Hiviz np henry rfl mild wave sight set stock add-ons

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  • fits henry 44mag brass receiver large boy?
  • question: fits henry 44mag brass receiver huge boy? Answer: if your gun has the 3/8 inch dovetail cutouts it’ll work. By using brian on october 12, 2019 disintegrate all solutions

  • will this for my henry 22 octagon barrel?
  • query: will this for my henry 22 octagon barrel? Answer: the henry version quantity h001t takes the hhvs450 sight. By using illa on september sixteen, 2020 didn’t get solutions. See more answers (1) fall apart all answers

  • are they tritium
  • query: are they tritium answer: no! Simply fiber optics. However after i mounted my first set, i placed them on all 7 of my henry’s. And clean to install with only some gear! Via steve t. On november three, 2020 fall apart all solutions

  • what’s the peak size for the the front sight?
  • question: what is the height dimension for the front sight? Answer: 7/sixteen” mounted inside the dovetail measured from the top of the barrel. By using jc in mn on march four, 2020 disintegrate all solutions

    8 reviews for Hiviz np henry rfl mild wave sight set stock add-ons

    1. Think411

      Am a serious shooter and this site is laughable. Have customized AR’s for 300 yard shooting with iron sights and having a lighted bead is not a part of any serious shooters platform. Is this site better than the buckhorn sight on my Henry? Maybe for light conditions but I would say no. I can say that the good reviews here are not from real serious shooters looking for tight groups at long distances. First of all it didn’t come with instructions on what tool to use to tighten the screws to adhere them properly to the barrel nor did it supply any tools to use. So I tried the smallest allen wrench I had which is pretty thin and it still was too big. I use allen wrenches constantly on other sight securing such as on the AR platforms. Had to use a thin blade to somewhat screw them down but not the way it should be done properly. Then after aligning the sights I knew I could not get a good bead on distance targets seeing the large size of the bead on the front sight. How can any serious shooter rest any target on a lighted ball front post? Then after about 20 or so shots the insert on the front sight slipped right off from the base, really? Had to stop shooting my Henry until I can secure the rear sight properly . Not a good day. Thought that this sight would be an improvement over the buckhorn but was disappointed. Going with a Skinner peep on the receiver and a blade on the front that can be custom filed to a sharper edge for distance precision shots. I was fooled by the reviews thinking the people using this sight were precision or even serious shooters but was wrong. Update: Went to the range with my sister and her husband who are shooters with their Henry to practice. They shot theirs with the buck horn sights and then shot mine with these sights. They were impressed with these sights and thought they were easier to get on the target than the standard buck horns they had on their Henry. Then I shot about 10 rounds even though I could not get on the target with clarity. The whole front sight blurred out the target with the lighted post YET I was able to shoot 2″ groups with many of the shots. How does that happen? Cant see the target with clarity because of the front lighted post and my shots are much tighter than theirs? They must have thought I was a little nuts complaining about the sights and not being able to see the target yet my groups blew theirs away. I am thinking there was luck involved. How else can one not get a clear sight picture and still hit what they are aiming for? Luck. I still stick by my original opinion of these sights not being a good sight for the serious shooter. According to my family they are better than the original buck horns and they like them but they still will not give a serious shooter tight shot groups like a Skinner peep sight and thin front blade, not a lighted ball tip like these sights give you. Read more

    2. JC in MN

      If you’re reading this, you already know what a great gun the Henry lever action is and if you wear bifocals or greater, how hard the stock buckhorn sights are to see. These Hi-Viz fiber optics solve that! Tightened up my groups more than I thought they would. I took my time, watched some videos, and installed myself. The rear sight goes right into the dovetail and taps into place. The front sight has to be fitted to its dovetail. I used 120 grit emery cloth, just a few strokes at a time, until the sight would go 1/3 of the way in with finger pressure. Then tapped it into center with a nylon punch and small hammer. Worked perfectly. Hi-Viz has instructional videos on their website as well as the different models for the various models of Henry rifles. Order the correct sights! I am very happy with these sights on my Golden Boy! Read more

    3. Rich L

      As I am getting up in years, my eyesight is not what it used to be. The Henry .357 lever action rifle that I have- has a small brass bead front sight and the highlighted diamond on the rear sight. Was not working for me at any worthwhile distance. Put these front and rear sights on the Henry. Huge difference ! Love my gun even more now. Great purchase ! Read more

    4. Tiffany Gledhill

      Got a Henry Big Boy 44 mag and I didn’t like the sights. After some research, I ordered a set of these. Unbelievable how much better I can see the sights and shoot accurately. I put the red one on the front peep, with the two green on the rear. Really shows well even in low light conditions. Read more

    5. Western NC customer

      In low light, just before sunup or just after sundown, when you are most likely to see game, when a standard iron sight is invisible, this sight lights up a bright green. If you want to be able to hunt without a scope at these times, you need to switch/swap your sights. In broad daylight, it’s also brighter than a standard sight. Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      Very easy to install and a big improvement over over factory sights! Read more

    7. brian

      Put these on a model 38. Work Great. Read more

    8. VATom

      Nice sights but was disappointed to discover that they are all plastic. Read more

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