Field sport pink and green reflex sight with four reticles

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  • ensure this fits by using coming into your version wide variety.
  • super choice for rapid-firing and transferring objectives
  • light weight waterproof and shockproof capabilities beautify your overall performance in all weather conditions
  • four reticle patterns provide unlimited eye-alleviation and corrected parallax
  • allen head screw type windage and elevation click adjustments with locking screw
  • integrated picatinny mount base for easy sight remounting. With the aid of adjusting distances and recognition as well as the brightness of lighting we are able to get clear reticle.

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field game pink and green reflex sight with 4 reticles


rd-d002rg-dove is a area of view goal reflex sight with a twin red and inexperienced reticle. It has a mil spec 1913 picatinny mounting gadget. This cqb reflex sight has four reticles with twin red/inexperienced and six (3 crimson 3 green) degrees of brightness. Constructed of high quality aircraft grade aluminum creation, it’s far surprise proof, fog proof, and water evidence. Tubeless design. Goal (mm)-24×34. Limitless eye relief. Multi-coated lens. Black finish. Windage & elevation changes.

product description:

– t6 6061 aircraft aluminum frame.

– open subject of view crimson dot sight.

– 4 reticle adjustable tactical holo sight with purple/ green reticles.

– dual brightness control.

– three/8 dovetail mount for crossbows and air weapons.

– weight-four. 2 ounces.

– period-three. 25 inch.

– cr2032 lithum battery.

– 1x magnification.

greater pictures:

product description

t6 6061 aircraft aluminum body open area of view pink dot sight 4 reticle adjustable tactical holo sight with purple/ green reticles dual brightness manage picatinny rail mounting system weight-4. 2oz length-three. 25″ cr2032 lithum battery 1x magnification evaluate rd-d0023g is a subject of view goal reflex sight with a twin pink and green reticle. It has a mil spec 1913 picatinny mounting device. This cqb reflex sight has four reticles with twin red/green and six (3 red three green) stages of brightness. Built of high first-class plane grade aluminum production, it is surprise proof, fog evidence, and water proof. Tubeless layout. 1x magnification. Goal (mm)-24×34. Unlimited eye comfort. Multi-covered lens. Black end. Windage & elevation modifications. Thermoplastic lens cover included. Guarantee all fsi optics bring a one hundred% pride assure towards manufacturer’s illness in unique materials and workmanship. In case your fsi optic indicates proof of such defects, fsi will restoration, restore, or update your scope on the most cost powerful manner feasible. Fsi does now not warranty merchandise or damages induced to our products on account of improper set up or incorrect set up of other producers’ merchandise. Make certain to maintain your sales price ticket or receipt as evidence of purchase date whilst making a declare.

3 reviews for Field sport pink and green reflex sight with four reticles

  1. JRB

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. let me start off by letting customers know hat I am a school trained gunsmith. I went to the Trinidad School of gunsmithing and have 20 plus years of experience. I specialize in custom built bolt actions and AR-15 platform rifles. I guarantee all my rifles to shoot 4-5 shot groups into a 1/2″ or better. I have had a lot of experience over the years with different sights, scopes and optics. I can truly say, that for the price, this Reflex sight cant be beat!! I’m not saying that there aren’t gonna be some lemons out there because NO manufacturer is perfect. However, I believe there are a LOT of unfair negative reviews about this product and similar ones. I recently purchased 4 of these type sights from 4 different sellers, 3 of which I purchased from Amazon. I was able to try 3 of these out this past weekend. I tried them on the Beretta Neos .22 pistol and an AR-15 5.56. They ALL performed flawlessly! There were 4 people shooting and they all had the same wonderful experience! 2 of the shooters claimed that the reticles were blurry/fuzzy and the other 2 said they were clear and crisp. The 2 shooters who saw fuzzy reticles had astigmatisms and I believe this may be the biggest problem with people who claim they see blurriness. I’m not saying this is everyone’s problem BUT it should definitely be considered. A person can have 20/20 vision but still have an astigmatism. Even the slightest of one can cause fuzziness or give the reticle a double image. When sighting in these optics its sometimes hard to feel the “clicks” when making adjustments. To help overcome this, you can screw the windage and elevation screws in and out over and over again and you will start feeling the clicks a little better and a little better. Also, start your sight-in session at a close distance, say 15-20 yards cause I found that all 3 optic brands were pretty far off, even at these distances. When you make a windage or elevation adjustment make sure to loosen the lock screw first. Then make adjustments. THEN TIGHTEN THE LOCK SCREW BEFORE YOU SHOOT!! NEVER make an adjustment then shoot! ALWAYS tighten the lock screw before shooting or it WILL NOT hold zero!! AND make sure the windage and elevation screws are on a click if they aren’t and you tighten the lock screw it will NOT hold zero! No, I haven’t shot thousands of rounds through it and I have only shot this batch of optics on .22 pistols and an AR-15 5.56. So, I can’t say how they will do on other calibers or how many rounds they will hold up to but we were able to shoot sub moa 4-5 shot groups at 75 yards with the AR-15 off sandbags and sub 3.5″ 8-10 shot groups with the pistols at 50 yards from sandbags as well. Last, but certainly not least, REMEMBER, you only paid $25 for it! And if you are a Prime Member and you have problems with it you can send it back for FREE! I have NOT been compensated in any way, shape, form or fashion in ANY way for my review! I paid FULL price and believe that this optic can’t be beat for anywhere close to this price! UPDATE: I used this sight on May 20th and 21st. When I was done shooting with it I left it mounted to the firearm and put the firearm back in it’s hard case. Well, this afternoon I had someone who wanted to see it so I got the gun case out and I had, apparently, forgotten to turn the sight off when I shot with it last weekend. To my surprise, it was still on and was still set on the brightest red setting! It was shining just as bright as it was when I first put the battery in! The funny thing was that the person that I was about to show it to had JUST asked me how long the batteries would last and I told him that I wasn’t sure about that!! I guess that helped answer that question!! Priceless!! Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Mounted on Smith&Wesson Victory 22lr. Review is written from my experience of shooting with this sight at 15-20 yards. Mounting: Standard Weaver style mount. Holds well on Victory’s rail. Dot: Using only the “dot” reticle, others do not look useful for target shooting. Dot is relatively thick, but usable. At 20 yards, dot looks to cover about 3/4 of an inch on the target. Lowest setting still creates a pretty bright dot. Paralax is definitely there, the dot will move on the target if you move your head too much. I do not have expensive reflex sights, so I cannot compare how good/bad the paralax is, but it is definitely there. For my purposes, I can deal with it. Just keep the dot somewhere near the center of the sight’s glass and you should be ok. Dot for the most part is pretty crisp and round. Please note, you need to focus on the TARGET, not the dot in order to have it clear and in focus. This is opposite from standard aiming where you focus on the front post, with the target being blurry. If you try to focus on the dot it will blurr out. Zero: Zeroing in, was pretty easy. First shot was at 10 ft, sight was way off. Adjusted, shot a few more shots, got it to the center. Moved target to 20 feet, shots were going high for that distance, re-adjusted. Moved target to 30 feet. Fine adjustments from there. Currently sight is adjusted for 45-60 feet. Point of impact is dead on on the point of aim. LOG: 325 rounds (Federal AutoMatch) Kept its zero. Functions properly, did not loosen up. + 500 rounds (Winchester M22) Kept its zero. Functions properly. Read more

  3. fgr33n

    This has more positive reviews than negative, so for the low price, I took a chance. No joy. The one I received had two dimmer “ghost” reticles slightly offset from the main reticle. Due to the ghosting, the 3 MOA dot (if that’s what it is supposed to be) was more like 8+ MOA, even on the lowest brightness setting indoors. Bottom line: the sight I received is too blurry and imprecise to use. But hey, maybe you are luckier than me and will get a good one. Above is my original review: Yikes! It’s my eyes that are blurry– not the sight. I was ready to send this sight back, but held it up for a last look with my glasses, and the dot looked much clearer. I also got my wife (who has better eyes) to look, and she said it was clear for her. The bottom lines is that I have an astigmatism that is not corrected by my contacts, but is by my glasses. So for me it wasn’t the sight, but my eyes that are blurry– same as looking at stoplights at night. So if you have a astigmatism, I recommend you get someone else to check your sight– or rethink using a red dot. I bumped this from one to four stars. The reason not five is that the dot is dim and a little hard to see in sunlight. But still very good for the price. Read more

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