Hiviz smith and wesson m&p pistol front sight, 0. 22-inch

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  • make certain this fits by means of entering your model variety.
  • hi-viz suits m&p22
  • fits m&p22 complete size
  • does now not fit m&p22 compact
  • sturdy and vivid
  • easy to install
  • recreation type: tactical & navy
  • contemporary new design interchangeable front sight
  • rugged skeletonized one-piece sight body machined from solid bar inventory
  • inner imperative locking machine
  • includes red, green and white litepipes and key to change litepipes
  • suits: smith & wesson m&p22 only

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why hiviz?

  • ensures rapid sight acquisition and a brilliant sight picture day or night time.
  • our sights fall beneath 4 main categories:

  • litewaveh3—combines tritium with our litepipe era for twenty-four-hour illumination
  • litewave–features a ultra-modern exoskeleton frame permitting an unprecedented amount of mild to go into the litepipe, consists of additional litepipes that may be interchanged
  • overmolded sights–features an optical-grade resin injection molded via the steel base of the sight and around the litepipe, does no longer permit for the changing of litepipes
  • adjustable rifle sights: front and rear sight units are available with elevation and windage adjustability and our interchangeable litepipes
  • easy changeable litepipes for widespread litewave points of interest to suit any circumstance and any shooter
  • we provide the most important breadth of skus to suit a massive array of handguns, shotguns and rifles on the market these days. We offer some thing for every body!
  • all hiviz sights are constructed to inflexible standards using best the best fine materials, then shooter-tested to make sure they’ll resist the take a look at of time. Litepipes are manufactured from a chemical-resistant material and injection molded to attain maximum brightness and a steady sight photo.

    optically efficient

    recessed litepipe removes halo and exhibits a crisp, clear dot.


  • attractions are reduce away inside the middle to allow maximum light amassing from any attitude whilst maintaining electricity
  • our litepipe technology is the brightest on the market making sure a shiny sight picture while you need it
  • specific

    square sight profile for precision rear sight alignment.

    made within the u. S.!

    we proudly make our products inside the america!

    optically green



    made inside the u. S. A.!


    all sight bases are strong steel construction.

    well matched

    dovetails are designed to fit unique manufacturer’s dimensions.


    ramped and serrated to lessen glare.

    holster pleasant

    we pay strict interest to contouring all our handgun sights to be as smooth and snag free as feasible.


    like minded


    holster pleasant

    product description

    hiviz smith and wesson m&p 22 the front sight. Present day new design interchangeable front sight. Rugged skeletonized one-piece sight frame machined from strong bar inventory. Internal indispensable locking machine . Includes red, green and white litepipes and key to exchange litepipes. Fits: smith & wesson m&p22 simplest.

    8 reviews for Hiviz smith and wesson m&p pistol front sight, 0. 22-inch

    1. James Lee

      Awesome inexpensive upgrade for M&P22 front sights. This review is written with attached photos (please see photos). The shooting doctrine of focusing on the front sight is difficult on a stock M&P22 because of the poor quality of the factory front sight — a tiny white dot barely visible even under bright lighting. I was constantly frustrated with being unable to have a clear point of focus to lock on to while framing sight alignment into my sight picture because of this. I got so tired of this that I decided to try and drill a larger dimple and paint it blaze orange (which was a huge disaster – don’t bother trying this). Ending up with an even more unusable front sight, I happened to find this one and seeing how inexpensive it was decided to give it a try. I am beyond pleased with the product and its results. INSTALLATION: This is literally a one-minute installation. You’ll need a .050 hex wrench. Use this to remove the screw in the center of the factory front sight. Once this is loosened, simply slide the factory front sight off to the left or right (either way works). The screw holds the sight “wings” upward against a small lip on the slide when tightened; when loosened the sight can be easily pushed off. Simply slide the HIVIZ front sight into the front sight groove and you’ll find that the ends are aligned perfectly with the bevel on the slide (make sure the two screws are not sticking down or you’ll scratch your slide). Tighten down the two screws with the .050 hex wrench, and you’re done. When you get to the range and want to make some minute adjustments and then lock them in, use your loctite then. CHANGING FROM GREEN TO ORANGE TO WHITE: The HIVIZ kit comes with a Green, an Orange, and a White optic tube. I get quicker acquisition with the Orange, but can’t see it as well in dimmer light as the Green. I don’t care too much for the White. The kit comes with a key that holds the other two optic tubes when not in use, and is used to remove the installed optic tube by simply pushing on it (see photo) – very easy. PERFORMANCE: My biggest gripe with the factory M&P22 front sight was that I couldn’t see it and lock onto it during presentation and acquisition. This completely fixed that problem. Even in relatively dim light, these optic tubes scream brightly (see photos). They are, however, just like the regular M&P9/40 front sights at night (hard to see, as they are NOT night sights); but still a huge improvement over the barely visible factory M&P22 front sight. This also made an enormous difference with a suppressor that blocks the Point Of Aim (POA) when attached. With the factory M&P22 front sight, the entire sight post became invisible against the suppressor. Now I can actually focus on a bright dot, line it up with my rear sights, and shoot as accurately as I could unsuppressed. It’s not a taller sight, but now I can put the dot where it needs to be instead of just guessing where the front sight was. After installing and shooting, I didn’t have to change POA to get the same POI — the POA/POI is indistinguishable from the factory sights and doesn’t require adjustment. Same grouping when standing still, aiming and shooting from 10 out to 25 yards using regular old CCI standard velocity 1070 subsonic. What did improve drastically was speed and accuracy in dynamic shooting. Whereas before, every time I had to acquire a new target I had to search for the front sight, now my eyes automatically lock onto it and follow it through presentation smoothly from target to target. Dollar per value point, this is probably the best investment I’ve made in any aftermarket modification. Highly recommended. Read more

    2. FrequentAmazonBuyer

      I was not sure how well this item would work, but given the reasonable price and what I had on the firearm, it was worth a try. These are very bright in normal daylight, and facilitate fast target acquisition. I am not sure what they would look like in a dark setting, but that does not matter to me, because my target shooting is in daylight only. Read more

    3. Amazon_customer…

      I wanted to use my 45 year old Ruger 10/22 for steel matches. I received the gun for my 11th birthday. 45+11 years, my eyes don’t see the stock front sight so well anymore. The HIVIZ sight works great for my purpose. I wouldn’t recommend it for longer distance, precision shooting because it is very large, but its perfect for steel match competition. Read more

    4. GaryM

      I bought this to replace the “small” white dot factory sight on my S&W M&P 22 full size. I currently have the red light pipe installed and am quite happy with it, however the green may show up better in dim light. This sight is NOT glow in the dark! The front sight on the M&P is secured with a small allen head screw and a correct sized wrench is supplied with the pistol by S&W. I placed a piece of scotch Magic Mending tape on the slide and made a pencil mark at the center of the old sight. Lossen the screw and remove the old sight. Slide the new sight into place and tighten the two screws after lining up with the mark on the tape. Remove the tape and enjoy your new sight. Read more

    5. PeteyD

      Just installed the front sight on my M&P22 Fullsize. Went in very easily and the fiber optic is very visible (seems like the red one is the brightest). For those of you wondering, the sight is the same height as the factory one and will not clear a suppressor or other muzzle device. I would recommend throwing some lock-tite on for good measure too. Read more

    6. David J. Ramsey

      The sights on the M&P 22 are just terrible. My old eyes just could not see the front sight. This sight changes that a a really reasonable price. Shooting accuracy has really improved now that I can actually see the front sight. I know there is some variance from gun to gun and sight to sight, but the HiViz for me was very easy to install. If anything it was a little loose. You will need a .05 Allen wrench to get the sight tight enough to get it to stay put. I would rather that it was a little loose to start than too tight and needed some filing. It is tight now, looks good, still fits the holster the same. Read more

    7. Grayhawk1

      Replaced the factory sights on my M&P22 with this front sight and also the matching rear sight – which is necessary given the black metal rear sight that comes with this handgun. Incidentally, the M&P22 is a great gun if you are looking for a full frame training gun with SA trigger or for a comfortable gun your wife or girlfriend can handle. And, with these sights it’s a pleasure to shoot. Amazon always has good prices, but I would advise having a gunsmith install if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t have the tools. It only cost me $40. You have to know what you know, and the savings of doing it yourself can’t compare if you screw up a valuable piece of equipment. Read more

    8. Steve Kincaid

      While I like the sight, the one I received does not fit tight in the channel. Also the to set screws for this sight or at least mine are not .050 Allen head screws, their smaller. Even using blue lock tight the sight is loose. When looking from the side you see a large gap between the bottom of the sight and the frame of the gun. Read more

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