Hiviz ruger mark ii & iii / browning buckmark fiber optic sight

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  • make certain this fits by means of coming into your model range.
  • all metal creation
  • includes six litepipes, in various colorings
  • suits all ruger mk i, ii, iii and mk iv heavy barrel guns
  • comes with a key to replace the litepipes

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from the manufacturer

why hiviz?

  • guarantees fast sight acquisition and a vibrant sight picture day or night time.
  • our attractions fall under 4 principal categories:

  • litewaveh3—combines tritium with our litepipe technology for 24-hour illumination
  • litewave–features a latest exoskeleton frame permitting an extraordinary quantity of light to go into the litepipe, consists of additional litepipes that may be interchanged
  • overmolded sights–functions an optical-grade resin injection molded thru the steel base of the sight and around the litepipe, does no longer permit for the converting of litepipes
  • adjustable rifle attractions: the front and rear sight units are available with elevation and windage adjustability and our interchangeable litepipes
  • clean changeable litepipes for trendy litewave points of interest to healthy any condition and any shooter
  • we provide the largest breadth of skus to in shape a big array of handguns, shotguns and rifles available on the market these days. We provide something for all and sundry!
  • all hiviz sights are constructed to rigid standards the use of only the highest high-quality substances, then shooter-tested to ensure they’ll withstand the test of time. Litepipes are fabricated from a chemical-resistant fabric and injection molded to achieve maximum brightness and a constant sight photograph.

    optically green

    recessed litepipe gets rid of halo and reveals a crisp, clear dot.


  • attractions are cut away inside the middle to allow most light collecting from any perspective at the same time as retaining power
  • our litepipe generation is the brightest in the marketplace making sure a vibrant sight photograph while you want it
  • unique

    square sight profile for precision rear sight alignment.

    made within the usa!

    we proudly make our merchandise inside the united states of america!

    optically efficient



    made inside the united states of america!


    all sight bases are stable metallic creation.

    well suited

    dovetails are designed to fit original manufacturer’s dimensions.


    ramped and serrated to reduce glare.

    holster pleasant

    we pay strict interest to contouring all our handgun points of interest to be as easy and snag free as feasible.




    holster pleasant

    product description

    hiviz interchangeable front sight for ruger mark i, ii, iii and iv metallic bull barrel pistols. Additionally fits: ruger 22/45 with adjustable rear sight (does not match the 22/forty five lite); ruger single-six revolvers with adjustable rear sight; browning greenback mark pistols (does now not healthy the project, five. 5 target, and five. 5 subject). Includes six litepipes in green, red and white. Specifications: – class: gun points of interest – kind: sight – material: metal – colour: black – firearm kind: mkii/mkiii and buckmark – fiber optic coloration: inexperienced/crimson

    8 reviews for Hiviz ruger mark ii & iii / browning buckmark fiber optic sight

    1. Steve

      It fit perfectly on my Browning Buckmark Camper and is very bright in sunlight. I have tried two of the red and green sights that came with it. Personally preferred the green. Would recommend to a friend. Read more

    2. Ron M.

      i purchased two of these sights, one for a buckmark and one for a 22/45 lite. i noticed that the first sight while still in the package was missing the litepipe. it was flopping around in the plastic package. After comparing it to the other sight i realized the tension spring the keeps the lightpipe in place was missing. i found the tension spring(flat spring) also in the bottom of the plastic package. i was able to use a punch to reset the spring into place. the other sight seems to be perfect and has had no issues. the pipe seems to be tight and stable, but the jury is still out on the broken one, time will tell if it holds up to recoil. overall i am not impressed with this hiviz product. Read more

    3. danny

      Worthless for buckmark. Sight is substantially taller than stock making it near impossible to hit anything with accuracy. 2stars on ease of install and in all fairness it does indicate for Ruger primarily.. they should remove the buckmark inference completely. If u do buy them for buckmark after reading this don’t say I didn’t tell you so. Read more

    4. Fred E. Elum

      I have several fiber optic sights. I put one on my Buckmark several years ago and now I put them on all my target pistols. I bought this for my Ruger Mark II Target 5.5″ barrel. It says on the package it is not compatible with it. It fits on the barrel just fine and the provided screw fits. It does hang over the front of the barrel chamfering a little though. Options are go back to the Ruger “meat hook” front sight, deal with the slight overhang, or have a gunsmith drill and tap a new hole 1/4″ behind the existing one. It comes with 3 red and 3 green pipes, hex head socket screw (didn’t check thread pitch), sight, pipe removal tool, and pipe holder. Overall, I recommend a fiber optic front sight for anyone. Gun control is Focus on the Front Sight Post!!! After using the sight I noticed that it leans to the left 1-2 degrees. This is not acceptable with a front sight. I love the fiber optic sight, but this is poor quality control. It’s going back. Look carefully for this before installing. The post should be perpendicular to the mount shoulder. I returned the first one and received a second from Amazon with the exact same defect. I called Hi-Viz and they sent me a replacement. The replacement was better, but still not perfect. Hi-Viz told me they are molded at about 2X size then sintered which shrinks and bonds the metal. Overall, I made it work. Check your quality control before installing. Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      As advertised, this sight fit like a glove. I have a Buck Mark ll and I am still testing the different color inserts in different light situations. So far the lighter orange pipe has worked best in most conditions. Just remember, this sight is not “glow in the dark”, you still have to have a light source to make the pipe glow. Otherwise you are shooting with a dark front sight. My only gripe is the price, a bit much in my opion but Read more

    6. Open N. Honest

      This sight is a fantastic replacement. Don’t let the picture fool you. It comes with several replacement pipes (both red and yellow/green), a removal tool, and a small device that essentially works like the chambers on a revolver, allowing you to store your extra light pipes as if you were loading rounds into a revolver. Pretty neat. I never realized either that the factory sights on the Buckmark camper were plastic. This replacement is metal and significantly more durable. The fiber optic pipe gathers the available light and gives you a nice dot to put between the rear sights. Hands down, I would buy this again. Installation was as easy as could be. (I definitely wouldnt use the “recommended” gunsmith approach. Anyone can do this). Read more

    7. D. Dixon

      Just installed this on my Buckmark Standard. Installation couldn’t have been any easier. It’s so easy to get the front sight on target now. The stock front sight gave my aging eyes quite a challenge to pick it out from the black rear sight. I really appreciate the included holder for the extra light pipes. The tool used to remove the pipes attaches conveniently to the holder. The heights of the stock and Hi Viz sights are identical. Read more

    8. Wally

      Just received this front sight for my Browning Buckmark Camper. It was the right choice and install was a breeze. Cant wait to take the gun to the range in the morning. I think I will be very happy. Might purchase the sights for my shield. Read more

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