Fitness reality multi-characteristic, adjustable electricity rack squat stand with j-hooks, landmine, and weight garage attachment (2809)

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  • ensure this fits via coming into your model variety.
  • electricity rack has a heavy duty 2×2 inch square metal tubing with 1-inch holes
  • adjustable bench has a completely unique triangular structure that supports customers up to six’4” and a weight potential of 800 lbs
  • weight plates barbell and bands now not blanketed
  • covered components: energy cage, tools manual,
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from the manufacturer

800 lbs weight potential + 19 adjustable height levels

800 lbs frame weight potential with 19 adjustable peak tiers. Heavy-responsibility 2×2 inch rectangular steel, 2. 75-inch deep j-hooks, and 19. Five-inch lengthy spotter arms with automatically fixed rubber pads to shield barbell knurling.

landmine attachment well suited with popular and olympic barbells, can be adjustably area are exclusive location at the frame

allows you to with no trouble keep your weight bar or plates and modify the position in seconds

clean to add or do away with resistance bands to growth range and flexibility of your workouts

pull up bar has 2 most peak adjustment options, 78 inches or 81 inches. Rack is good for squats, shrugs, chin u. S. Pull ups, incline/decline bench presses and other strength training sports


Cage and No Gap Bench Combo, Rack Bench Combo, Stand Alone Rack

8 reviews for Fitness reality multi-characteristic, adjustable electricity rack squat stand with j-hooks, landmine, and weight garage attachment (2809)

  1. Anthony

    Assembly was not difficult. (The provided wrenches are flimsy and not quite the right fit – you’ll definitely want to use your toolset on this one). So far the big thing I dont like are the safety catches (spotter arms). They are angled back so the weight will roll back/down to the frame which is awkward for bench press. The depiction online shows them as level. If you’re ok with that, it appears to be a decent value given the price. Update: tried contacting the vendor about the discrepancy of the spotter arms in the picture and the actual product. They initially responded but then after I sent them pictures they are blowing me off and no longer replying. Read more

  2. B.M.

    Been using my squat rack for several weeks and has been great! Due to the pandemic many of us are trying to create a home gym and highly recommend this one. Can even due landmine press on it and floor press for chest. Pretty solid for a home gym, highly recommend! Read more

  3. Alyssa da Queen

    To all the little weenie boys who said, “oh, the spotters are angled back a little”😭😢. You crybaby cheapskates, then spend $400+ for something else. This rack is the BOMB!!!💣 Took about 20 min to put together and yes the arms are titled up slightly but they still save your face from a crashing barbell. I love it, my hubby even use’s it too. The best part is being able to work out without him spotting me because of those super strong spotter arms. And it is very sturdy, praise the Good Lord for this Rack. Read more

  4. Anthony

    Really wanted to like this rack. It offers a lot but the spotter arms are flawed. In the stock photos arms are straight but what was received are angled arms. A big reason I purchased this rack was for the spotter arms. Having the barbell roll away from you is not ideal. I’ve reached our to fitness reality but have not heard back. Read more

  5. mlh758

    I have rarely encountered a product that was so well packaged or easy to assemble. Components were boxed in logical groups and it only took a few minutes with a pocket knife to get everything unwrapped. The instructions were clear and had sufficient pictures. Each step had an assembly image (where bolts go with arrows) and a “what this stage looks like when you’re done” picture. The bolts came grouped by step number so it was a breeze to figure out what went where. The tools they provide would be enough to do the assembly in a pinch but if you have a metric socket set your life will be a lot easier. Everything is one size, pretty sure it was 16mm. I really can’t express how happy I am with assembly on this. Once assembled it seemed sturdy moving 225lbs around on it for presses and squats. I don’t lift a whole lot more than that because I’m a scrawny nerd but I’d be confident it can hold what it claims to. The bar supports and safety bars slide into place with ease and feel very sturdy. I wish the holes in the frame were numbered but that’s nothing a marker can’t fix. The weight pins could be a bit longer to hold more plates but I’m just being greedy on this one. There’s a thick pin that goes through the holes on the vertical pillars that holds it in place before you bolt it down. I wish it was maybe 5-10mm longer to sit more securely while you bolt it down. The landmine attachment can be put on either side but it really works better on the right side (if you’re facing the rack) since the little tension not sticks out towards the base otherwise. I don’t think that really needs to be in place though, I don’t try to yank the bar out of the attachment when I’m using it. Read more

  6. fate exceeds

    I was pleasantly surprised at how great this is. It arrived well-packaged with no damage, and the instructions were very easy to follow. I was able to assemble it less than an hour with minimal assistance from one of my kids to hold the vertical posts while I fitted the bolts (much of the time was carefully unpacking the pieces and carrying them from the garage to the basement). The pull-up bar is great. I put it at the lower setting (78”), and there is enough clearance to easily do pull-ups and chin-ups even in my low ceiling basement. The rack seems very sturdy, with no wobble when doing pull-ups or racking the bar with moderate weight (<300 lbs). My only complaint, which is very minor, is that the j hooks rotate in a bit when racking the bar. Otherwise, this thing is nearly perfect and exactly what I needed. Read more

  7. Ziyue Wang

    CONS: The slanted bars do make my barbell roll after rack pulls. I personally don’t care though, it’s a slight roll that doesn’t make me fear for safety. The pull up bar is very thick and slippery, but easy fix after I put some tennis grip on it. The J hooks on the back do occupy the lowest spot, so it isn’t actually possible to put your safety racks on the lowest setting. PROS: So many! I purchased this product because I watched the promo video on this page and was impressed with how much you can get out of it. I’ve benched, squatted, rack pulled, used the pullup bar, and was most excited about the landmine attachment. T bar rows worked great. Truly, this thing has given me all the functionality I’d get in an expensive gym elsewhere. Landmine works great, and the whole thing is rock solid. Was easy to assemble (did take over an hour with the tools provided) and gets me everything I wanted. Landmine attachment was what pushed me over the edge on this one, and it has been worth it! Read more

  8. Steven

    I dont think you can get a better half rack deal than this, especially right now, was very lucky they had in stock when I got it, sold out right after. Product quality, great. My only slight comment, which didn’t even knock off a star, would be wish it was 6″ taller. I’m 6′ even, and for pullups, have to hang/bend legs. I wish was a bit taller so I could do with body straight. Read more

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