Champion sports activities tender adjustable ankle and wrist weights

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  • one-length-suits-all ankle or wrist weight
  • gentle, neoprene material cowl offers friction-unfastened comfort in the course of exercising
  • adjustable velcro closure guarantees a cozy match for workouts in any respect intensity levels
  • weight: 2 lbs (2 x 1 lb)
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the champion sports activities tender adjustable ankle and wrist weights provide an added challenge at some point of cardio exercises. Offering an adjustable velcro closure and smooth, neoprene fabric cover, these ankle and wrist weights are fairly comfy, and are sure to in shape properly at some point of the maximum excessive workouts. This set consists of 1 lb weights.


2 lbs., 5 Lbs, 10 Lbs

8 reviews for Champion sports activities tender adjustable ankle and wrist weights

  1. Phaeton

    …the weight given for a pair should be divided in half. The 2 pound weights are 1 lb. each; the 5 lb are 2 1/2 lb each and the 10 lb are 5 lb apiece. Otherwise they are very, very nice. They are extremely comfortable with no annoying scratchy bits. If the description was clearer – a widespread problem – I would have given this 5 stars. I thought I was getting the given poundage per individual weight, not for the pair. This is the kind of thing that people may think is obvious but it is not so to everyone who does not like to assume. I don’t see what the problem is in giving a clearer description especially for a good product. Read more

  2. Katie

    When I can’t make the time for the gym or between workout days I bring out these ankle weights. I have the heavy set that’s 5 pounds each (10 pounds total) and they have been vital to my lower body exercises. Since they are adjustable they can fit perfectly and snuggly everytime without fail. I wear either longer socks or leggings and pull that strap tight to prevent any moment while they are on. I tend to do a series of leg and glute exercises with these and the 5 pound weights end up feeling like 20 pounds by the time I’m done! These are perfect if you’re looking to do home workouts or add to your regular rutine. Your booty and legs will thank you! Read more

  3. Alex D

    I bought these to walk and exercise in and they work well for that use. These will not work for running. I use them for leg lifts and high kicks, but they will shift throughout the workout. The Velcro strap may rub your skin, just a head’s up. If you’ve wanted a pai and think these are a good deal, I would suggest getting them. Read more

  4. Lisa

    Most non-adjustable weights are packs of sand separated into different “compartments” by lines of stitching. This is the third brand I’ve tried, and both of the others were lower-weight and packed lightly enough that each compartment was a hard bulge. They might as well have been solid instead of sand, and the way they pressed against my wrist or ankle was uncomfortable. These, on the other hand, are more loosely filled and conform to my ankles comfortably. I’d give them five stars, except that the 10 lb weights have only one strap each. That’s not really enough given their size and weight. Oh, they stay on well enough, but they tend to fold up around the strap. I suspect that they’d stay put better and maybe last longer if they had two straps. But since these are both the heaviest and most comfortable sand weights I’ve found, I’m not complaining too hard. Read more

  5. JayCee

    I like them for the price and the weight but this is my second pair. They don’t last very long. Eventually they begin to leak. You will soon notice black spots on your, socks, sneakers, the floor or wherever you place them. But it’s hard to find this weight and at this price Read more

  6. icanfixxit

    I don’t know what this black dust is that’s coming out of these but I sure hope its not harmful! Also the Velcro strap is very cheap and I’m sure it would not last very long. I used then for weighted arm circles at first holding them in my hands and they seemed ok but when I put them on my ankles and started my workout I noticed black powder\dust on the carpet and all over my socks. I will be finding out if this poses any hazard!! I do not recomend anyone buy these unless your using them to hold you down on the couch 😉 Read more

  7. Beth

    I use these on my barbell to up the pounds on it without having to buy weights. They are super easy to get on and off. I haven’t tried them on my ankles or wrists so I can’t vouch for that. They are very sturdy and have held up well so far. Read more

  8. rachel reilly

    The Champion Sports Soft Ankle Weights are just ‘okay’. I have never used any other ankle weights so I don’t have anything to compare them to, but I would have liked them to be softer and more comfortable – I am very excited to take them off by the end of my workout! They are incredibly stiff, not soft and rub on my ankles. Also they aren’t filled equally either – one of the ankle weights I received is very full and very stiff (making it hard to strap on) and the other is filled less and is too loose on my leg which causes it to slide around. If you are looking for cheap ankle weights that will get the job done – these are probably for you. I think next time I will invest a little more money and get better quality ones. Read more

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