Eschenbach optik membership 8×20 light-weight fashionable binocular, black


  • ensure this suits through entering your version range.
  • best way of life binoculars for amusement, travel, game and the theatre
  • super image nice thanks to phase-corrected bak-four prisms and absolutely multi-covered lenses
  • clean to handle and light-weight: they’ll healthy in any blouse or jacket pocket
  • watertight and nitrogen crammed
  • 5 years assurance
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from the producer

eschenbach optik

eschenbach’s tale started with an concept: precision. That is a guiding precept that we nevertheless observe nowadays – as a brand, as a enterprise and as a developper of nice optical merchandise.

some other guiding principle eschenbach follows is development based on subculture – a method that we preserve to pursue. As it’s only with traditional values like experience, talent and vision that innovation is viable: time and time once more. This is our promise. For over a hundred years.

bak-four prisms

these especially selected and carefully machined high-performance prisms made from barium crown glass offer even higher resolution of information and a brighter picture with excessive color constancy.

segment correction

due to the layout of roof prism binoculars, a discount in decision can arise. To keep away from this and acquire excellent decision, a special coating, the phase correction, is carried out to the prisms using a system referred to as vapour deposition.

compact and foldable design

combining technology and practicality : a mission that may be hard to meet, and that the club series manages to offer to the most demanding person. The club no longer simplest offers superb rendering of images however they’re additionally smooth to handle and shipping.

on excursion or for sports activities, to minimise the load to carry, we suggest the membership with an 8x magnification which objective is as compact as possible such as membership 8×20 as an example. In the mountains, opt for 10x magnification membership to be sure to look the desired item the nearest you can.

the segment correction is made totally on roof prisms , the porro prisms can not benefit from it. Thru a complicated technology, the phase shifts of the lightrays are corrected on bk-7, bak-four and sk15 prisms. The membership binoculars are made with bak-4 prisms, in order that they were given phase correction. This section correction optimises the resolution and comparison of pics.

the club are equipped with full multi-covered optics. This consists in treating all of the lenses with antireflection layers. This technology lets in the mild to go the binoculars with limited lack of brightness. The primary treatment is a magnesium fluoride one. However, high great binoculars including the sektor variety advantage additionally from a treatment of the goal, the eyepiece, after which a remedy of all of the lenses.

first, position diopter on 0 (typically positioned at the proper eyepiece, extra rarely at the left eyepiece or scroll wheel ). Set the folding in an effort to have an picture in each eye. As soon as you have got an picture in every eye, near the proper eye and adjust the sharpness for the left eye with the focal point wheel. Then close the left eye and alter the sharpness for the right eye. Open each eyes : you are prepared to go !

bak-4 prisms: these carefully machined high overall performance prisms made from barium crown glass provide even higher decision of info and very sharp, vivid photographs with high coloration fidelity.

magnification: the price gives the obvious magnification that the lens produces. With an 8x magnification the item appears eight instances toward the viewer than in fact . Here, an item appears to be only one hundred m away whilst in truth it is at a distance of 800 m.

lens diameter: that is an important performance figure of binoculars when you consider that its size crucially determines the lightgathering power: the bigger the lens, the greater mild that reaches the eye and the brighter the picture. The goal lens diameter is stated in mm.

product description

the compact friend for guys because of its undying layout, membership binocular through eschenbach are a gentleman must have. They may be the correct binocular to convey for game, tour or theatre. The club seem in stylish black with valuable metallic detailing, a layout that changed into awarded at the big apple’s museum of present day artwork. These binocular provide awesome photograph nice due to bak-4 prisms and multi-lined lenses. Its add-ons, inclusive of the leather-based case, give even greater fee to the club via eschenbach.


8×20, 10×25


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