Hiviz sw2014 interchangeable fashion front sight for smith & wesson m&p widespread

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  • ensure this fits by means of coming into your model quantity.
  • suits smith & wesson m&p complete size, compact and protect in all calibers. Does no longer in shape the mp9l or m&p seasoned.
  • interchangeable style the front sight
  • includes 3 fiber optic litepipes in inexperienced, crimson, and white
  • includes wearing case and key.

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hiviz s&w m&p full size, compact, and m&p protect litewave the front sight

hiviz litewave front sight for smith & wesson m&p pistols. Fits full size, compact and guard models; does not suit the m&p 22. Includes inexperienced, crimson and white replaceable litepipes.

hiviz s&w m&p and m&p guard litewave front sight

enhance the performance of your m&p with a hiviz litewave sight. Our vibrant and extremely-durable hiviz sights will enhance your self belief and capturing revel in.

hiviz s&w m&p full size, compact, and m&p guard litewave front sight

  • hiviz interchangeable litepipe the front sight
  • consists of green, purple and white litepipes
  • all metal production
  • litepipe diameter, front sight 0. 090
  • manufacturing facility peak front sight zero. One hundred sixty x 0. A hundred twenty five extensive
  • hiviz s&w m&p complete size, compact, and m&p shield litewave front sight

    fits: m&p fashions fullsize, compact, defend and m&p m2. 0. Does not in shape middle, fullsize m&p 22 or 22 compact

    hiviz litewave the front sight for smith & wesson m&p pistols

    hiviz litewave the front sight for s&w m&p pistols

    hiviz sw2011 sight

    hiviz sw2014 packaged product

    product description

    hiviz® litewave® the front sight for smith & wesson m&p pistols. Suits complete size, compact and protect models; does no longer in shape the m&p 22. Consists of inexperienced, purple and white replaceable litepipes.

    8 reviews for Hiviz sw2014 interchangeable fashion front sight for smith & wesson m&p widespread

    1. Alejandro Fernandez

      Don’t know why so many bad reviews having to do with this sight breaking during installation. I took off the slide and clamped it down on a vice.I used cardboard and painters tape to protect the slide from damage. I used a hosehold hammer and a solid scewdriver to pound out the original sight. I used the same screwdriver to pound in the new sight. I only would hit it at the base. took about 15 min. I used a caliper tool to center it. I installed this on a 5″ FDE M&P 40 M2.0… It does come with 3 color pipes. Red, green and white. So far, I like em. I’ll probably get the HIVIZ rear sight soon. Read more

    2. Supersmalley

      Had one of these before and really liked it. Was looking for a shorter sight for Hudson H9 and since it uses the same front sights as the M&P decided to get another. Nice big dot allows for easy pick up in light and medium light. Most Fiber optic sights use thin narrow fiber rods which is actually better for precision shooting. But I like the way my eye naturally draws to the bigger fiber rod. Also the bigger the dot the easier it is to pick up naturally. Changing the front sight is really easy on this sight because they give you a red and a white replacement rod a carrier so you don’t lose the rod and a built in tool to change the rods in the carrier. When I purchased mine I believe it was 25 bucks or so. Most aftermarket front sights are gonna run you 50 bucks after shipping. Some more than that before shipping. This is a lower height than what my gun had on it from the factory so it should alleviate my shooting low issue as well. I have pistol sights from HIVIZ. A shotgun sight from HIVIZ. Gotta say when it comes to being able to see your sight HIVIZ defiantly lives up to the name. Read more

    3. J. Wildman

      Awesome sight! I had installed on my m&p 2.0 compact in probably less than 10 minutes. Fit perfect and required no fitting on my part. I can’t guarantee that you will have the same luck as this is the first time I didn’t have to file anything down. I really don’t get all the negative reviews. If you install them properly you won’t damage the sight. You can’t bang on the part that holds the fiber optic. I literally used a C clamp to hold the slide firmly against my work bench and grabbed a punch and tapped it in.. Carefully! I just used a regular punch, although it will make mar the black finish on the sight. Not a big deal to me.. Little touch up flat black and you would have to look really hard to tell. If that would bother you.. Invest in some brass punches. I do have them, but it’s much quicker with a regular punch so that’s how it went down. Further note, these are not night sights! However, they really pop in regular outdoor light and will be a huge improvement over that factory white dot. I have installed Hi Viz on just about every gun I’ve bought. I usually buy a set of rear sights to go with, but decided to just black out the factory white dots with this gun. $25 after tax… I’m a happy man. Read more

    4. Randy Henke

      Installed on S&W M&P shield. This sight is very visible in the daytime and much more visible in low light situations than the factory front sight. Included in the package are red and green fiber optic lite pipes and a white plastic insert. Seems well made and install was straight forward. I did polish the sides of the dovetails on the side and bottom before installing. Using a brass punch to remove old sight and install new the brass punch did ding the sight on the side slightly making it slightly harder to take measurements to ensure it was centered. The old site was not dinged when removed. Will purchase the rear sites in the future. Read more

    5. Vinny m

      I ordered this and all looked well when it came out of the package however when installing the site bent as soon as pressure was applied. I ordered a replacement from Amazon and return the original. The replacement also bent during installation. I was using a very Advanced sight Pusher that has precise alignments everything was as close as you could get it without taking finish off the gun yet somehow the sight managed to get bent over sideways. Upon closer inspection the rear sight that matches this does not appear to be injection molded however this site has seams in it as if it is injection-molded or cast. It is obvious that the metal is made very soft as the dovetail on the M&P slide also bent the rim of the dovetail on on the sight. I would not buy this front sight again. Read more

    6. Martygraw

      This is a great sight, I like the ability to change the light tube colors. I would recommend that anyone buying it should watch the HIVIZ installation video for their particular style of sight. This will help you determine if you have the skill level to install it or have it done professionally. I installed my own and had a lot of difficulty removing my old sight, because it is a very tight fit and I had to do some sanding on the bottom of the HIVIZ sight base to get a perfect fit. The SW2014 has a tapered side that goes in first just like the original sight so the sights can only be removed and installed in one direction, to do otherwise will result in damage to the sight. Read more

    7. Reader

      Pros: I liked the price initially. Easy to install. Prompt delivery Cons:. Work ok in direct overhead sunlight. From shade, indoors, or darker environments, sights are much harder to see than original factory sights. Kept them too long before putting them on and realizing they were not meant for me. Could not send back. Do not recommend unless you are going to shoot in direct sunlight, and even then, they are iffy and not much better than oem. Read more

    8. chris roosen

      Installed on a 5″ m&p 2.0 with stock rear sights. I did it myself with just punches and a hammer without a problem, no need for a sight pusher. Shooting pre-dawn this thing was glowing like it was battery powered! Very happy with this and it was a good upgrade from the other FO sight I had installed. No POI shift, I was dead on, hitting the 12″ plate at 60 yards. Read more

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