Fitness reality x-class mild business excessive capacity olympic strength cage

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  • ensure this suits by way of getting into your version variety.
  • 1500 lbs of actual weight ability with 2″ x three” tubular steel body production. Restricted lifetime guarantee
  • adjustable 2″x 20″ excessive density rubber grip dip handles with user weight capacity of 600 lbs
  • 11. 5″ protection bars and 35. 5″ twin hooked up safety bars with every set mixed weight ability of 1500 lbs. Like minded with 7′ olympic bars. Protection bars for racking weight bars without a wobbling
  • 2 top role adjustable multi-grip chin up/pull up bars with a weight capacity of 600 lbs
  • included olympic lat pull down and occasional row cable attachment for strengthening the higher returned, shoulders and fingers
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fitness truth x-magnificence olympic strength cage with lat pull down attachment

health reality. Actual humans. Actual results. The health reality x-elegance olympic energy cage can take care of up to 1500 lbs of significant weight capability. Over 24 sports may be executed and the heavy duty tubular steel frame creation will provide electricity and durability though many exercises. There may be masses of space in the cage for extensive stance squats and a further spotter for safety. The multi- grip pull up bars provide a couple of hand positions to decorate again, shoulder and arm muscle groups. Similarly, the fitness fact x-magnificence lat pull down and coffee row cable attachment is a notable add-on for building your higher again, shoulders and hands muscle mass. So get the energy exercising you want with the health truth x-class olympic electricity cage with lat pull down and coffee row cable attachment.

86. Five l x 52 w x 86 h inches ; 301 kilos.

this object ships in 4 boxes, and might arrive one at a time.

  • 1500 pounds real weight capacity
  • lat pull down and coffee row cable attachment
  • forty four inch lat bar/ 20 inch low row bar
  • multi-grip chin up/pull up bars
  • two adjustable dip handles
  • two eleven. 5 inch protection bars
  • an advantage pair of j-hooks
  • assembly required
  • key capabilities

    real human beings. Real results.

    1500 kilos of actual weight capability. 2 inch x three inch tubular metallic body construction.

    lat pull down attachment has 360 lbs of actual weight plate capacity with sasy glide 2” x 2” chrome plated attachment publish.

    blanketed one 44 inch lat bar and one 20” low row bar with textured excessive density foam rubber hand grips.

    2 peak function adjustable multi-grip chin up/pull up bars with a weight potential of 600 pounds.

    two adjustable 2″ x 20″ excessive density rubber grip dip handles with consumer weight capability of 600 pounds.

    eleven. 5 inch safety bars with blended weight capacity of 1500 pounds and 25 adjustable top tiers. An advantage pair of j-hooks blanketed. Safety bars are like minded with 7 feet olympic bars.

    extend the strength cage via adding the non-obligatory fitness reality software bench (sold one after the other).

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    With Lat Pull-Down Attachment, Without Lat Pull-Down Attachment

    3 reviews for Fitness reality x-class mild business excessive capacity olympic strength cage

    1. Evan

      Much is made about how easy this is to put together, and the parts are indeed nicely organized, but that shouldn’t be a major consideration when buying a power rack. It’s not like other racks are a puzzle. They’re all pretty simple. Major considerations should be the usability, availability of accessories, and after-sales product support. There are NO available accessories for this. None. And because of the somewhat unusual dimensions of its upright bars (3″x2″), even finding plate holders or j-hooks can be frustrating, and it’s seemingly impossible to find anything else. That is a pretty major issue, and where I personally started to regret being cheap and buying this. I should’ve known better, frankly, than to buy a power rack from Amazon, but the price was enticing, and now I’m stuck with it. Live and learn. Not only are no accessories or add-ons available, it doesn’t even come with leg hold-downs for use with the Lat pull-down! And that’s just bizarre, because their cheaper model includes them (because they’re fairly necessary!). But this one? Can’t even buy them, which renders the entire pull-down system almost useless if you plan on using anything but light weights. And I deducted another star for Fitness Reality’s total lack of customer support. I had an issue with one of the pull-down cables, and went to their site and filled out a form with all the necessary information, even hunting down the required serial number. They not only never sent a replacement part, they never even acknowledged having received the form. No email, nothing. The form just went into a black hole, wasted my time, and I still have a defective cable, whose rubber sheathing has separated. And I’ve read similar reports of their support being simply non-existent. I should also note that the rubber is already coming off one of the safety bars, and I can already tell that’s going to become a hassle to get fixed. Add to this the fact that the safety bars are an ENORMOUS pain in the neck to adjust (which is something you’ll need to wrestle with quite frequently), and that deserves another subtraction of a star. It’s just a frustratingly poor design, and you’ll see that many other people are frustrated by this as well. It’s really one of the few pieces that needs to be adjusted frequently, and it’s a headache each and every time. So, while this has lots of five star reviews, many of which seem written by people who just put it together, I would suggest paying close attention to your long-term needs from a power rack. If you think you might EVER want to expand upon your rack’s capabilities, or think you may ever need to contact support for any reason, the relatively cheap price tag of this one may end up costing you more in the long run. This isn’t something one can simply box back up and return, so choose carefully, and if you can afford to spend a little more and buy from a more reputable company, I would suggest doing so. Sometimes things are cheap for a reason. Read more

    2. Michael G.

      This cage is amazing. I absolutely love (almost) everything about it. Lets start at the top. I ordered it with the lat attachment. This was one of the main reasons I chose this cage over the many many other offerings. Because of the lat attachment it shipped in 4 boxes. 2 for the main cage, 2 for the lat attachment. 3 of the boxes came well ahead of the scheduled date. Everything appeared well packaged but one box was somewhat damaged and one of the four corner posts had fallen out and was all scuffed up. This appeared, to me, to be the fault of the shipping company. Nothing was damaged severely enough however that I felt it warranted some kind of action. Luckily 2 of the boxes contained the main cage. Assembly with my wife was an absolute breeze. It probably took longer to unpackage, organize the parts, and throw away the shipping materials than it did to assemble the cage. The instructions were so well written and so clear that it took less than two hours after unpackaging to assemble it. I cannot say enough for the instructions. You get so used to poorly written and drawn instructions with products like this where you try your best but ultimately have to backtrack and disassemble because something was unclear. I was expecting a disaster in that department but got the exact opposite. After it was assembled this thing was rock solid. No sway, no wobbling, no squeaking. You get the sense of absolute safety a cage like this is intended for. I really love the 11.5 inch extended safety bars as this allows you a greater degree of maneuverability in the bench you put in the cage. Sometimes with just J hooks you have to push a bench way too far in the cage to get in proper position but this is not a problem with the safety bars. The J hooks that are included however are super well built and I find them very useful for squats. One thing I noticed in some reviews were people saying the pull-up bar was too close to the ground. While this may be true ( I am 6′ tall and can grab them flat footed) I am not certain I understand the complaint. I have these neat bendy things in the middle of my legs called knees which allow me to keep my feet from touching the floor… After a few more days the second box for the lat attachment came and I was able to assemble it. Again, perfect instructions. I have never seen a good set of instructions on running pulley cables until now. Super simple assembly took less that an hour and a half by myself. Now, I will say although the deciding factor for this cage was the lat attachment, I typically HATE home gym lat attachments. That feeling of friction that feels like it is going to tear your muscles apart, not build them up, has always been super uncomfortable. Upon finishing assembly and placing weight on it, I was initially horrified. Tons of friction and hard to pull. The instructions however recommended putting some of the included silicone oil on the bar. After doing this, the lat attachment was absolutely awesome. Can’t tell the difference in this versus a commercial gym pulley. Having the high and low pulley too is just awesome. The only thing I do not like about this cage is that it is somewhat difficult to fit the 35.5″ safety bars into the rack. The holes themselves are numbered and perfectly spaced but aligning the bars with them can be tricky. I have found that looking through the hole from the inside and lining it up to be the easiest way to accomplish placing them quickly. Not even close to consideration for the loss of a star though. All in all, I find this cage to be extremely awesome and I have seen incredible gains in all my lifts that typically require use of a spotter because I can now workout by myself and push my weight knowing that if I fail to complete that last rep, this cage has my back. I know that when people are buying a cage they put blinders on and only consider Rogue vs Titan but I implore to consider brands outside of that box and go with Fitness Reality. Edit 2/23/2019: I just wanted to post an update for this purchase 13 months after the fact to let people know how it holds up in the long run. Both my wife and I have utilized this rack roughly 4 times a week for 13 months. So 8 times a week total x 13 months = roughly 416 uses. The cage has held up and is going strong. I’ve checked the bolts twice on it to make sure they weren’t coming loose and both times they were snug and barely needed tightening. My wife has seen great gains in her weightlifting and I have personally added 100 lbs to my bench press and over 100 to my squat within the safety provided by the cage. My deadlift has also gone up nearly 150 lbs as I’ve incorporated deficit deadlifts (outside the cage) and rack pulls inside. A year+ on and I still have this pegged as a five star must buy for anyone looking to increase their weightlifting power in the comfort of their own personal space. Read more

    3. North to the Future

      I am extremely happy with this power cage. I was limited in my options of what would ship to Alaska, but I have bought a Fitness Reality bench and weight tree, and both were solid, easy to assemble, and came well packaged so I didn’t hesitate too much about buying something else in that line. This power cage was no different. I was a little worried as it is a lot of weight to have to try and send back if it was garbage, and up here it’s a little more difficult, so it can be a bit of a risk. It came in 4 boxes since I got the lat pull down attachment and all withstood the abuse of UPS from SC all the way to Fairbanks. The main boxes were 130 and 150lbs or somewhere near, and they were still intact even though they had obviously taken some abuse. All the components were neatly packed, nothing was loose, nothing was scratched, nothing to complain about. Assembly was super easy by myself with a pair of socket wrenches and only took a little over an hour. I’m still getting my true garage gym set up (still need to fit my wife’s car inside when it’s -30), but wanted this up as soon as I got it. It will take any abuse I can dish out, will hold up well for a long time, and I can tell it’s not cheap components that just look pretty. I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve bought from them. I have no regrets. You won’t either. Read more

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