Hiviz xd2014 springfield armory xd interchangeable litewave the front handgun sight

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  • ensure this suits by means of coming into your version number.
  • litewave interchangeable the front sight
  • diagonal-wave design for expanded sturdiness and brightest sight
  • skeletonized sight frame
  • fits all springfield xd, xds and xd-m pistols
  • recreation type: tactical & army

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from the manufacturer

why hiviz?

  • guarantees fast sight acquisition and a vivid sight image day or night time.
  • our attractions fall under four predominant categories:

  • litewaveh3—combines tritium with our litepipe technology for twenty-four-hour illumination
  • litewave–features a brand new exoskeleton body allowing an exceptional amount of mild to go into the litepipe, includes additional litepipes that can be interchanged
  • overmolded sights–functions an optical-grade resin injection molded through the steel base of the sight and across the litepipe, does no longer allow for the changing of litepipes
  • adjustable rifle sights: front and rear sight sets are available with elevation and windage adjustability and our interchangeable litepipes
  • smooth changeable litepipes for popular litewave points of interest to healthy any condition and any shooter
  • we provide the largest breadth of skus to healthy a large array of handguns, shotguns and rifles on the market these days. We offer something for every person!
  • all hiviz sights are constructed to rigid requirements the use of only the very best pleasant materials, then shooter-examined to ensure they’ll face up to the take a look at of time. Litepipes are made from a chemical-resistant cloth and injection molded to acquire most brightness and a consistent sight photo.

    optically green

    recessed litepipe eliminates halo and reveals a crisp, clean dot.


  • sights are reduce away inside the center to permit most light collecting from any attitude while keeping strength
  • our litepipe era is the brightest on the market ensuring a shiny sight photograph whilst you want it
  • precise

    square sight profile for precision rear sight alignment.

    made within the u. S.!

    we proudly make our products within the united states!

    optically efficient



    made in the u. S.!

    long lasting

    all sight bases are solid metallic production.


    dovetails are designed to fit original manufacturer’s dimensions.


    ramped and serrated to reduce glare.

    holster friendly

    we pay strict attention to contouring all our handgun sights to be as smooth and snag free as possible.

    long lasting

    well matched


    holster pleasant

    product description

    hiviz technology interchangeable fashion front sight, consists of 3 litepipes in inexperienced, purple and white and key. Suits all springfield xd, xds and xd-m pistols besides the xd five and five. 25 fashions. Blade peak is 0. One hundred sixty and width is 0. 125 dot diameter is 0. 080.

    8 reviews for Hiviz xd2014 springfield armory xd interchangeable litewave the front handgun sight

    1. AmazonTX

      Ordered this sight for a 3.8″ XDM 9mm. Had a gunsmith remove original sight and install this one. It performs very well. The optic colors are extremely easy to change out with the provided tool (which also doubles as storage for the extra fiber optic tubes). One great thing is that it comes with the solid white tube so if you decide you don’t really want the glow of the dot on that particular day, you can throw the solid white dot in and it’s back to an almost stock looking setup. For as cheap and easy as these are…I say go for it. Read more

    2. Jon J.

      Pros: affordable, more visible than the factory sight post Cons: highly difficult to install, not very bright unless it is exposed to direct light This is a decent product for the price, but it is not highly visible unless a direct light source is hitting the fiber optic tube. Additionally, getting this thing installed is a total pain. The XDM is not friendly when it comes to sight removal and you have to be careful as to avoid breaking either the old sight or the new one during installation. Read more

    3. beatlesrubbersoul

      Item is extremely difficult to install, even with a sight pusher. I got it about 95% installed and realized, I should take to a gunsmith to fine tune it. He even had a hard time moving it. One in place, it functions properly and is highly visible. I think HIVIZ should provide proper instructions and reference videos. Read more

    4. Paul

      Hiviz has always made great sights. You will need a sight pusher tool to push the old sight out and push the new ones in. Or some people only need to tweek the existing sight right or left on their guns. It’s bright as heck and gives your gun a whole new sight picture. I like it very well. Read more

    5. Kent w.

      Spent hours research and these are the sites that I chose why did Nite Glow not in my budget but these were did not install son showed up and gave me a killer set of night Glow do you know which ones I installed these sites are a good value I’ll save you some research if nite Glow is not in your budget Read more

    6. Corey P

      Did what I wanted it to. Easier to see than Factory sights Read more

    7. Rick

      Great help for aging eyes, i can see green better than red and this made a big difference being the original sight was a white dot. used the Universal Hand Gun Sight Tool – By OTG to swap out the sights Read more

    8. Rick Russell

      I was having a lot of trouble picking my frond sight. I installed HIVIZ front sight and now I am able to pick up the front sight much quicker. My accuracy is improving. Now for the final test will be in the indoor shooting range. Read more

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