Frame solid nb56 nylon dipping belt

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  • ensure this suits with the aid of getting into your model wide variety.
  • belt helps you to upload weight plates (sold one at a time) to boom resistance, build muscular tissues, and spot outcomes quicker
  • to be used for the duration of dips, chin-ups, lunges, and comparable physical activities
  • beveled edges may not dig, chew, or bruise, even under heavy hundreds
  • advocated for expend to 50 pounds; use frame-solid leather dipping belt for heavier masses
  • includes constrained lifetime producer’s assurance
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  • does this include the chain and would it not slip while doing pullups?? Thank you
  • question: does this come with the chain and would it slip whilst doing pullups?? Thank you answer: it does come with the chain. Also with the stress of the load it rests against the returned and does not slip. I’ve had eighty five pounds on it and it held well. With the aid of brian connelly on december eleven, 2015 didn’t get solutions. See extra solutions (2) fall apart all solutions

  • i understand that it says “max of 50lbs” however can it hold more? Like 65lbs or so?? I’d be nearly maxing it out now…
  • question: i know that it says “max of 50lbs” but can it keep more? Like 65lbs or so?? I might be nearly maxing it out now… Solution: i actually don’t know for sure due to the fact i’ve in no way attempted to carry that plenty weight, but i have a feeling that it might be able to maintain sixty five lbs and extra. Via paul c. On february 26, 2015 did not get solutions. See more solutions (three) crumble all solutions

  • will this dipping belt suit a completely petite lady? 24. Five” waist, one hundred lbs? Involved for the reason that this is “one size suits all”
  • question: will this dipping belt healthy a totally petite lady? 24. 5″ waist, a hundred lbs? Concerned considering that that is “one size suits all” answer: probably be too big by don mega on february 14, 2015 failed to get solutions. See greater solutions (2) disintegrate all answers

  • can the chain be easily eliminated?
  • query: can the chain be effortlessly removed? Answer: sure in case you need, every tip of the chain fastens to the opposite but you may unfasten them to separate the chain from the rest via david on january 18, 2015 didn’t get solutions. See extra solutions (2) collapse all solutions


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    8 reviews for Frame solid nb56 nylon dipping belt

    1. Fassaction

      For the price, I suppose I cant really complain much. I am not sure what I was expecting. Just be forewarned, this belt is not an open style belt. Its connected at the one end, so if you are a bigger dude, this might not fit you. I have a 34 inch waist, and I was questioning if it would fit. Thankfully I had plenty of room. Well, it works. It does exactly what you buy it for, and that is doing some weighted dips or pull ups. It says it can handle up to 50 lbs, but I am skeptical if it can even handle a 45 lb plate. I have used it twice so far, and I am not impressed. For one thing, a 25 lb plate is putting some stress on the stitching. It is starting to come apart at the seams and I will likely be returning this. If you want something that is going to hold up, pony up for a leather belt. You will not regret the purchase. Read more

    2. Buyer

      We ordered one of these belts that was used by multiple people nearly every single week for 7 years until it finally broke, and if anything it was our fault it finally failed. Because it had worked so flawlessly for so long we returned to the original amazon listing to order another. The price looks like it has gone up significantly.. But we knew first hand how well it worked so I ordered anyway. What I was sent the second time was simply garbage. It was not a full belt, just a simple loop intended for you to put around a leather lifting belt. Hope you have one of those, because obviously they don’t include one. Charing nearly $60 for a small loop and foot of chain completely asinine… If you get this, send it back and demand a refund. Read more

    3. Film Hug G

      After reading a lot of the negative reviews on many other available belts, I wanted to try this one with the one five star review and take my chances. And I’m glad I did. The belt fits perfect on my friends 38″ waist and my 30″ waist and is extremely comfortable. It doesn’t even feel like there’s anything there. The chain is the right length. I attached a 45 plate and a 10, and it still felt perfect. No uncomfortable tugging and the weights were right at the bottom of my legs. But its important to note, I also used plates with the handles (all the ones at my gym have handles). The chain goes down 13″, but theres approximately an extra 8″ from the part where the nylon part hangs down… so its about 21″, making it very comfortable and nowhere near your crotch. It looks and fits exactly like in the picture. Pros 1) Feels very durable(so far, I’ll update later if anything changes) 2) Strong, good sized chain 3) Very comfortable, even for small waists (won’t slip at all) 4) Doesn’t go anywhere near your crotch Cons none yet Considering the reviews of the other belts, I think this is the one to go with. It took me quite some time to settle on taking a chance with this one and like I said before, I’m glad I did. UPDATE 1/6/13 Having been using it on and off since I purchased it more than 2 years ago, its still in great shape and working just fine. I see recently its gotten some negative reviews, but as a long-term user, I have yet to have any issues. I’ll report back if anything changes. Read more

    4. FNorrisNielson

      This is a very good belt for what it was intended for. But the add plainly states that the belt was only designed to accomodate 50 pounds or less. Follow that advice and this belt will provide you with years of dependable service. I am soon to be 61 years old and when the younger guys at the gym see me doing weighted dips and pulls they suddenly treat me with a bit more respect. As they should! Read more

    5. Law Hog

      Please read the description closely. This is not everything you need to perform dips. The photo is very misleading and this item is way over priced for what you actually receive. Read more

    6. Leroy

      This is a great dipping/pull-up/chin-up belt. Good quality, easy to use. I’ve only used up to 40 lbs or so on it so far, can’t say how it would handle more weight. comfortable. doesn’t slip. securely stitched, tough nylon material and chain. Update. No problem handling 60-100 lb. however, 45 Lb plates are not so comfortable used this way. Too much swing. Read more

    7. Christopher Hwe

      I’ve had this product for a couple months now, and it has held up well. I use it once or twice a week to do pullups and dips. There are no signs of fraying or tearing of the nylon that holds the chain. I find it a bit of an annoyance to hang a plate from it, so I just hang a dumbbell on it so I don’t have to detach the chain. This works just as well and makes it easier to take the belt off between. The belt hangs well on my hips. I’m not a huge guy (185 lbs, pant size 32-33). When I step into the belt, I have to pull a little bit for it to go up past my hips and sit in its proper place. Just a warning for guys who have bigger than a 38″ waist or so, this might be a problem. The chain length is adjustable and the chain links are pretty sturdy.At $25, this is the cheapest belt I could find on Amazon and I don’t regret choosing it. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      On time, high quality and well packaged. Read more

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