Harbinger padded nylon head harness

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harbinger padded nylon head harness

paintings the neck muscles from a various degree of angles with the harbinger nylon head harness. A strong neck may be a necessity in high impact sports activities, so do not neglect it. The top harness provided with the aid of harness lets in you to add weight appropriately without overstraining. Constructed with heavy-obligation cordura nylon, sustained support is offered from the harness without the fear of it giving manner under anxiety. The synthetic shearing pad lining complements consolation even whilst you ramp the weight up, at the same time as the 30″ metallic chain permit plate attachment of various length.

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based in 1988 by means of health enthusiast and entrepreneur david mccrane, harbinger unexpectedly have become the logo of desire for weight lifters and electricity running shoes worldwide. It started out with an revolutionary wrist-stabilizing glove. In the beginning meant to mitigate wrist accidents for skate boarders, mccrane speedy found out the benefit of his product for weight lifters. Teaming up with 8-time mr. Olympia frame builder lee haney, they pioneered harbinger because the source for excessive pleasant, cautiously engineered gloves, belts and electricity training add-ons. In view that then, harbinger has accelerated into weight lifting accessories, along with wraps, straps and velocity ropes. With proprietary generation and superior layout, harbinger drives the category and continues to deliver new, progressive merchandise.

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work the neck muscle groups from a varying diploma of angles with the harbinger nylon head harness. A robust neck may be a need in high effect sports activities, so do not forget about it. The head harness supplied through harness allows you to add weight adaquaelty with out over straining. Built with heavy duty cordura nylon, sustained guide is obtainable from the harness without the concern of it giving way underneath anxiety. The synthetic shearing pad lining complements consolation even whilst you ramp the load up, even as the 30″ metallic chain allow plate attachment of varying size.

8 reviews for Harbinger padded nylon head harness

  1. Rufty

    I should’ve heeded the other reviews that recommended spending a few extra bucks to get the harness that has hinges/pivots for the straps–this one is worthless. It arrived quickly and in great condition–the seller was great. But the product is a FAIL. Harbinger should be ashamed. What a ridiculous sham of a product. Doesn’t work for neck flexion movement at all. It does work for neck extensions, but only if you’re sitting up with elbows resting on knees, not lying flat–which means a very limited range of neck movement–what’s the point?? The lack of hinges for the straps/chains is the main drawback of this product. I didn’t anticipate it making such a difference, but the difference is clear and undeniable. The soft padding inside the head-piece is sufficient–even nice; but the lack of hinges/pivots for the straps means the harsh nylon straps will be twisting, twirling, folding, and grinding against your face and ears, abrading your skin and yanking facial hair with every rep. Just pass on this item, and spend the extra money to get a product that has hinges/pivots for the straps. You’ll be glad you did. Read more

  2. mstep

    I bought a neck harness 5 years or so at sears.I liked it,but as I became stronger I needed to add more weight to it.In doing so the stiching came out.And after taking it to a friend of mine it was repaired.But not for very long.So I shopped around and I found this one. The quality is twice as good.The harness itself is thicker.The chain itself is bigger.The only thing I had to modify was for me the chain was a little longer than what I need.With a simple trip to home depot I was able to shorten it up by about 4 lengths. All in all I would recommened this to anyone who needs to build their neck. The head harness is adjustable with a velcro strip. Read more

  3. [¥]

    I’ve used this harness dozens of times over the last 2 or so months that I’ve owned it and feel that it is a worthwhile addition to training. I have not seen any wear or tear, and adjusting the amount of weight is easy, as is the size of the harness since it’s done via a sturdy velcro strap in front. You can pay $40+ for the fancier ones, but in my opinion, they’re not going to give you any discernible advantage or superior performance. This harness is perfectly fine for what it’s designed to do. ***Edit 2/15/10- Make SURE that when you’re using this harness, that the the nylon straps that run down the side are not twisting or binding. I was using this in the gym a few weeks ago and the audibly heard some of the stitching snap on one of the sides, and that was only with 50 lbs. of weight. My advice would be to use either smaller plate loads (10 lb. plates) or attach an additional chain to the middle of the harness to try to stabilize the larger plates. Large plates have a tendency to start twisting, which twists the straps, making them weak. I had a tailor mend and reinforce them, but I’ll be wary from now on. Maybe I should’ve bought one of the leather harnesses, after all. *** Read more

  4. England

    Good for the price! But my Sheck USA is far better quality it must be said, but still good and comfortable Read more

  5. Mr and Mrs Viereck

    Trash. The seams on the side popped after a couple months. My last neck harness lasted years. This thing bit the dust in less than 4 months. Read more

  6. Alex

    For the price, this is an excellent value. However, the cream-colored padding does shed a fair amount and the vertical straps can scratch up one’s ears. Still, a fine value. Read more

  7. Ike

    Will last a lifetime. Read more

  8. Todd Raymond

    Well, like the heading reads, it scrapes my big ears. I guess its okay because it does a good job keeping my neck stretched and muscular. Read more

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