Eschenbach journey m 8×25 strong compact monocular for hen watching

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  • make sure this suits by getting into your version quantity.
  • high powered monocular with colorful snap shots thanks to full multi-coated lenses and bak-four prisms
  • extraordinarily strong and coffee weight, compact monocular with a special rubber casing
  • ergonomic form guarantees optimal grip and gives those monocular for adults an attractive adventurous look
  • water proof & fogproof: nitrogen filling prevents misting of the inner optics even supposing temperature/altitude adjustments
  • evolved in germany: eschenbach’s tale began over one hundred years ago with an concept: precision. This is a guiding precept that we observe as a developer of first-class optical merchandise. We observe traditional values like enjoy, skill and imaginative and prescient
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from the manufacturer

eschenbach optik

the tale of eschenbach optik begins at the start of the 20th century in nuremberg. On account that 1913 our organization has been dedicated to extending its know-how within the subject of optics. Nowadays, thank you to modern production processes, we are market chief inside the subject of optics. Eschenbach optik is a conventional organization which locations the focal point firmly on precision, great, practicality and design.

bak-4 prisms

the ideal fabric for binocular prisms.

bak-four prisms make certain there’s much less scattered light, fewer colour purity mistakes, extra aspect-to-side clarity, extra mild transmission and a better resolution great. Bak-4 prisms are a mark of high nice binoculars.

complete multi-layer coating

the coating is one of the critical features for optimising the optical performance.

in correspondence with the type and first-rate of the coating, mild transmission, that is to say photo brightness, evaluation and brilliance are substantially elevated.

water-proof / nitrogen filled

eschenbach binoculars meet the standards for water impermeability. A system of water-repellent features at the housing and shifting parts make the binoculars immune to pressurised water.


bak-four prisms

full multi-layer coating

water-resistant / nitrogen crammed

adventure d+ 8×42 and adventure d 10×42 binoculars are appropriate for all types of terrain and are realistic to use. They provide the ideal combination of weight, length and imaginative and prescient consolation. Whether or not you’re on holiday or gambling recreation – in case you prefer models which are as mild as viable and are looking for 8x magnification with the maximum compact objective lens, we suggest, for example, the journey d 8×25. In case you’re going to apply your binoculars within the mountains, you must cross for a more potent magnification and choose binoculars with 10x magnification, which includes the journey d 10×25.

on the pinnacle of a glacier, on the beach, on the plains – while the solar shines and it’s hard to observe without sunglasses. Because of this, eschenbach offers models with retractable eyepieces for those wearing shades. These permit the required distance between the eye and the eyepiece to be maintained without or with (solar)glasses.

do you discover it hard to carry your binoculars around for hours in terrain that may now and again be challenging? Eschenbach binoculars are provided with delivery and/or cleansing accessories. This permits you to revel in gazing landscapes, flora and fauna and something else you want to view more closely, virtually and without challenge.

set the dioptre to 0 (generally positioned at the proper eyepiece or in uncommon instances on the left eyepiece or on the focus wheel). Regulate the width of the binoculars so that you can see something with both eyes. Near the right eye and alter the sharpness for the left eye with the primary awareness wheel. Then close the left eye and regulate the sharpness for the proper eye.

technical statistics

  • prisms
  • magnification
  • lens diameter
  • exit pupil/brightness index/twilight component
  • discipline of view
  • close to point
  • phase correction
  • dielectric mirror coating
  • inner focusing
  • water resistant
  • nitrogen filled
  • coating
  • extra-low-dispersion (ed) glass
  • porro prisms: the “traditional“ prisms. Binoculars with porro prisms are normally wider than similar roof prism binoculars, however no longer as long. Owing to their widerspaced objective lenses, conventional porro binoculars provide slightly higher stereoscopic depth belief at brief distances than roof prism equivalents.

    roof prisms: these are very compact and therefore permit the binoculars to be constructed very narrow in form. A higher stage of optical precision engineering is needed than for porro binoculars of similar high-quality.

    bk-7 prisms: these prisms crafted from boron crown glass are the same old for a very good exceptional image.

    bak-4 prisms: these cautiously machined excessive performance prisms crafted from barium crown glass offer even better resolution of details and very sharp, bright images with excessive shade fidelity.

    sk15 prisms: those prisms are crafted from excessive first-class sk15 glass. They minimise unwanted internal reflections and offer razor-sharp pics with most useful contrast.

    magnification: the cost gives the obvious magnification that the lens produces. With an 8x magnification the object seems eight times towards the viewer than in reality . Right here, an item seems to be simplest 100 m away whilst in truth it’s miles at a distance of 800 m.

    lens diameter: that is an critical overall performance discern of binoculars considering the fact that its size crucially determines the lightgathering electricity: the bigger the lens, the greater light that reaches the attention and the brighter the image. The goal lens diameter is stated in mm.

    go out scholar/brightness index/twilight factor: those are mathematics values that result from the ratio of magnification and lens diameter. Vital in practice: an exit scholar among 2 and three mm is enough to be used in daylight. Binoculars with an exit scholar of five-7 mm have to be selected for tough light situations.

    area of view: specifies the width of terrain seen through the binoculars at a distance of 1,000 m. The more the sphere of view, the less difficult it’s miles to view landscapes or transferring gadgets, together with animals or competitors at sports events. Binoculars with extensive-attitude optics (with the designation: ww) have a specially huge subject of view.

    close to factor: this quantity indicates the shortest distance at which objects may be visible sharply and without distortion. This wide variety is important whilst buying binoculars to be used in museums or outings wherein viewing is at brief range.

    section correction: this specifically complicated software of special floor coatings to the prisms of roof prism binoculars is the ultimate for exceptional photograph satisfactory.

    dielectric replicate coating: a dielectric replicate coating inside the prism system allows almost a hundred% mirrored image of the incident light and prevents the coatings from getting old. This coating ensures contours usually stay wonderful and simply discernible even in poor mild conditions or during the twilight hours.

    inner focusing: focusing method adjusting the sharpness of an photograph. Only the lenses within the binoculars are moved in the course of internal focusing. This closed machine prevents dirt, air or moisture from being drawn in.

    water resistant: this term refers to a gadget of water repellent capabilities at the casing and moveable elements that makes the binoculars proof against forced water.

    nitrogen filled: in evaluation to air, nitrogen consists of no residual moisture and so prevents the internal optics from misting up if the ambient temperature fluctuates.

    coating: eschenbach binoculars have completely multi-lined optics. Which means that all glass-to-air surfaces have a very thin anti-mirrored image coating to optimise “mild motion“ via the binoculars to the eyes. A magnesium fluoride coating (magenta coating) is the standard. On a few binoculars that is mixed with multi-coating on one facet of the lens and eyepiece to improve light transmission. For the very best vision requirements although, multi-coating is applied to all lens surfaces.

    to make sure true-to-existence, completely coloration accurate images, eschenbach applies a ‘naturebright’ coating to its farlux, bison and regatta binoculars.

    greater-low-dispersion (ed) glass: this luxurious to supply glass compensates for chromatic aberration that generally occurs because of the differing dispersion of the light-beam coloration additives and is seen as colour fringing along edges and at transitions. Ed glass guarantees vivid genuine shade pics, extraordinarily wealthy in detail and with a experience of depth.

    product description

    strong excessive power monocular for chicken watching

    the adventure monocular is designed for unspoilt outside action.

    a strong housing with a special rubber casing protects optimally in opposition to knocks and dropping.

    its ergonomic form permits ideal grip and use in any condition: best monocular for children and for adults.

    inner optics are covered in opposition to misting with the nitrogen filling, even if temperature or altitude modifications.

    this compact monocular fits easily in a bag, but permit a wide and superb discipline of view.

    the add-ons provided with the monocular are especially helplfull both to carry, easy or shield it.

    technical features

  • magnification: 8x
  • lens Ø (mm): 25
  • go out pupil (mm): 3,1
  • geometric mild intensity: nine,eight
  • twilight aspect: 14,1
  • eye alleviation min./max. (mm): 10/6
  • pupillary distance min./max. (mm): –
  • near point (m): 2
  • field of view m / 1,000 m: 114
  • top x width x depth (mm): 116 x 45 x 41
  • weight with out bag (g): one hundred sixty
  • nitrogen stuffed: sure
  • water-resistant: yes
  • eyepieces for spectacle wearers: yes
  • prisms: bak-four
  • coating: complete multi-coating
  • assurance: five years
  • what is inside the box

    adventure m 8×25 monocular; carrying twine; dirt safety caps



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