Dumbbells hand weights set of two – rubber hex chrome cope with workout & fitness dumbbell for domestic fitness center gadget workouts strength schooling free weights for girls, guys

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  • make sure this fits through coming into your version wide variety.
  • rubber dumbbell: hand weights are constructed to a professional grade pleasant and designed for industrial gyms and golf equipment for use one hundred instances a day as opposed to 100 instances a yr in a home health club
  • consolation healthy grip: chrome-contoured handles designed to healthy effortlessly in palm of fingers – the textured take care of grip offers a good and relaxed grip
  • hex-fashioned hand weight: unique hex shape prevents rolling and stacks and stores without difficulty at the floor or dumbbell and weight racks, allowing you to keep a tidy and prepared health club floor
  • rubber encased coating: the thick and sturdy rubber cease coating increases sturdiness, protects flooring, complements look, is easy to easy and decreases noise
  • bought as pairs: three, five, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 25lbs. / sold as singles: 30, 35, forty, forty five and 50lbs
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from the manufacturer

genuine expert grade

deluxe grade, excellent engineered and constructed to ultimate an entire life with black rubber-encased 8-sided dumbbells and chrome contoured handles designed to match readily inside the palm of the users fingers.

black rubber encased coating increases durability, protects flooring, complements appearance, and is easy to clean and decreases noise and the particular hex shape prevents rolling and stacks easily.

weight size notice

sizes sold as pairs (2 dumbbells):

  • 3, five, eight, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 25lbs
  • sizes offered for my part as single weights (1 dumbbell):

  • 30, 35, 40, forty five and 50lbs
  • product description

    deluxe grade, nice engineered and built to final a lifetime with black rubber-encased eight-sided dumbbells and chrome contoured handles designed to healthy with ease within the palm of the users fingers. Black rubber encased coating will increase sturdiness, protects flooring, complements look, and is easy to clean and reduces noise and the precise hex shape prevents rolling and stacks without problems. Notice: 30, 35, 40, forty five and 50lbs are offered as singles – all different weights are sold as pairs: three, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 25lbs.


    A) 3-Pound (Pair), B) 5-Pound (Pair), C) 8-Pound (Pair), D) 10-Pound (Pair), E) 12-Pound (Pair), G) 20-Pound (Pair), H) 25-Pound (Pair), J) 35-Pound (Single), K) 40-Pound (Single), L) 45-Pound (Single)

    8 reviews for Dumbbells hand weights set of two – rubber hex chrome cope with workout & fitness dumbbell for domestic fitness center gadget workouts strength schooling free weights for girls, guys

    1. Anne Stone

      I bought a whole set of these – 6 pairs, different weights. They seem to be well made and fit all my needs except they have a terrible rubber stench that gives me a headache and makes my stomack quesy. I googled how to get rid of new rubber smell and have tried all the recommendations as sending them back will be a a pain as I live on HI. However, nothing worked, they still stink and I cannot have them in my house . . . the smell permeates all the rooms. I degassed them in the garage, then the sun, washed them with various non-toxic cleaners including white vinegar and have left them out in the sun . . . . any other ideas??? They still stink to high heaven!!! Read more

    2. M. L.

      Am I being too picky? I think not! A 3 lb dumbbell should weigh 3 lbs, not 2 lbs 13 oz. I guess the sloppy manufacturer decided it was close enough. The even more sloppy seller, decided to con us and just continue to market a sloppy product. In addition, it arrived somewhat greasy, but I can wipe that off. I hope its not toxic. Read more

    3. Paulie

      Great quality dumbells! Perfect right out of the box. Not sure what issues people are having with oily residue or smell… they had none! I found they are within 3oz in weight. Some pairs were exact on the money. Great price, great product! (I apologize for the cords in the background. Remodeling.) Read more

    4. pacifico

      As you can see from the pictures, the dumbbells are quite nice with a shapely comfortable handle. The only gripe I have is the actual weight: not 3 lbs. each but 2 lbs. 14 oz, almost — sure 2 oz is not much. I just expect to have 3 lbs if I ordered 3 lbs weights. They are still good, and good that each dumbbell weighs the same. Black residue – yes, there will be residue left if you put them against a white shirt/white pants — rubber odor — yes, these have a smelly rubber odor, just like at the gym where the weight sets are stacked. Almost a 5 star, Quality control, people. Read more

    5. Sharifa

      I double checked, and re-checked, to make sure this item would be two. It even says in the item name that it is sold in pairs. But today, I received only one dumbbell! And as of today, 20# isn’t even an option anymore so customer help couldn’t even send a new item. It isn’t that it isn’t in stock, it just isn’t there at all. Other than that, the weight that we did get seems to be of good quality and it doesn’t smell weird. We’re just missing the other dumbbell. Read more

    6. slim5555

      and for good reason, the grip is very comfortable due to the cross and relief etching on the handle. Vinyl and neoprene coated weights look nice but in the course of one’s workout series the hand can become fatigued easily, especially with the vinyl because it doesn’t ‘breathe’. I am a professional trainer and the most important aspect of my sessions is safety first, last, and always. One never wants to become ‘white-knuckled’ or have a death grip on hand weights(or weights for that matter). This brand because of the contour and texture perspiration is reduced significantly allowing one to focus on the exercise at hand(no pun intended). Read more

    7. SaladEatingCat

      Splurged on a Peloton bike this week (amazing, BTW) but didn’t want to spend $25 + tax for their dumbbells. This SPRI set is fantastic! They fit into the cages on the back of the Peloton bike and look great. The rubber ends are great as they don’t make noise if they clank together accidentally during a workout. I did an arms workout last night and these felt secure in my hands–no slipping, and the texture was enough to keep them from slipping in my sweaty hands, but not so much to be bothersome. I will purchase more as I become stronger and require heavier weights. TL;DR: Buy these, they’re amazing. Read more

    8. MShell

      I ordered a pair of 20 pound weights. I was happy and relieved that I recieved both. I weighed them and 1 of the weights weighs 23 pounds the other is 20.9 a little inconsistent there. But okay. They also smell like stale cigarette smoke, and in my opinion that smell is so disgusting. But the smell is dissipating. All in all decent price for some okayish weights, they get the job done. Read more

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