Cross101 weighted vest 20lbs – 80lbs with shoulder pads alternative

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  • each items comes with weights protected
  • weights may be eliminated in all fashions
  • one size suits maximum, manufacture guarantee protected
  • delivery charge: fixed charge to keep cash on heavier weight alternatives
  • camouflage color on top class excellent vest
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  • is that this vest water evidence? May want to i exploit it in a pool even as i walk laps, as the water adds resistance to the exercise?
  • query: is that this vest water proof? Could i use it in a pool whilst i stroll laps, because the water adds resistance to the exercising? Answer: lol. Maybe just put on a few cement footwear? Lol. Weight vest in a pool. Lord. By way of meddy on august 17, 2019 did not get solutions. See more solutions (6) collapse all answers

  • for the 80 pound vest, how many man or woman weights include it, and what kind of do they each weigh?
  • query: for the 80 pound vest, how many character weights include it, and what sort of do they every weigh? Solution: 10 weights, 5 in front, 5 on lower back. ~8lbs each by way of kayla on march 22, 2018 crumble all answers

  • the delivery weight says 20# for each option. So what are you surely getting?
  • question: the delivery weight says 20# for each alternative. So what are you virtually getting? Answer: hey, you are becoming the load purchased. If you get the 60lbs a 60lbs vest might be shipped. The delivery price is calculated at 20lbs to store transport price for the reason that amazon expenses by weight. Through mir weighted vest vendor on january eleven, 2016 did not get answers. See more solutions (four) fall apart all solutions

  • what’s the material created from this is inside the weighted bags
  • question: what’s the material made from that is inside the weighted baggage solution: sand i consider by using corey on march three, 2020 collapse all answers



    8 reviews for Cross101 weighted vest 20lbs – 80lbs with shoulder pads alternative

    1. The Dude Abides

      Vest is good. Very secure fit. Used it for the CrossFit workout Murph this past Memorials Day! Ordered the 40 pound version of the vest (only 20 used for Murph). My only gripe, and it’s not really a gripe as a wish – since it’s a 40 pound vest, the weights are 4 pounds each with 5 on the front and 5 on the back. So…to get the desired 20 pounds for Murph, I had to wear and unequal amount in front or back (chose to wear 3 on back and 2 on front). Wish I could have ordered some extra weights in 2 pounds (would even consider ordering all 10) so I could have evenly distributed the weight. Bottom line – vest is very good, fits snug, didn’t bounce around during run or ride up in my neck during pull-ups or push-ups. Would definitely suggest to anyone looking for a weighted workout vest! Read more

    2. Garzaro

      These are legit vests. We run a small training center and they have lived through some abuse. We get stopped constantly to ask where we got them. We have 8 and going to get more. An awesome find Read more

    3. William Johnson

      Bought the 20lb vest and it’s still pretty heavy. Very good for increasing your push-up resistance. I really have no bad to say. Took me a little while to know how to get it on correctly but I think that’s just because i’m stupid. Simple & effective product. Read more

    4. JMED

      Im a 57 year old man who runs trails, loves mountain biking and spartan races. I regularly hit the gym. So imagine how i felt when the stay at home orders kicked in due to covid 19. The trails were closed and so were the gyms. Well, I would go to the park do my cardio there. Typically I would just jog around the park which is almost half a mile, then do burpees and sprints. Started doing a lot of body weight exercises just to try and keep some muscle. Then I bought the 40 lb version of this vest. I absolutely love it! It fits well and the shoulder pads definitely help. I think its very well constructed. I dont use the water bottle holder that is built into the vest as personally i would rather carry my water bottle. I honestly have no complaints about the construction of this vests. It’s very well made. How do i use it? When I do my cardio at the park, I throw 16 lb in the vest and it absolutely has upped the intensity of my workout. I wear it when doing my bodyweight and resistance band workouts at home (decline push-ups with 40 pounds in the vest make for a good chest workout!). I dont have any dumbbells, so I take the weights from the vest and throw them in a backpack. Then I do curls with the backpack. This has turned out to be the best fitness investment I’ve ever made. I give this vest Five stars! Two thumbs up and a standing ovation. Read more

    5. Judy

      This thing is awesome. However I am so glad I bought it with pads otherwise it will destroy your shoulders. NOT made for running which I kinda had hoped I could figure out. I just lightly jog with it, but it for sure is not ideal for running. it be nicer if it had two separate straps but for the price and the way it is built I am 100% happy. I recommended it already to my friends. I work out excessively and this is great way to get more strength training into my routine. Read more

    6. Dan O

      Got this in prep for doing “Murph” a crossfit workout that calls for a 20 lb vest. I have worn a few other weighted vest and this one is by far the most comfortable and secure. This workout consists of 2 one-mile runs with lots of pullups, pushups and squats inbetween. It was great for all phases of the workout and i’ll certainly be using it for other workouts. I purchased the shoulder pads as well, which was a very worthwhile investment: – For the price, I doubt you can beat this vest. Read more

    7. Alejandro

      I was kind of hesitant on buying this vest, but to be honest I’m glad I bought this one and not the ones they sell at Wal-Mart. Comparing the two now that I’ve been using for 3 weeks I can definitely recommend it. I only bought the 40lb one, but you can definitely tell it was designed to carry twice as much weight. Also the price for this vest is lower than the cheap ones at your local store with twice the durability. That’s how they feel to me at least. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      I love it. Fits really snug as long as you tighten it down correctly. It doesn’t bounce while I’m running. I get compliments on it all the time and its a great price. My only complaints is that the shoulder pad things aren’t too comfortable but you don’t really notice it till after you run with it for over 30 min or so. And the other complaint is that there are only 10 removable bags of weight. They are long bars about 6 pounds each. But both are nothing to reduce it from 5 stars. Hope this helps. Read more

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