Day 1 health kettlebell weights forged iron – eleven sizes and bundle options, 5-60 pounds – ballistic workout, middle power, useful health, weight training set – loose weight, system add-ons

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  • make certain this suits by getting into your model number.
  • move over dumbells, there’s a brand new sheriff on the town: kettle bells had been round all the time, but in recent years they have without a doubt won traction because of their clean-to-maneuver design and capability to rotate fluidly in ways that everyday hand weights can’t.
  • durable, high impact construct: every free weight is derived from solid forged iron with a hammertone non-chip end. Designed from a single-piece casting, this fitness device is less probably to break than giryas which are made from a couple of components.
  • greater burn, much less ouch: all of us that works out can admire the burn in the course of and after an awesome sweat session. But immediately ache is not true. Our weights have a sanded, easy grip to avoid pointless rubbing and blisters associated with ballistic training.
  • why kettlebells? Ballistic russian exercises such as snatches, cleans, and jerks are simpler to do with this design, allowing you full body movement so you can target greater muscle businesses, growth muscular endurance, middle electricity, and caloric expenditure.
  • blend and fit: day 1 health gives a variety of handled weights in distinctive sizes so you can create the ideal series for all of your exercise needs. By using exceptional weight agencies, you may see giant enhancements in how you look and experience.
  • delight guaranteed: at day 1 fitness, we accept as true with in supplying the first-rate products to fit you and way of life; in case you aren’t one hundred% satisfied with our kettlebells, return inside 30 days for a full refund.
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because many kettlebell physical games contain plenty of swinging actions, you want to make certain that you are dealing with it successfully to do away with injury. Start with a lighter weight and progress into better weights as you emerge as more efficient and stronger.

within the interest of your safety, it’s miles critical to test with your doctor before beginning any exercise program when you have a persistent health condition or damage. Always exercising according to your health stage and abilties. When you have any questions, please are trying to find the steerage of a fitness expert.

  • in plank function, with one hand firmly planted at the floor the other protecting a kettle bell.
  • again instantly, glutes tight pull the bell straight up, elbows held near your facet.
  • lower and repeat.
  • lying on a bench, knees bent, toes flat on the bench, take hold of a kettlebell in both arms and preserve it directly overhead.
  • preserve your lower lower back flat at the bench, do now not arch even as acting this exercise.
  • lower the kettle bell behind you being cautious not to fold your wrist backward.
  • pull your shoulders down and again and lower as far back as the overhead position.
  • increase back to begin.
  • d1f proudly supports local enterprise. All of our progressive health merchandise are designed in the united states, so you can feel true knowing you are contributing at once to the financial system. We utilize the know-how of industry leaders to build merchandise to final. Whether or not you use these for your own home fitness center or a industrial fitness center, know you are becoming the high-quality you deserve!

    save with self belief. If you have any questions or worries concerning this product, we’ll do our fine to make sure your buying enjoy with day 1 fitness is notable!


    a) 5 lb – 1.2" Handle, d) 20 lb -1.4" Handle, e) 25 lb – 1.4" Handle, h) 40 lb – 1.4" Handle, j) 50 lb – 1.5" Handle

    8 reviews for Day 1 health kettlebell weights forged iron – eleven sizes and bundle options, 5-60 pounds – ballistic workout, middle power, useful health, weight training set – loose weight, system add-ons

    1. MFrye126

      Received this product today and I’m in love! As a fitness enthusiast and mother of two young boys (with a little girl on the way!), some days are easier than others when it comes to getting to the gym. What I love about this piece of equipment is the variety that it offers. I can do sumo squats, over head presses, tricep extensions, split squats, rows, etc etc! All with ONE piece of equipment! Best of all, I can do it fast while the kids are napping or (somewhat) occupied with something else. Lol. This product does not disappoint. Sturdy, functional, and arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I’ll definitely be ordering more!! Thanks Day 1 fitness!! Ps. I ordered the 25 lb kettle bell because I like to lift heavy but that is definitely the highest I would recommend if you’re just looking for overall conditioning. There are plenty of variations you can do with single arm, single leg, or even higher reps to get a good burn going. Happy lifting! 😉 Read more

    2. Jack Luminous

      This is a Prime Day special and saved $18 on my kettlebell. I read the reviews and read that it has a rough handle, came without a box, chipped all over, underweight, the handle was too large, and “useless.” Well, I didn’t want to pay for $50 for a cannonball with a handle, and they were the cheap ones! I have a CAP kettlebell with cement and plastic. They work just fine. A kettlebell is a pretty simple machine and how bad could it be? This kettlebell is just fine. I have none of the problems in the other reviews. My big hands only fit 3 fingers for the swing exercise. That is not a problem, it balances well. The handle isn’t too thick, it is the same size as the CAP kettlebell. The bottom is flat. I just love it! I love paying $32 for a 40 lb kettlebell, too. I think you would love this kettlebell. They are all-body exercises and I think kids to seniors would benefit for a kettleball or medicine ball. Read more

    3. Crunchy One

      I bought this with the intention or using it for some kettle bell flow routines while working on getting my shoulder back to a happy state after surgery. Lo and behold, I find that I have purchased a weight with a handle-shaped sticky trap, or perhaps a newfangled hair remover – I haven’t tried yet, but perhaps it will work well for shaping my eyebrows or bikini line. I could use it as a paper weight and instead of using sticky notes, I could just put my paper on the handle and it would remain there until I removed it. It appears as though it would excel at removing pet hair from my clothes and furniture. One thing it is NOT useful for is kettle bell routines. Once it’s picked up, it fuses to the hand and won’t allow for rotation, which is important for kettle bell stuffs. So, unless you’re wanting to be a trendsetter with some nouveau hair removal device or a purchase the ideal paperweight for a gym fanatic, this is probably not the kettle bell for you. Or maybe it is, if you’re into sticky hands. Who am I to judge? Read more

    4. Erich S.C.

      This kettlebell brand offers best value per pounds. It’s a good beginner weight for a male or intermediate female. Standard windows and handle thickness. Grip can be enhanced when adding athletic tape. Only down side is that the bottom is not perfectly level but could probably be filed down slightly, in order to make it perfectly level. Overall this brand is highly recommended for kettlebell novice. Read more

    5. Brandon

      Damaged, the coating is garbage, the handle makes up a good portion of the bell a good indication of low quality metal. This thing will be useless for a number of exercises because of the oversized handle, glad I got it on “sale”. There are dozens of manufactures that make higher quality products at the same price. Skip this company. Gambled on a sale and got burned. Read more

    6. Chris Weber

      So far it seems like a good product. I’ve only done a handful of workouts with it but I have no complaints. Really good price to value. I actually bought both a 30lb and a 40lb, both are good, no chipping or anything yet. Handles a little thick but I don’t mind that, helps build forearm strength. Both sides and bottom are are flat so it doesn’t wobble if you’re doing pushups with it on it’s side. Might not be that fanciest one out there but I’d rather my wallet look good than my kettlebell. It weighs what it’s supposed to weigh, functions how it’s supposed to function and is cheaper than most others on amazon. What more do you really need? Read more

    7. JMM

      Haven’t been able to find any kettle bells since the pandemic that weren’t way over priced. This one is awesome quality for the price! Super happy with this purchase. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      This is what I would expect for a 40lb kettlebell. The handle is smooth with no odd/uncomfortable seam lines, but not slippery. The curves of the handle are not too abrupt or sharp and allow for ease of movement. The handle opening is large enough to easily maneuver within but not so large as to be cumbersome. Read more

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