Harbinger tricep rope

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  • made out of heavy duty lined nylon this is 1 1/4″ diameter.
  • custom engineered ball grips provide a stronger grip.
  • rope is supported with the aid of a cast metal grommet that hooks into any standard gym device.
  • ninety day warranty
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harbinger tricep rope

the harbinger tricep rope is ideal whilst you’re schooling the triceps, biceps and shoulders. A complete 26-inch/36-inch duration of one and 1 / 4 inch heavy-responsibility nylon rope offers closing sturdiness allowing you to teach more difficult for longer. Custom engineered ball grips provide a stronger grip permitting you to get the first-rate feasible pull, whilst a heavy-obligation aluminium receiver attaches to the general gym cables.

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based in 1988 by way of fitness fanatic and entrepreneur david mccrane, harbinger unexpectedly became the emblem of preference for weight lifters and strength running shoes global. It started with an revolutionary wrist-stabilizing glove. At the beginning meant to mitigate wrist injuries for skateboarders, mccrane quick found out the advantage of his product for weight lifters. Teaming up with eight-time mr. Olympia frame builder lee haney, they pioneered harbinger because the source for excessive high-quality, carefully engineered gloves, belts and power education accessories. Considering then, harbinger has accelerated into weight lifting add-ons, which includes wraps, straps and velocity ropes. With proprietary technology and advanced layout, harbinger drives the class and keeps to supply new, innovative merchandise.

product description

for education triceps, biceps, again, shoulders and abs. For severe education. Produced from heavy duty lined nylon this is 1 1/four” in diameter. 26″ in period


26 Inch, 36 Inch

8 reviews for Harbinger tricep rope

  1. MusicForRich

    People say the stoppers are rubber or plastic. People say the receiver (where the machine connects to) is plastic or they say it’s metal. What’s going on? So, I can say without a doubt, the stoppers are rubber (although very hard, but not an issue), and the receiver is metal (aluminum) I hope that straightens any confusion people have. Some other notes; the rope is comfortable, does not fit with Black Mountain Products Resistance Bands but may with others with larger clips, and with the way the receiver is curved in the back you can use it with serious steel resistance bands. Read more

  2. James Marzo

    I’m reviewing the 36″ length. It is well constructed and I heartily endorse this product except for one thing. The attachment hole is approximately 3/8″ in diameter and is most likely too small for the cable machines in a commercial gym. I had to buy a steel carabiner or spring clip as an adapter to fit the equipment used in my gym. That’s going to add another $8 to $10 to your cost if you are in a similar situation to me. Read more

  3. AintItObvious?

    I wanted a longer rope in order to completely extend my triceps. This is one of the few longer ones. The price is pretty high at $39, compared to $14 for the shorter ones. But, I do think this quality is higher. The swivel is well finish and sturdy. The rope itself is a different material than the cheaper ones. The cheaper one has a nylon twisted rope. It’s stiffer and also a bit more slippery. The rope on the Harginer is double braided. Each strand is smaller and there is more grip. The longer length is definitely better. With the shorter length rope, I find it hard to completely extend my triceps due to the rope hitting my waist. Overall, I think this is a very nice rope. Read more

  4. Joseph M Zippler

    Most of the tricep ropes are very standard size, and if you do any form of Abdominal Pull downs from the high-pulley this is very useful. I honestly love the rope and the only thing that i couldn’t knock a star for was the plastic connection to connect the cable. They should make that in metal. The plastic part seems to have held up though for the last month or so… so fingers crossed. Rope is good construction and usually at the 2-3 month mark I see a lot of wear and tear on the rope – on this rope – I have not seen it as of yet and I’m probably harder on this one than I have been with teh others. Read more

  5. P. NGUYEN

    At first I was hesitant on the rope being too long at 36 inches and this meant 18 inches per side if pulled down equally on each side. I carefully measured where it would connect to my pulley. Sure enough 18 inches was perfect so I went ahead and ordered it. Amazon Prime 2 day shipping is on time as always. Upon opening it, my first impression was, “Damn, this thing is a brute!”. The rope itself is solid like it was fastened from the remains of the SS Titanic or something. It’s heavy and solid. I could probably use it to tow another car. The steel connector is thankfully built solid like a rock as well. Wouldn’t do me any good if a heavy rope was on a flimsy connector. A review here complained of the ends not being flat and thus hurting his (her?) hands. I found the concave shape to be fine and my manly hands unaffected. If you use weight lifting gloves, I am sure your well manicured hands and nails will end up just fine. Oh, back to the length – did I say it’s perfect? Vertical tricep extensions or comfortably and perfectly performed. If you have a home gym, you definitely need to get yourself the 36 inch version and nothing short. Go long but never go short. Read more

  6. Travis Nielsen

    This rope is perfect. I bought the 36 inch for more versatility. The rope is very sturdy with a metal connecting point that is slightly rounded around the inside so it doesn’t dig into the rope and eventually cut through it, but the rounded part has the added benefit of being great for working as an ab harness so it doesn’t dig into the back of your neck! I will also be buying the 26 inch because the value of these alone is just amazing. The bottom of the rope is hard rubber for those wondering. It’s the best rope I’ve ever got my hands on and I wish my gym would buy something this nice. Read more

  7. Mitch

    I won’t lie to you; I purchased this triceps rope over the other options available because of price alone. The next-closest option was I think $8 more? Not like it what some huge price bump (there were a few others that were quite a bit higher), but this product seemed relatively highly reviewed and hey, $8 is $8. I can say after a few uses that I am 100% happy with the decision I made. I cannot fathom spending more on any of those others would have offered me anything better. This is a great product, pure and simple. Read more

  8. Long Islander

    This is a wonderful triceps rope! Very rugged and durable. I bought my own because the ropes in my gym are the filthiest piece of equipment. I like the duo-color theme — gym employees won’t think you are stealing their standard-issue ropes. One word of caution: the “grommet” opening is a bit small. Luckily, it fits carabiners at my gym, some of them barely, but it would definitely not accommodate a thicker one. Harbinger simply needs to drill a bigger hole. Those folks who complain that the texture of this rope is merciless to their hands: please invest in a pair of workout gloves. There’s no reason to destroy your skin. None at all. Look at the cheap, wornout ropes at your gym. They are made of lesser-quality materials. This Harbinger is how triceps ropes are supposed to be made. Read more

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