Forefront endeavor ed iv 8×42 binocular, top class hoya ed glass, sk-15 prisms, water-proof/fogproof

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  • make certain this suits
  • by getting into your version range.
  • sk-15 prisms allow for shiny element and lovely photograph excellent and top rate hoya ed glass affords a real shade viewing experience
  • new ergonomic open-bridge layout guarantees easy grip in all weather and advanced multi guard coatings offer great light transmission
  • relocated center locking diopter for easy adjustment with soft grip center focusing wheel & three stage twist eye cups for secure viewing
  • robust & lightweight magnesium housing is engineered for closing protection & overall performance and nitrogen purged & o-ring sealed to provide 100% fog evidence & waterproof safety
  • magnification: 8x, objective lens diameter: 42mm, discipline of view: 377 toes. /1000 yards, view angle: 6. 5 stages, near recognition: five. 9 feet, eye alleviation: 19 mm, weight: 27. 7 ounces
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  • is it made in china? What about eye relief?
  • is it made in china? What about eye comfort?

  • is that this assembled in china? Leading edge is chinese language agency?
  • is that this assembled in china? Vanguard is chinese organization?

  • each person realize how these examine to the endeavor edll for $one hundred greater, worth it?
  • i’ve not dealt with both, but from the web that is what i will tell:
    -diopter setting has been moved to the center (at the hinge) on the iv while at the ii the diopter putting is on the right eyepiece (less expensive layout.)
    -the iv has prisms made from sk15 glass vs bak4 at the ii (an improve due to better refractive index of sk15 over bak4, though bak4 has slightly higher dispersion numbers)
    -it sounds just like the iv has exclusive lens coatings. I base this off vanguard’s description: “advanced multiguard® coatings for progressed light transmission” it’s as much as you if this is worth it. I am guessing no. On the similarity side:
    -both have the identical discipline of view, 340′ at 1000 yds (6. 5*)
    -each use hoya ed glass
    -each are magnesium alloy
    -each weigh approximately the identical (seemingly the iv is a half ounce heavier (16g.)
    -each have at least a 25 year assurance (at the ii they said lifetime, they have began to use 25 years as of the iv.)
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    8×42, 10×42

    8 reviews for Forefront endeavor ed iv 8×42 binocular, top class hoya ed glass, sk-15 prisms, water-proof/fogproof

    1. Kirke S. Curtis

      I got these as a Christmas present to myself and I am not just satisfied with them, I’m thrilled. The clarity of the image, the lack of any distortion, the solid feel in the hand, the performance in low light – they’re just great. Yes, there is a tiny bit of image shaking compared to 8X42 if you’re holding in your hands, but I only ever really notice it when I’m using them for astronomical viewing, and even then, it’s not bad (and, if I really was bothered by it, I could just mount them on a tripod). Definitely doesn’t get in the way during bird watching. My only tiny gripe is that the case is pretty snug – seems like I have to jam the strap in there whenever I put the binocs back. The case itself (and the strap) are high quality. I did a lot of research on the optics and to do any better, I would have had to spend at least 2-3X more, so just go buy them. These rock.Read more

    2. Matthew Abell

      These Vanguard 8×42 binoculars are absolutely stellar. I actually bought them for taking to concerts, not for the outdoors. Even in very low light, they are sharp as a tack with excellent depth of field. I saw Mark Knopfler at the Beacon Theater, sitting in the nosebleed section — second balcony, high up and right against the wall, easily 300 feet away. With these binoculars I could even tell what chords he was playing on the guitar. I also own the 10×42 model, but that requires a pretty steady hand or a tripod. The 8×42 is a better choice for typical uses. The extendable eye cups are sturdy and comfortable. The focusing wheel is solid and fast, with just the right amount of tension so that you won’t accidentally knock it out of focus. The only thing I could wish for would be a slightly roomier carrying case. The carrying case provided is adequate but requires you to collapse the eye cups and really stuff the neck strap in to be able to zipper the case closed.Read more

    3. troyv

      I received these (10×42) and tested them between my Steiner 8×42, Nikon Monarch 8×42, and Vortex Viper HD 10×50. The image quality was worse than any of those other 3 binos, even though the Nikons especially are much lower priced. The thing that upset me the most about the Vanguard was that the focus knob was extremely sticky/jumpy, to the point where it was nearly impossible to fine focus when looking through the binos. In my experience, these are junk and are outperformed by much lower priced binos.Read more

    4. tothv

      Moved on from a pair of Styrka S5 to the Endeavor. Great eye relief for use with glasses. Clear, bright and crisp image. Easy to focus and to track birds.Read more

    5. Barry J. Diamond

      Made very well, but am I the only user that just can’t get rid of blackouts no matter how I set them up?Read more

    6. Tara H

      Being both a small and big game hunter I needed a versatile, lightweight bino option. The endeavor 10×42 have been absolutely perfect! I’ve used them in the bitter cold of the northern MN whitetail season, Turkey hunting and bird watching and they perform fantastic! Couldn’t be happier!!Read more

    7. Mark Hurlburt

      These are by far the best binoculars I have ever owned. I am amazed hy the clarity of the glass. They are also very durable. My daughter has dropped them twice and you would never know it. I have offered them to several others for shooting and hinting and they love them.Read more

    8. RedDiamond29

      We have zero complaints about these binoculars! Crystal clear, rugged, and reliable. Performs hunting season after hunting season. Great customer service!Read more

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