Fitness fact 2000 exceptional max xl excessive ability no hole weight bench with removable leg lock-down

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  • ensure this fits with the aid of entering your version wide variety.
  • 850 lbs. Weight ability. 2″ x three” metallic body creation. Unbiased backrest and seat perspective changes. User peak up to 6’4″. 18. Three” bench peak while in flat function
  • easy 7 level adjustable backrest from -15 diploma to +eighty five diploma angles. Detachable leg lock-down with four foam rollers (4 inch diameter) to aid take a seat united states of americaand decline bench presses
  • patent pending seat layout eliminates the space among the backrest and seat at all angles and at any role. The bench seat has three attitude adjustments (0 diploma, eight diploma and 15 diploma degrees)
  • 2″ thick foam seat and backrest preserve you relaxed throughout your exercising sessions. 37″ prolonged backrest help. 2 backrest width alternatives to be had for the duration of meeting
  • over 20 exercising exercises consisting of bench presses, should presses, dumbbell curls, sit-usacrunches, dips and greater. May be folded for storage. Folded dimensions: fifty three. 5″ l x 24″ w x 10. Eight” h
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850 kilos weight potential

850 lbs. Weight capability. 2″ x 3″ metal body production. Impartial backrest and seat angle modifications. Consumer top up to six’4″. 37″ prolonged backrest guide.

no gap seat

the seat design eliminates the distance between the backrest and seat in any respect angles and at any function. The bench seat has three attitude adjustments (zero diploma, 8 degree and 15 degree stages). 2″ thick foam seat and backrest keep you at ease for the duration of your exercising sessions.

adjustable backrest and foam rollers

smooth 7 level adjustable backrest from -15 degree to +eighty five degree angles. Removable leg lock-down with 4 foam rollers (4 inch diameter) to aid sit down usaand decline bench presses.

folds for easy storage

over 20 exercise exercises inclusive of bench presses, should presses, dumbbell curls, sit-u. S. Crunches, dips and more. May be folded for garage. Folded dimensions: 53. 5″ l x 24″ w x 10. Eight” h



4 reviews for Fitness fact 2000 exceptional max xl excessive ability no hole weight bench with removable leg lock-down

  1. Radomir Kuznetsov

    Bought this bench 6 months ago and used it several days a week just by myself. The main reason I chose it was the leg-lockdown attachment because I do a lot of sit ups . It is inserted into a harness which was welded to the main frame. Couple weeks ago, it started getting loose and finally just broke off. Seems to be really bad design and welding work. It came with 1 year warranty and I’ve tried all means of communication to get the replacement part (on line form, e-mails, phone calls/messages). I get an automatic reply with promise that I will be contacted within 2-3 business days, and that’s it – silence. Very frustrating. So… My advice, just stay away from these guys. Update: Company representative finally contacted me directly via E-mail and over the phone. He arranged shipment of the entire brand new unit to my house for next day deliver and directed me on how to schedule a pick up of the broken one. He followed up on this until I was satisfied. I am happy now. Read more

  2. Jay C

    PROS: UPDATE: The company responded to my inquiry and offered to send me an entire new bench! This was very kind but unnecessary. I asked them if they could simply replace the seat and supply the missing part and they did so very quickly. Customer service by email is preferred and takes a day or two, but they were responsive and all has been resolved. Still glad I bought this. BUILD QUALITY: Very good. It is a very sturdy piece of equipment which is similar in quality to professional gym equipment. DESIGN: Smart and well thought out. Adjustments are easily and quickly made. Some nice features are: A) The back can be flipped so as to provide a wider back support for larger persons. B) Wheels to make it easy to move–this is important because this bench is pretty heavy. Although the wheels could be a little larger–it does drag a little when moving across carpet C) Folds easily for storage D) Leg lock attachment super simple to remove and reattach as needed CONS: MISSING PART: Bench was delivered with one, minor missing part. Specifically, it was missing a small plastic cover for the ankle pad bar. At the same time, 3 caps (only two are needed) for the upper leg pads were provided. Perhaps there was a new guy on duty the day they packed it all up? SEAT ADJUSTMENT BRACKET NON-FUNCTIOING: The bracket on the underside of the seat which allows the seat to be adjusted forward and backward was attached in such a way as to prevent the pin from being removed. In essence, it was hopelessly jammed. It took me a while to remove the bracket and reattach it correctly so that the seat would slide to and fro. Still, it is a little tricky because the bracket and the pin don’t quite line up. It’s workable, but it is certainly a bit irritating to have the item not work and be forced to repair the assembly work done by the manufacturer. It also seems like a design flaw because the bracket must be in just the right place so that the holes for the pin line up. However, there is no way to assure this adjustment–it’s trial and error. It must be eyeballed, tightened and then hope that it works. The bench arrives mostly assembled so it’s clear to me that this item was not tested prior to packing and shipping to assure that it would function as designed. That shouldn’t happen. Always best to check before the product heads out the door to make sure it works. STYROFOAM EVERYWHERE: Minor Complaint: Bench was packed in a good amount of styrofoam. Problem was, several pieces of the styrofoam were broken in half and jammed into the box as if to make them fit better. Of course, the result was hundreds of tiny balls of styrofoam all over the box and now all over my house. Nothing a vacuum won’t fix but seriously, that seemed rather haphazard and a tiny bit inconsiderate of one’s customers. I think we’re all used to having to clean up a little bit of packing materials. But this was a bit much, it was like a styrofoam explosion. CUSTOMER SERVICE: There is a customer service phone number clearly displayed on the product as well as a website address in the manual. However, when I went to the website I could not locate my item so that I could order the missing part. I called the toll free number and the voice menu directed me to email the company for replacement parts. I’ll be doing that next. OTHER: Overall this seems like a very solid piece of equipment. It’s only just arrived so I can’t speak to long term use…etc. However, the build quality is such that I don’t anticipate any problems at all. Had the item been in working condition and with all parts accounted for I would have given this a 5 star review. Lastly, I purchased this item just a few days ago and since that time the price has increased by $30. Had I initially seen a $199 price I don’t know that I would have purchased it. That price point would have caused me to look elsewhere. Then again, it could well be worth every penny. Just my opinion. Read more

  3. sliderhouserules

    I bought this bench because I wanted a slightly better bench than the best-selling Fitness Reality 1000 or whatever it is. The no-gap feature with the seat was the major selling point. But this bench has too many cons and I wish I hadn’t bought it. Pros: – Seat is adjustable front to back to eliminate any gap between it and the backrest no matter what angle you have it at. – Very sturdy – Has all the desired incline angles (0, 30, 45, 60, 85) and they’re very clearly labeled Cons: – Adjusting the seat gap requires pulling out a long pin, sliding the seat, and then reinserting the pin; but getting the pin to go back into the holes on the far side is very annoyingly difficult without getting down on my hands and knees and looking under the bench to see where the stupid hole is; patent pending my arse – The bench upright is just too long; I am 6’3″ and the back of the bench still extends 6″ or so above my head in the most upright position while seated; this means I cannot do seated barbell military presses because I can’t rock my head back on the ascent, nor can I do seated triceps extensions above/behind my head because the upright is too tall and just gets in the way – While this bench is sturdy and can hold a lot of weight, it’s simply too skinny width-wise; I even did the optional spin-the-upright-180-degrees thing so the wide end is at the head of the bench; but doing bench presses I find the support very lacking and feel like I’m going to roll off the bench if I’m not careful – To move the bench around you can only grab it from the seat end as grabbing it from the head end or the middle just inclines the bench and doesn’t lift it off the ground; **this is a design feature of many benches and I should have thought of this before I bought it**, but I still find myself trying to lift it from the head end all the time to move it but can’t – The head end has wheels to help you move it around, but you have to lift the seat end off the floor like 3 feet to engage the wheels; the wheels should have been placed/designed to be closer to the floor so you barely have to lift the seat end to engage the wheels As it is I am shopping for a different bench that 1) has a shorter upright so I can do military presses and triceps extensions while seated, 2) that locks the upright into position at whatever incline angle you set it at, and 3) is easier to move around. I’ll trade the no-gap feature for the above three desirables no problem. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    The styrofoam packaging was completely destroyed taking me hours to clean up all the foam pieces. Product received missing all the end cap pieces of the leg attachments. I was content with the first 2 complaints but, lastly which was discovered after I’ve thrown out the box was the upper end of this the bench seat is torn. Wasn’t noticeable from the surface and only saw it when I had the seat almost vertical and the vinyl stretched exposing the tear. This is likely due to the shipping handling and poor interior packaging. Update: Found the front of the seat is also starting to for a very small tear at the stitching. I don’t see the covering lasting very long at all. The frame is the only good part of this bench. Read more

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