Hawke vantage ir 2-7x32ao ir scope, 1 in, mil dot (14111)

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  • make certain this suits via entering your model range.
  • eleven layer completely multi-lined optics for incredible clarity
  • 1-inch mono-tube chassis for superior strength
  • adjustable goal for parallax correction; mil dot reticle functions a couple of aim factors for preserve-over and maintain-under
  • 1/4 moa low profile “no-snag” fingertip turrets; threaded objective/ocular for non-obligatory add-ons
  • water resistant, shockproof, nitrogen purged; hawke global guarantee

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from the manufacturer

absolutely multi-covered lenses

the vantage range capabilities eleven layer absolutely multi-lined lenses at some point of the whole optical device for more desirable mild transmission and increased assessment.

low-profile fingertip turrets

high-quality click low profile turrets with 1⁄4 moa adjustments. Protective caps make certain your turrets are secure from the factors when you’re in the area.

illumination rheostat

facet focus parallax (sf models)

smooth and unique, side consciousness scopes adjust from 10 yards (15 yards 6-24×forty four) to infinity ensuring parallax unfastened cognizance is usually maintained.

completely multi-covered lenses

low-profile fingertip turrets

illumination rheostat

side attention parallax (sf fashions)


correct mil spacing on 10×. Capabilities dots and ties at 1/2 mil spacing, ensuring that there is always an aim factor to be had. Glass etched completely floating reticle. One of the extra blessings of the 10x 1/2 mil dot is the mil spacing and 0. 2 mil spacing segments of the hollow bars which can be used to as it should be variety discover targets.

registered reticle layout distinct to hawke. Goal points calculated to your specific quality. Smooth to zero and excellent downrange accuracy with illuminated intention points for all lighting conditions. Distances etched into the reticle subject of view, designed for use on maximum magnification.

designed for the . 22 lr subsonic caliber. Zero on 9x magnification at 50 yards and all intention factors are pre-calculated. 1057 fps (322 m/s).

the scope also can be used for 50m 0 with aimpoints accurate in metric whilst the magnification is set to 7. 9x.

registered reticle design special to hawke. Intention factors calculated in your specific quality. Smooth to zero and awesome downrange accuracy with illuminated purpose factors for all lights situations. Distances etched into the reticle subject of view, designed to be used on maximum magnification.

designed for the . 22 lr high pace (hv) quality. Zero on 9x magnification at 50 yards and all intention points are pre-calculated. 1260 fps (384 m/s).

the scope can also be used for 50m 0 with aimpoints accurate in metric whilst the magnification is set to 7. 8x.

product description

1 inch mono-tube chassis for advanced power; 11 layer fully multi-lined optics for incredible readability; adjustable goal for parallax correction; rapid recognition eyebell and excessive torque zoom ring; 1/4 moa low profile “no-snag” fingertip turrets; threaded goal/ocular for optionally available accessories; mil dot reticle functions a couple of purpose factors for keep-over and preserve-beneath; water-proof, shockproof, nitrogen purged; hawke international assurance.

7 reviews for Hawke vantage ir 2-7x32ao ir scope, 1 in, mil dot (14111)

  1. Cathy

    In my opinion, this scope is a very good value for the price. Pros: All aluminum, heavy – stout – durable, I think this is the only 2-7 X scope I saw having an adjustable objective, fast focus eye piece, finger settable turrets – no tools needed, HOLDS ZERO!!! Turrets actually dial up and down like they should and can be dialed back to zero – and scope returns to zero! OUTSTANDING! Adjustable objective on mine will adjust to about 15 feet. Very handy for pellet gun use. Cons…. Glass is just OK. (glass is better than I really expected) Optical resolution is on par with Nikon Prostaff or Sightron SI series optics. Mil-Dot retical is calibrated for 10X – the scope is 2-7X, meaning, the Mil-Dot reticle looses a lot of its utility for ranging. Ranging can still be done, however more/different calculations are needed. Conclusion: For use on a pellet gun, shooting up close and out to about 50 yards or so, this is an outstanding scope. I am sure I would be pleased with it on my 10/22 also. It is a scope I would recommend. Read more

  2. ahiker4u

    I really wanted to like this scope however I received two bad ones in a row. The first one wouldn’t properly focus. The second one didn’t have a smooth focus (adjustable objective). It clicked as you turned the knob. Also both scopes looked darker compared to the Bugbuster which is the same 32mm diameter and nearly the same price. A definite difference in light gathering. The eye relief is also horrible. You have to be spot on to even see through this scope. I hear Hawk scopes are generally good and maybe its just this particular model that has issues. I’m not trying a third purchase. I do own higher quality optics such as Leupold, Nikon, and high end Weavers. I’m not comparing this scope to those in any way. This scope was purchased for a medium quality airgun. I’m now looking to purchase another Bugbuster model which I have a few issues with but is higher quality in a lot of respects. Look at all its high ratings. It means something. I was let down by this purchase. I don’t recommend. Read more

  3. Tom

    Bought a Hatsan 95 spring piston air rifle in 22cal about half way through last year’s squirrel season just to try something different and topped it with this scope. Ended up using that setup for the rest of the season. It’s a super crisp scope for the money and has to be in the top percentage for this price range. Probably killed 20 to 30 squirrels with it at various distances from 15 to 50 yards and I’ve done a ton of plinking around with that air rifle this year and it’s held zero perfectly. Springer air rifles have a forward and backwards recoil that’s hard on scopes but I’ve noticed no issues after hundreds and hundreds of pellets. I also had 2 different hunts that involved sitting in the rain near den trees and picking off squirrels when the rain would die down and it didn’t hurt this scope at all. I will update if I ever have a problem but for now I have no complaints and Im very happy with it Read more

  4. Honest Review

    Nice scope UMAREX support suggested the scope as a replacement for a Ruger Impact where the scope that came with the rifle was just a piece of junk. Ruger knows what shipped from China is junk, I know it’s junk, however UMAREX/RUGER made good by suggesting this scope at $100 and offering to RMA the junk that shipped with my rifle. I could also see using this on a Ruger 77/357 I have as the optics were actually very good. I use a Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope with 3.3-Inch Eye Relief, 3-9X 40mm and reviewed it, great scope and I’m in inch groupings with it. The Hawke is a nice scope and well regarded for recoil in the springer market if you do a larger google search. This was my first Hawke and though Bushnell makes some no-nonsense scopes I’d shop Hawke in the future also. Read more

  5. Brian Alpine

    This is mounted on a Crosman Vantage NP in .177cal *air gun* I am super excited about this scope. the 2-7 is PERFECT for the 177 airgun i have it on. The glass is super crisp and clear, the crosshairs are perfect in size and thickness. Once you have this zeroed it just does exactly what you ask of it. It holds a zero very well, 200 rounds down range and no adjustments needed. The elevation and windage knobs are finger click, really pronounced CLICK and the caps cover the knobs with no touching. Though the caps take like 20 full turns to tighten, they wont be slipping off, ever. The light transmission is very very good and it’s very easy to see your target even in dusk/dawn situations. It comes with a very sturdy lens protector with yellow lens and clear. I purchased two of these and will mount the 2nd one on a Gamo Urban in .22. Extremely happy with this optic for the price you cannot beat it. Hands down the best 100 dollar scope i have ever purchased. They do NOT come with rings but rings are fairly cheap and easy to obtain. I just used a couple cheap ones left over from another project rifle. 99/100 can’t recommend enough. Read more

  6. David Furman

    i received the scope today- mounted-tested took my time trying to get center on a .22 air rifle- the dials work but then seem to fail like almost get center then pellet go way off- then i keep checking the scope with the dials and tried a 17 gr pellet that was the problem needed heavier pellets hit centered and pleased- use super point 17 gr -scope is fine for me – no issues once dialed in- i like tarot with closed dials you can dial ext but the internal wheel was easy to turn caps easy remove put back on- i think the scope is ok, as long as i can keep hitting center i happy.. but i do think the dial numbers are off but idc … view sharp enough for me and i can see clearly wearing my reading glasses -over all it a good scope.. value for the money really do not know not had long enough Read more

  7. JimD

    I bought this to replace a bug buster 3-9 which would not hold zero resulting in missed squirrels. I sighted it in the day I got it, checked the zero the next morning – no issue and shot a squirrel with the first shot on game. I just checked it again and it has not moved. The scope looks good, the glass is clear and the adjustments feel solid. The AO adjusts but it is not as noticable a change as it was on the bug buster. This is not a complaint, just and observation. This scope does what it should, adjust reliably when you need to adjust it and then hold the zero so your shots go where you aim. It is also reasonably light and not bulky. Read more

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