Exerpeutic inversion desk with airsoft no pinch ankle holders, surelock safety ratchet device, and lumbar help

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  • [vibration / heat massage lumbar support]: ul certified adjustable vibration and warmth healing massage lumbar support for more returned consolation. It offers 2 massage application options with 3 vibration depth stages. Manipulate panel/ac adapter covered
  • [no pinch airsoft ankle holder]: patent pending airsoft ankle holder for unmatched comfort whilst inverting. Uses airsoft era allowing air to circulate specific chambers to suit your legs/ankles. No pinch or ache to your ankles even as inverting
  • [surelock ratchet system]: easy reach “palm activated” surelock adjustable ratchet ankle locking machine. Double lock ratchet enamel mechanism makes the desk extra relaxed and safe whilst inverting. Stable two piece ratchet layout
  • [3 angle adjustable cross bar]: 3 perspective role adjustable rear go bar for easy inversion attitude adjustment eliminates the everyday strap device. Ul licensed for protection. One hundred sixty five diploma vertical inversion. 1 yr . Three hundred lbs. Weight capability
  • [comfortable foam backrest]: gentle foam backrest for consolation and support while inverting. Complete loop foam blanketed handle bars for smooth go back to the upright role. Stretch bar for easy frame positioning. Four’nine” to six’6” user top adjustment.
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exerpeutic 275sl heat and rubdown therapy inversion desk and not using a pinch airsoft ankle holder and surelock ratchet device

inversion made smooth with the exerpeutic 275sl. Built with a heavy obligation metal body (ul protection certified), the 275sl inversion table features an adjustable vibration and warmth therapeutic rub down lumbar aid, a patent pending airsoft ankle holder for unmatched consolation, a 3 function adjustable rear cross bar for clean inversion attitude adjustment, and an smooth to attain “palm activated” surelock™ adjustable ratchet ankle locking gadget. The included detachable lumbar pillow presents extra decrease returned aid whilst the double lock ratchet teeth mechanism and strong piece ratchet design makes inversion more safe and comfy. With the secure tender foam backrest, the exerpeutic 275sl will offer you the awesome inversion comfort you want at an lower priced charge.

fifty six. Five” l x 26. 5” w x sixty four” h; sixty five lbs.

  • vibration and warmth massage pillow
  • no pinch airsoft ankle holders
  • surelock ratchet locking machine
  • adjustable rear pass bar
  • double lock ratchet enamel mechanism
  • ul safety licensed
  • 300 lbs. Weight capability
  • folds for garage
  • key functions

    ul safety certified with the aid of across the world identified ul trying out laboratory.

    certificate wide variety: 20180410-e238026. Problem date: april. 10. 2018.

    three hundred lbs. Weight potential

    adjustable vibration and heat therapeutic rub down lumbar help for more returned consolation. It affords 2 rubdown application alternatives with three vibration depth levels and may be adjusted via the blanketed manipulate panel. Calls for an electrical outlet

    automobile form becoming airsoft ankle holders for unrivaled comfort even as inverting. No pinch or pain for your ankles while inverting.

    easy reach ‘palm activated’ surelock adjustable ratchet ankle locking device. Ergonomically molded ankle cushions keep ankles securely and without difficulty.

    key capabilities

    uses airsoft technology allowing air to flow into exclusive air chambers to vehicle comfortable and healthy to the form of your legs and ankles. Airsoft cushioned ankle holders provide more cushioning and luxury on your ankles by means of doing away with heavy stress to your ankles whilst inverting.

    double lock ratchet enamel mechanism makes the table extra at ease and safe when inverting versus different one tooth ratchet layout. Stable piece ratchet design for greater safety and protection over different ratchet designs.

    3 perspective position adjustable rear go bar for smooth inversion angle adjustment eliminates the standard strap device.

    1” gentle foam backrest for consolation and guide when inverting.

    key capabilities

    full loop foam blanketed take care of bars for easy return to the upright position.

    one hundred sixty five diploma vertical inversion. Stretch bar for smooth body positioning.

    four’nine” to six’6” person peak adjustment.

    can be folded for storage. Folded dimensions: forty one. 5” l x 26. 5” w x 76. Five” h.


    With AIRSOFT Holder, With AIRSOFT Holder and Heat/Massage Pillow

    5 reviews for Exerpeutic inversion desk with airsoft no pinch ankle holders, surelock safety ratchet device, and lumbar help

    1. Mickell

      Got this for my boyfriend because he broke his back years ago and complains of pain daily. My main concern was making sure this was comfortable on his ankles seeing he is 200lbs. I also wanted to use it and didn’t want my ankles to hurt. I hunted around forever to find one that focused on the ankle support, seeing I knew if we couldn’t hang long due to pain, we wouldn’t use it. It came, he set it up easy, and BAM! It was soooo comfy! The ankles didn’t hurt at all and you could hang forever. We both use this daily and love it! It’s easy to adjust and works so smooth. We can hang completely upside down or just take it easy in between. My boyfriends back pain has gone away so much. Whenever I sit too long or have long days on my feet and my low back hurts, I hope on for a couple mins and feel great after. It’s even helped us sleep. Couldn’t be more pleased!!! Read more

    2. Linda S.

      This inversion table is awesome. I have spinal stenosis and arthritis at L4 L5 and had resorted to taking pain relievers such as naproxen, ibuprofen and even steroids in order to be able to function. I was terribly worried about what these drugs would do to me long-term and I had seen a chiropractor without relief. I had reached a point where I couldn’t stand for prolonged periods, and couldn’t walk any distance without first medicating with anti-inflammatory drugs.I was really skeptical about how much the inversion table would help my back problems and so I was doubly impressed when, after only two weeks of use, my back and nerve pain was relieved. At first I had momentary nerve pain when returning to the upright position but I continued to use it for 5 minutes twice a day and felt nearly immediate results. After three weeks of use, I find that I don’t even need to go on it daily to be pain-free. The air-cushioned ankle pads are completely comfortable. It seemed to me from reviews that one of the biggest problems people experienced related to ankle pain with other tables. These air-cushioned ankle pads eliminate that problem completely and are well worth the minimal extra cost. I hope others benefit from my review and order this specific table as it exceeded my expectations! It is so nice to have a product actually live up to it’s claims. PS-It was easy to assemble too. Read more

    3. Scott C

      I had previously purchased a much cheaper inversion table because I wasn’t convinced that inversion therapy would work and I did not want to sink a lot of money. I learned two things from that purchase: Inversion therapy really does work (for my particular back issues, it may not for yours) and you get what you pay for. The poor construction of the first table didn’t last a year before it was broken and needed to be replaced. One of the main issues with the cheap table was the poor design of the ankle support. It HURT my ankles to be inverted but it helped my back so much I was willing to endure it. The Exerputic definitely remedied that issue. The Air Soft supports are amazing. I experienced some knee pain with the first table and just assumed it was from being inverted. Again, I was willing to live with it because of how much inversion helps my back. Turns out, it was the cheap ankle support system was causing the knee pain. I don’t have any with the Exerputic and the Air Soft ankle support. It was easy to assemble and is a sturdy piece of equipment. There was one small issue with the pre-drilled holes in the bar for the ankle support but it was easily remedied. I can’t see any reason to spend more on an inversion table than the Exerputic 225SL costs. It is sturdy, comfortable and can accommodate a big person. I am 6’3″ and it could easily fit someone three inches taller. Overall, a good purchase. Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      Whether this works or not remains to be seen; however, I would have appreciated knowing that while the table does fold up (which was an important selling feature for me) it doesn’t fold up easily and it wont fold up in a way that makes it easy to store. It is heavy, which also makes finding it up difficult. It is large and takes up a tremendous amount of space. If your plan (it was ours) is to fold this up in between uses, that plan isnt feasible given the aforementioned issues. Read more

    5. Roland Brown

      I did a side by side comparison of this machine with the Teeter 960. The Teeter is 28″ wide and the 225SL is 25″ wide. I found the Exerpeutic Sure Lock to be much more comfortable on the ankles than the Teeter 960 locking system. The Teeter 960 allows you to go beyond 180 degrees if you don’t use the strap but it is kind of difficult to get back up after going beyond 180. Exerpeutic could easily allow the user to go to 180 by moving the front support bar down lower. I like the Experpeutic over the Teeter 960. If Exerpeutic would lower the front bar enough to allow a full 180 inversion and use the air locking system both above the ankles and below the ankles the Exerpeutic would really be amazing. I have the Teeter massage mattress on my Exerpeutic and it really gives an amazing massage. My back and neck pain has almost disappeared. I broke my back 2 years ago. My back pain started getting worse in the last several months so I thought I would try an inversion machine to see if I could help my back heal. It seems to be making a huge difference. I do 2 10 minute sessions every day. Machine is very well built. I feel no instability while inverting. If Exerpeutic would make a air lock pad for the back of the ankle and offer it as an upgrade I would purchase it. Read more

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