Glove it ladies’s clip on visor

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  • 100% cotton
  • imported
  • get your bling on: flip heads with the awesome crystal-studded glove it bling visor, a fun and fashionable ladies’s visor for golfing, tennis, running, sports activities, tanning, or beach days.
  • uv protection: this spf 50 sun visor for women allows to preserve dangerous rays out of your face with its expertly designed wide brim with darkish underneath invoice.
  • built-in sweatband: all our bling visor sun headbands are wonderful secure and include a integrated sweatband to make certain perspiration isn’t a hassle.
  • glove it sets: fit your bling visor across the glove it range of gear and add-ons. Stocked at us of a golf equipment, top golfing courses, and golfing forte shops global.
  • strong specs: made from light, breathable polyester with a four. 25-inch wide brim. Specific features for exclusive styles. Some are slide-on. Others have an adjustable coil. All are one-length-suits-all.
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glove it girls’s crystal coil visor capabilities an adjustable coil this is comfortable and pressure loose with uv50 and a extensive brim for most suitable solar safety.


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8 reviews for Glove it ladies’s clip on visor

  1. Gerald Schoenburg

    I am the husband who bought a white one and black one for my wife’s tennis. She was wearing these ugly old foam visors with hanging threads. (nice look) These new nice looking visors with the jewels are not cheap but they look great. Now she doesn’t wear them and went back to wearing the old foam stringy visors. I asked why and she said the peak of the bills are not quite long enough and doesn’t block enough of the sun. I told her she needs help! I measured the bill of both the old and new and they were very close to the same. Go figure. There is nothing wrong with these beautiful visors. Read more

  2. Susan M. Bass

    The cost of this Glove It visor, and the adjustable coil made me hesitant to purchase this visor. But I am VERY glad that I did. I have used this daily since March 26, 2020, and am now ordering a second one to have in my stock so that I can enjoy this visor for a long time. From the description, I was concerned that the brim would be too wide, but it is the PERFECT width to shield me from the early morning sun and occasional drizzle here in Southern California. I am still waiting for the shield to flatten out a little bit more (it comes curled like a baseball cap) so that it will better fit over my large sunglasses (but loosening the coil helps a bit). The bling adds just the right amount of pizazz, and, so far, the adjustable coil has been very comfortable not needing much adjustment. Hand washing the forehead band (don’t get too wet) has worked very well. I only choose the black color to keep my head gear neutral as my exercise clothes tend to be eclectic in color. Overall, this is a VERY comfortable visor, I highly recommend it, and I am buying another one!! Read more

  3. Michele B.

    i’m very picky about my visors– a wide brim will look goofy and too short won’t have enough coverage. This visor is perfect. Love the shape of the brim. The coil stays secured and doesn’t hurt my head, even when I wore it the whole day for 3 weeks straight on my vacation trip. I wasn’t sure about the blings when I bought it but on hand, they look stylish. Read more

  4. C & D

    Ok, here’s the deal.. the visor itself is fine. The bling appears to have been added by a toddler. There are varying sizes of ‘bling’ and they are places unevenly and in no rhyme or reason. See photo for reference. Read more

  5. 3bean

    So light weight you don’t feel it on your head after a short time. Fabric is stretched tight over the base material so no sags or funky bumps. Bill is exta wide, deep and curved so keeps the sun off my face very well. Brim is narrow, so fits high foreheads well. (doesn’t stand taller than the crown of your head). The back is fastened with squiggly coil that pulls through small holes to loosen and tighten. VERY comfy. It hasn’t come off yet, even in boat ride going about 10 knots. (spin it around if you are going faster.) I use it in the pool for kick drill on my back. Fabulous! Dries fast and so far, hasn’t faded or been bleached by chlorine. You can get inexpensive replacement coils if needed, shop coil no-tye shoelaces. Fantastic value. I’ve purchased 5 in different colors and patterns and plan to buy more soon for friends and family and inevitable “lost it, left it in –‘s car”. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    I really like the slightly over sized brim and the coil adjustments stayed in place. I highly recommend . And the little bit of bling is fun, not over done. Read more

  7. Amazon Addict

    Love the hat and very stylish! The rhinestones ads a nice touch and don’t look cheap! I also love the sweatband on the inside of the hat for when I sweat. Stylish and functional is a win win! Read more

  8. Tazzy

    Thank goodness for Amazon as I have trouble finding the visors that don’t go all around the back of your head. This one is really nice and comfortable. If you find the band too tight, put it around a flower pot in the sun for a few days to stretch it out. Highly recommend. Read more

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