Hiviz czlw01 cz front interchangeable litewave handgun sight

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  • make sure this suits via entering your version number.
  • litewave interchangeable front sight
  • diagonal-wave design for increased durability and brightest sight
  • skeletonized sight frame
  • suits 75, 83, 85, 97 and p-01 fashions
  • does no longer suit the kadet, champion and ipsc models
  • consists of inexperienced, red and white replaceable litepipes.
  • made in u. S.

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from the manufacturer

hiviz cz seventy five, 83, 85, ninety seven & p-01 litewave the front sight

enhance the performance of your cz seventy five/85 with the brand new litewave sight. Our vivid and extremely-long lasting litewave sights will decorate your confidence and shooting enjoy.

hiviz cz seventy five, eighty three, eighty five, ninety seven & p-01 litewave the front sight

hiviz litewave front sight for cz pistols. Suits 75, 83, eighty five, 97 and p-01 models; does no longer suit the kadet, champion and ipsc models. Includes green, pink and white replaceable litepipes.

hiviz cz 75, 83, eighty five, ninety seven & p-01 litewave front sight

  • element range czlw01
  • litewave interchangeable litepipe layout
  • includes inexperienced, pink and white litepipes, all steel creation
  • litepipe diameter zero. 090, blade width 0. 125 x zero. One hundred thirty five tall
  • manufacturing facility peak the front sight well matched with manufacturing unit rear sight
  • hiviz cz 75, eighty three, 85, ninety seven & p-01 litewave front sight

  • litepipe diameter zero. 090, blade width 0. A hundred twenty five x 0. A hundred thirty five tall
  • manufacturing facility peak front sight like minded with factory rear sight
  • replacement litepipe handgun model #five
  • fits cz seventy five, eighty three, eighty five, 97, & p-01 pistols; does not in shape kadet, champion & ipsc fashions
  • cz sight must have pin slot installed sight base, we recommend gunsmith installation
  • hiviz czlw01

    hiviz cz 75, eighty three, eighty five, ninety seven & p-01 litewave the front sight

    hiviz cz 75, 83, eighty five, ninety seven & p-01 litewave the front sight

    hiviz czlw01 packaged product

    product description

    hiviz litewave the front sight for cz pistols. Fits seventy five, eighty three, 85, 97 and p-01 fashions; does no longer in shape the kadet, champion and ipsc models. Includes green, crimson and white replaceable litepipes.

    8 reviews for Hiviz czlw01 cz front interchangeable litewave handgun sight

    1. Bean

      I purchased this CZ 75 sight to replace the front sight on my SAR K2P. The original sight is roll pinned in. This sight will work, however there is no roll pin hole. The good news is this sight is a little oversized, so you can remove material on both sides so as to make an extremely tight fit. You will need to remove a small portion of the front base to make flush with the slide. I wanted to make sure this review was posted because there are a lot of questions to the selection of aftermarket parts for the K2P. The HIVIZ S&W M&P rear sight fits the K2P as well. I highly recommend both of these products to and SAR K2P owner. Read more

    2. Troxel

      This is great sight, easy to pick up compared to to original white dot sight. I expected the installation to take some fitting based on what I read in the other reviews but it was a little more work than I expected. Out of the box the site base is too large for a CZ 75B – which is fine and easy to fix by simple sanding off part of the flat bottom on the base. By being oversize it allows you to friction fit the sight in the dove tail slot. I wanted to install it/ secure it using the original roll pin (the same as the factory sight) which is easily removed with a 1.5MM punch (it does not need to be drilled out as others have mentioned) The trick was putting a grove or slot in the new HIVIZ site base to accommodate the roll pin. The sight has angles everywhere that do not allow it to be clamped securely so I had to hold it while working on it. After trying to make a groove with a hack saw and a diamond file, I finally succeeded by using a metal cutting wheel in a Dremel tool. I think someone mentioned installing the sight in the slot on the gun and then making the grove by drilling through the roll pin hole on the slide – this is a *great* way to bugger up your gun by enlarging the roll pin holes, scratching the finish or worse. Don’t do it that way Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      My CZ 75D PCR Compact looks awesome. Hiviz front sight works perfect with factory rear sights, or you can buy the Hiviz rear sight to. Which I did. You do have to drill useing a #47 bit. Really simple. Will update when I go to the range. Read more

    4. Alex

      Fitting it on the CZ is a bit of work as you have to drill out for the cross pin since this sight is not notched for it. It took about an hour with a small jewelers file to fit. I know some people drill it out but I didnt want to damage my frame. Having said that .. the sight is WONDERFUL in anything but dark. My eyesight isnt what it used to be but even in the dim light of my local range I can pick this up easily. The circle is large and while there is a bit of a metal cage to protect the light tube it still lets in plenty of light for a nice bright sight. It would have been 5 stars easy if it had come with the notch already made but if your handy .. its an awesome sight. Read more

    5. jr

      First of all, the factory rear sight won’t work with this front sight; use the Hi-Viz rear sight or the CZ Customs Tactical Rear Short rear sight. It is the same height as the stock front sight, but the stock rear sight partially blocks the fiber optic near the bottom of your sight picture. I had to order this front sight twice, my fault for botching the installation. I have to say that this innovative way of swapping out the fiber-optic is neat; you can jump back and forth from Red to Green, or even to matte white. When installing you do have to use a drill (I believe it’s a 5/62 drill bit) and only drill from the left of the slide to the right, otherwise your sight might back up and not seat properly. Also be careful when drilling to go straight, or you may drill crooked. If that happens you will have drill from the right side to the left, but use a punch on the left side of the sight-pin-hole to hold the sight in place so that it won’t back-out. Read more

    6. Andrew Werner

      The sight fit the dovetail on my CZ75B after minor filing/fitting. As noted by other reviewers you will need to file or cut a notch in the base for the transverse roll pin that holds the sight in – or use Loctite to hold it, which would probably work fine but seems cheesy to me. The fiber optic does exactly what it said it would do – it gathers ambient light and makes the front sight highly visible. My old eyes don’t focus as well as they once did, but this dot is very visible and helps quite a lot. This is not a night sight – no tritium other internal illumination – so it does not work in total darkness. But I can not imagine shooting at anything in total darkness. Read more

    7. Soccer99

      When I took this to the gun smith the fitst thing he said, “this is good quality” … you still have to handle carefully when installing. He had to file down just a bit to fit back in the slot. No big deal – a tight, perfect fit. Almost don’t need the pin but put it back. Drilled without issue and pin tapped back into place. The three inserts are all easily visible, bright and large. I’ve got the green in now – planning to attend a local competition tomorrow so we’ll see how much this helps – I can already see/feel the difference just in target acquistion. Read more

    8. Hutt Wigley

      I bought two of these: one for a Tristar/Canik55 S-120 and another for the Tristar/Cank55 C-100. There was a little filing and drilling involved in fitting this sight to the S-120. Only a little drilling for the C-100. This sight adds a nice green dot as the focal point for your aiming. While it hasn’t improved my aim, it does aid in quickly aligning the sights Read more

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