Hiviz spark iii shotgun the front rifle sight substitute

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  • ensure this fits by using coming into your model number.
  • the bundle length is sixteen. 51 centimeters
  • the package deal peak is 1. 016 centimeters
  • the package width is nine. 906 centimeters
  • bundle weight : zero. 05 pounds

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from the manufacturer

why hiviz?

  • guarantees rapid sight acquisition and a brilliant sight image day or night time.
  • our points of interest fall below four important categories:

  • litewaveh3—combines tritium with our litepipe generation for 24-hour illumination
  • litewave–features a today’s exoskeleton body allowing an extraordinary quantity of light to enter the litepipe, consists of additional litepipes that can be interchanged
  • overmolded points of interest–features an optical-grade resin injection molded through the steel base of the sight and around the litepipe, does no longer permit for the converting of litepipes
  • adjustable rifle sights: the front and rear sight units are to be had with elevation and windage adjustability and our interchangeable litepipes
  • smooth changeable litepipes for widespread litewave attractions to fit any situation and any shooter
  • we offer the most important breadth of skus to in shape a big array of handguns, shotguns and rifles on the market these days. We provide something for absolutely everyone!
  • all hiviz points of interest are built to rigid standards using most effective the best fine substances, then shooter-tested to make sure they’ll withstand the check of time. Litepipes are made from a chemical-resistant cloth and injection molded to gain maximum brightness and a consistent sight photo.

    optically green

    recessed litepipe removes halo and famous a crisp, clear dot.


  • attractions are reduce away within the center to allow maximum mild accumulating from any attitude whilst preserving electricity
  • our litepipe era is the brightest on the market ensuring a vibrant sight picture while you want it
  • particular

    square sight profile for precision rear sight alignment.

    made inside the united states!

    we proudly make our merchandise within the america!

    optically efficient



    made within the u. S.!


    all sight bases are stable steel production.

    well matched

    dovetails are designed to match authentic producer’s dimensions.


    ramped and serrated to lessen glare.

    holster pleasant

    we pay strict attention to contouring all our handgun attractions to be as easy and snag unfastened as possible.


    like minded


    holster pleasant

    8 reviews for Hiviz spark iii shotgun the front rifle sight substitute

    1. Sam Davis

      This is the second hi viz sight I have used on a shotgun and I am impressed. On a Mossberg 590/Shockwave, it was a five minute deal. 5/32” socket gets the brass bead off, instructions on back tell which screw fits popular guns. Blue loctite on the threads, screw it down and you’re done. I used a very small pair of pliers to snug the sight down. Some say the post protrudes into the inside of the barrel, but not on my gun (the 590s have a thick wall barrel- 500s have a thin wall barrel). I stuck with the green pipe that came in it, looks good. It is not too small in my opinion, because a taller or wider sight would be a snag issue and would be out of proportion. Overall, a good upgrade Read more

    2. splash

      anyone looking to put this on a new rossi ss notorious for the front sight flying off this is it . nailed it. i cant tell you which stud worked cuz i had them all out but one of them works perfectly so try them all. they are so small and hard to work with but they do work and very well. loctite it and go shoot . it is very small but perfect for that single shot . i was so happy to find something that worked because rossi is worthless for parts replacement dont even try . Read more

    3. Emory White

      I bought this sight to replace a brass bead on a single shot 410. The kit comes with a number of small set screws for attaching the sight. Because there is too little material at the base of the sight for a thru hole, the base of the sight itself is tapped. Likewise, the hole in the barrel of your shotgun is tapped. This means you have two sets of internal threads on the same screw. When you get the orientation of the bead sight correct, it may not be tight. When you get the sight screwed on tight, the orientation may not be correct. The way to fix this is to slowly grind or file away material from the sight base. Each time you do so, when you re-tighten it, it will snug up in a slightly different orientation. After much work, it will be both snug and in the correct direction. At that point, I would recommend touching up the bare metal of the sight base with some cold blue and using red loctite on both threads. Mine looks great, but it did take a lot of patience to get it right. Read more

    4. Matno

      Looks good. As others have mentioned, the install is not as simple as it could be (and the instructions aren’t great). I just installed mine slightly loose and added some blue loctite. Seems solid now. Like others, I was surprised at how small it is. It is smaller in diameter than the factory bead it replaced. That in and of itself isn’t a big deal, but the fiber optic rod is also kind of short, which means it’s not super bright. I don’t think it helps that the end of the fiber bends down, which means it’s not gathering light at that end, only from the sides. I have another longer one that is MUCH brighter. Overall though, it will serve it’s purpose and is a big step up from the plain white bead that came with the gun. Read more

    5. GK

      Got these for my Mossberg 930 and Beretta 300 to help liven up the optics a bit. I wish the install was a bit nicer though, as the way these have to twist on it actually did a bit of a number on the Bottomland coating on my Mossberg. The pipes are only a hair larger than what comes from the factory, and are a fraction brighter under direct light, when comparing the factory red to the provided red. Having the ability to switch to green (much brighter), and white (when you wanna tone down), is where the true utility in this product comes from. Read more

    6. Casey

      Worked exactly as stated took about 10 mins to install. Screwed in sight wasnt straight so took off and backed out the base screw out a hair put it back on and it locked up straight and true. Take off blue loctite back on and she’s done. Also it came with a red,green, and white front sight. I thought I was only getting the green. BONUS! Only reason it gets a four is because I had to dremel off some of the bottom because it protruded into the barrel of my Mossberg 500. Read more

    7. Michael M.

      Looks good, but installation is not as simple as it looks. The sight is separate from the post, and turns freely when turning the sight to tighten. Mine kept tightening down with the sight reversed. Instructions say to sand down the barrel to adjust, but I didn’t want to ruin the Marinecote of my 590. Finally, paid a gunsmith to install. Read more

    8. SMB

      Really makes your front bead stand out even in darker environments. The kit comes with 5 different screws to attach for different models. Sorry for you guys that bought welded front sites. Little difficult for me to install, but when competed been satisficed. Read more

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