Hiviz rgplw01 ruger interchangeable litewave front handgun sight

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  • ensure this suits via getting into your version variety.
  • made using the best first-rate materials
  • tested for durability
  • presents maximum brightness
  • usa of beginning:usa
  • game type: tactical & military

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from the manufacturer

why hiviz?

  • guarantees rapid sight acquisition and a brilliant sight image day or night time.
  • our attractions fall beneath four major categories:

  • litewaveh3—combines tritium with our litepipe technology for twenty-four-hour illumination
  • litewave–functions a latest exoskeleton frame allowing an exceptional amount of mild to go into the litepipe, includes extra litepipes that may be interchanged
  • overmolded attractions–capabilities an optical-grade resin injection molded thru the metal base of the sight and across the litepipe, does no longer permit for the changing of litepipes
  • adjustable rifle points of interest: front and rear sight units are to be had with elevation and windage adjustability and our interchangeable litepipes
  • smooth changeable litepipes for widespread litewave attractions to in shape any circumstance and any shooter
  • we provide the largest breadth of skus to match a big array of handguns, shotguns and rifles available on the market today. We provide some thing for all people!
  • all hiviz points of interest are built to rigid requirements the use of only the best satisfactory materials, then shooter-tested to make certain they’ll resist the take a look at of time. Litepipes are product of a chemical-resistant cloth and injection molded to acquire most brightness and a consistent sight picture.

    optically efficient

    recessed litepipe removes halo and well-knownshows a crisp, clear dot.


  • attractions are cut away inside the center to permit maximum light gathering from any angle while preserving electricity
  • our litepipe era is the brightest in the marketplace ensuring a vibrant sight photo whilst you want it
  • unique

    square sight profile for precision rear sight alignment.

    made in the united states of america!

    we proudly make our products inside the usa!

    optically efficient



    made inside the united states of america!

    long lasting

    all sight bases are solid metal construction.


    dovetails are designed to suit authentic manufacturer’s dimensions.


    ramped and serrated to lessen glare.

    holster pleasant

    we pay strict attention to contouring all our handgun attractions to be as smooth and snag unfastened as viable.


    like minded


    holster friendly

    product description

    ruger interchangeable litewave the front handgun sight. Hiviz ruger interchangeable litewave the front sight – skeletonized sight body. Fits all “p” series models besides rgplw01 p345. Additionally suits ruger sp101 besides sp101 in 327 federal caliber. Consists of 3 lite pipes in pink fiber optic family lite pipe, green and white and key to change lite pipes. The new litewave sight layout from hiviz functions an modern, diagonal-wave layout that will increase durability to the protective exoskeleton and allows for more exposed surface region for the litepipe to gather light from all angles, for the brightest sight available. Specs: – manufacturer: hello-viz – version: litewave – kind: sight – in shape: all ruger p series (besides p85) – end/color: purple & inexperienced – manufacturer part #: rgplw01

    8 reviews for Hiviz rgplw01 ruger interchangeable litewave front handgun sight

    1. KMO

      My 60-year-old eyes just do not pick up black factory sights very well anymore, so these fiber optic sights are a great add-on for me. This Hi-Viz sight is a quality item, and it comes with extra tubes, which is great. But, it was far from a drop-in installation on my Ruger SP-101. It took an hour of careful hand-filing before it fit into my SP-101’s front sight slot, and then some careful tapping with a rubber-tip hammer. I was very pleased with the finished retrofit, but these seemingly simple projects don’t always turn out to be so simple. Read more

    2. Jason

      YES, this fits the Ruger P89DC. Photos to prove it. I was a little worried about having to install these, but it was pretty strait forward and extremely rewarding after completion. I ordered a punch/hammer set with a 1/16″ punch and the little friction pins (Not sure what they are called) punch out easily with mild tapping. Once removed, the old site comes out and this site fits in perfectly. I had a thin zip tie I used to hold it perfectly in place while I drilled the two holes. I ended up clamping this into a machine vise and drilled out with hand drill. Take your time, use oil, don’t go full speed, instead slow grind cuts more material and is more controllable. The little 1/16″ drill bit made it way thought the new site and perfectly aligned. Used some compressed air to blow metal shavings away, then used my 1/8″ punch, to tap the two friction pins back thru. I’m extremely happy with the final product. The main point to this review is to assure potential buyer that THIS DOES FIT THE RUGER P89. Buy with confidence. You will be happy you did. Oh, and I used some flat black nail polish and a tooth pic to black out the two white dots on the rear sight after these photos. Very easy to find my sight picture now. Can’t wait to get this to the range! Read more

    3. Mike In San Diego

      what a great idea. I got this to replace the “iron” sites that came on a ruger. This is much better than buying bottles of florescent nail polish (and you don’t get weird looks from the clerk) I like the idea of being able to change out the color. First time shooting with this improved my sight picture by a large margin. Just for information, I was going to put them on myself, but decided to let a gunsmith do it, and was glad I did, as it was more than just remove and replace. NOTICE: I have NOT receive this product for free or at a reduced price to make an “unbiased” review. I paid for it myself. I have NOT received any compensation to review the product. The above review is my opinion, after having purchased and used the product. SO THERE! Read more

    4. Boomer

      Bought for Ruger SP101 357 removed factory sight and when tried to insert Hiviz sight would not fit into sight slot , was wider then factory, had too do so much filing all the way up close to fiber optic rod. By time I got it thin enough to fit and then when drilling the insert tab broke and sight was usless.. Read more

    5. gaston

      Fit perfect.. did the drilling myself and fit perfect . Makes the gun look even better too. Much better in low light conditions too. Read more

    6. JW

      Like everyone else I had to shave off a little from the sided of the sight to get into the slot. Actually worked it in the slot about half way before filing off anything. It was so much of a tight fit I used a diamond file and only needed to remove the black coating and very little metal. Still a tight fit which is like the factory sight. Clamped in place with a thin coating of blue locktite. Slowly drilled from both sides alternating two or three times until I drilled through the new sight. Re-installed the roll pin and it fits and looks great. Not for everyone but I didn’t think it was that difficult. Have not fired yet to test for POA. Read more

    7. Matt

      Love it. I think it is better than the night sight. Though this doesn’t glow in the dark it stands out and is super easy to pick up. My brother has the night sight on his and while it gives you a tiny little dot in pitch black you can see the small white dot during light is not as easy to pick up or acquire your targets with. Plus this one is cheaper and I like the way it looks!!! Read more

    8. M.Lee

      Love this sight. It fits on my sp101 snubbie perfectly. I think what people are complaining about is due to the tight fit of the sight. I had to tap it in a few times with a hammer to get it flush but once it’s in there it’s in there so tight, you couldn’t pull it out by hand. No sanding was needed and I had it on the gun in 10 minutes. Broke my first drill bit so be careful drilling the hole and use a sharp bit. So much better than the factory sight and was a cheap yet huge upgrade to the sp101 Read more

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