Gaiam hand weights for ladies & guys smooth dumbbell taking walks hand weight sets with hand strap – walking, jogging, physical therapy, aerobics (available in 2lb and 4lb sets)

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  • ensure this fits by coming into your version wide variety.
  • tender hand weights: sand-filled walking weights are available in 2lb and 4lb units
  • consolation-fit: these gentle hand weights provide a at ease in shape so you can focus on the sports and now not the system
  • add resistance for your exercise: on foot weights are a tremendous addition for your physical games by using supplying resistance energy training cardio workouts which include walking or strolling – also superb for physical remedy
  • neoprene hand strap: hand weights characteristic a hand strap to help keep weights in region with a relaxed grip whilst in use
  • bought as a pair: 4lb set = (2 x 2lb weights) / weights are 2-kilos each
  • included additives: gaiam walking weights
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available in 2lb or 4lb sets

the health revolution is here. At gaiam we understand health. We recognize a very good drift whilst we’re in a single. For over 25 years we’ve been making fitness a part of our lives. And that’s why every gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced along with your needs in mind. We were there to your first ‘rollup’, and we’ll be there for everything that comes subsequent. So you can say yes to a better you.

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gaiam walking weights set

sand-stuffed strolling hand weights available in 2lb and 4lb units are soft and moldable for a relaxed hold and comfy with an smooth-grip design even as the neoprene hand strap continues weights in place.

  • sand-stuffed strolling weights to be had in 2lb and 4lb units
  • tender and moldable for a secure hold
  • secure, smooth-grip layout
  • neoprene hand strap continues weights in area
  • 2lb set = (2 x 1lb weights)
  • 4lb set = (2 x 2lb weights)
  • capabilities/advantages

    sand-crammed taking walks hand weights are to be had in 2lb and 4lb sets.

    smooth and moldable for a comfy preserve.

    smooth-grip layout while the neoprene hand strap continues weights in region.

    2lb set = (2 x 1lb weights).

    4lb set = (2 x 2lb weights).

    product description

    sand-stuffed on foot weights available in 2lb and 4lb sets are smooth and moldable for a cozy hold and secure with an easy-grip design at the same time as the neoprene hand strap continues weights in location. 2lb set = (2 x 1lb weights) / 4lb set = (2 x 2lb weights).


    2lb Set (Purple), 4lb Set (Lime)

    8 reviews for Gaiam hand weights for ladies & guys smooth dumbbell taking walks hand weight sets with hand strap – walking, jogging, physical therapy, aerobics (available in 2lb and 4lb sets)

    1. Marianna

      I get that I should have read the bulleted list, but did not take the time. I wanted 2 lb hand weights, and by the title/description, I thought that is what these were. Title is misleading and could be made to be more clear. So 1 star for title and for high price. Read more

    2. Jan

      I have autoimmune diseases and as a result I am shaky and drop things a lot. My occupational therapist has these and I was using his, but wanted my own to be able to continue my exercises on my own. I love them because the straps keep them glued to my hands so I don’t drop them! They are so soft and comfy, too! These are simply the BEST little weights out there in my humble opinion. Really great especially for people like me who struggle to hold onto things. I have yet to drop them even once! For me, that’s HUGE! Anyone with MS, Parkinson’s, or other issues that make it difficult to hold onto things – these are the weights you need… trust me! Read more

    3. Y

      Just received them and they’re pretty much the exact size I wanted. I was hoping for something that was fairly thick to practice my grip. I’m a man and my hands are about average, perhaps a little small. I used an extremely accurate scale to measure them. One weighs 913.4 grams (6.2 grams heavier than 2 pounds they should be) The other weighs 907.4 grams (0.2 grams heavier than the 2 pounds they should be). That’s pretty damn spot on. Walking with these, dirt and sweat are going to make them fluctuate by more than that. Note that difference in weight between the two if them is 6 grams which is between 1/4th and 1/5th of an ounce. As other reviewers have noted, these are fairly thick. However, it feels like they’re filled with something that feels like (or is) sand, so you can massage it to get finger-like indentations so the part you hold is thinner. This mitigated the thick hand-hold for me. (for reference, I am a man and have average sized hands for being 5’7″). I’ve included photos that show how moldable it is. Read more

    4. texasgirl

      I love these. I started walking a couple of months ago and needed something to kick it up a notch. I bought this and took them to the gym to try out on the treadmill. With adding these, my arms got a great work. They are easy to put on and hold. Love them and highly recommend! UPDATE: been using these during my treadmill walks and my HR increased by 25 beats per minute. These were definitely the missing piece to my workout! My weight seems to be dropping with ease. Read more

    5. Mike A.

      I needed to replace my 1+1 soft weights after many years of use. These aren’t near as good. They’re too thick and firm. I’m an average size guy, and my thumb to middle two fingers barely touches around it. It’s like holding a weight that’s short and overstuffed in your hand. These need to be about an inch longer and thinner and baggier to be as good as what I was replacing. These are packed with sand as the description says. I was hoping it meant iron sand. I just bought some iron sand ones, and they’re a little longer, thinner, and baggier, much more comfortable to wrap your hand around. It feels more like very fine gravel inside than hard-packed sand. Go with ones that actually say iron sand in the description. And notice the length in the pictures when you’re looking. Also, this sand one seems to be making my hands sweat more quickly. I think sweat is a problem for all these soft weights, and the reason you’ll need to replace them from time to time (as I’m having to do!). Read more

    6. Bowman

      I bought this in the middle of the Pandameic. If it wasn’t for that, I would have searched my local retailers and maybe got it for a little cheaper. And perhaps gone for a heavier weight if I got to try it out in a store. I took the chance and went for the lightest. It does the job. My kids love them. No fear of them breaking their toes as they “play” with them. As my strength increases, buyers remorse. I would have wished for the 5lb weight instead of the 2.5. As things losen up, I do plan to go walking w/them. But my state is still very locked down. Read more

    7. Home. On. A. Hilltop

      I use these whenever I want to boost the intensity of my low-impact cardio home workouts. You’d be surprised how effective adding 1lb in each hand can be for a 20 or 30 minute workout. These weights are extremely comfortable and soft to grip. What sold me is the handle, so I know I am securely holding them. The last thing I want is to lose my grip on a hand weight and hit our TV while I am working out to the YouTube video. I also own the weights that are 2lbs each (4lbs set total) and find them soft but bulkier to grip. That said, the grip is malleable so I can adjust the soft contents to make it easier to hold. While not quite as comfortable as the smaller set, they are still comfortable. I do prefer this over a traditional hand weight and I like having both sets to challenge myself on different exercises or days. I highly recommend these comfortable hand weights for advancing your low-impact cardio workouts. Good luck with your fitness goals. Believe in yourself. You can do it! Read more

    8. Banshee

      I bought these in both 1# and 2# measures for rotator cuff & bicep surgery rehab, as well as for walking. They are well-made and are appropriately proportioned for a comfortable grip for my smallish hands. The handles keep them from slipping so I don’t have to clutch hard to keep from dropping them while doing my exercises in odd positions, or while exercise walking. The handles also facilitate holding one of each in either hand (for 3# on each side) so great for travelling as I don’t need to carry a separate set of 3# weights with me. Bonus: less chance of injury to self (&/or flooring) if they are accidentally dropped on a toe. Highly recommend. Read more

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