind the price, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. They are good enough to play an actual game of ping-pong and worked remarkably well on our dining table. Of course, these are not Yasaka Ma Lin paddles, but these have survived hard use through Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings this year and are still going strong. Careful attention when retracting the net and taking it down when not in use so as to not put strain on the springs may have helped. Read more

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