Holosun – hs503cu paralow solar micro red dot sight with 1x magnification, 2 moa dot, and sixty five moa circle (matte black)

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  • make certain this fits with the aid of getting into your version quantity.
  • micro purple dot sight: the hs503cu is a 20mm micro optical sight with a long lasting t6061-t6 aluminum housing designed to be made well suited for rifle and carbine packages.
  • top notch led: high capacity cr2032 lithium ion battery with up to one hundred,000 hours of battery existence powers the optic; holosun super leds offer a flexible range of intensity for the brightest environments all the way down to no mild scenario.
  • multi-covered lens: holosun’s optics are manufactured using optical glass with multilayer coatings applied to facilitate most mild transmission and wear resistance while decreasing glare.
  • parallax-loose: when the crimson dot is at the target, so are you; 2 moa dot size.
  • solar failsafe generation: sun failsafe permits the pink dot sight to stay powered whilst your battery fails; also capabilities a light sensor permitting the reticle to robotically regulate brightness under any lighting situations.

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3 reviews for Holosun – hs503cu paralow solar micro red dot sight with 1x magnification, 2 moa dot, and sixty five moa circle (matte black)

  1. LoveMyToys

    I just built a mid-range AR a couple of months ago that, to my surprise, is capable of 1 moa accuracy with quality ammo and, assuming, I do my part. I have primarily been using a Vortex Strikefire and TRS-25 on my earlier builds, which were fine. This cupcake (I named her Hillary) deserves better since she is going to be my gtg, shtf, wrol weapon. I originally was looking into getting an eotech–since I really love the circle dot reticle. However, I don’t love the bulkiness or battery life of the eotechs and prefer the form factor and ridiculous battery life of the Aimpoint Micro H-1. You can’t get an aimpoint with a circle dot reticle though and, frankly, my wallet really couldn’t handle either an eotech or aimpoint. So, hours of research later, I decided to go for the Holosun 503CU. This Holosun 503CU sight is fantastic. It’s like Aimpoint and Eotech got drunk one night, screwed the crap out of each other and had a baby!!! You get the Eotech’s circle dot reticle (actually the Holosun’s reticle is sharper/better than eotech’s) in the form factor of an aimpoint H-2/T-2, except Holosun ditches the bulky side battery compartment for a slide in drawer style (better form factor, but function isn’t awesome). You also get aimpoint levels of battery life (20,000 in circle dot or 50,000 hours in 2moa red dot on auto brightness). Actually, these specs are a little misleading because they are only based on running the sight using battery power, the CU has a solar cell that will power the sight in virtually any kind of lighting and will automatically switch to the battery backup when needed. Using this system, I have no idea how long the battery will last since I haven’t found anyone (or read of anyone) that has killed the included CR2032 battery yet. In theory, this should last 5 years without a battery change in a base model without the solar cell. Holosun hasn’t been around long enough to test the limits of its battery life in the real world. This model also has an auto off feature that will turn the sight off if it senses that it hasn’t been moved in 10 minutes and will automatically turn it on if senses even the slightest movement. There is no need to ever turn this sight off manually (unless you just want to train with iron sights if you’re co-witnessing). Frankly, this is the ultimate GTG, WROL, SHTF sight. In terms of build quality, I can’t really tell a difference between the build quality on this holosun and the aimpoints I have handled. I am not saying that it’s the same quality as an aimpoint (I am sure there are things I can’t see or feel), but it doesn’t feel any different to me. It’s made using the same materials and, frankly, the glass quality on the holosun is really fantastic. It’s very clear… I don’t see difference when compared to the aimpoint–again, maybe there is a difference but I can’t see it. What I do see though is the reticle is extremely crisp and sharp. As much as I like eotech’s reticle, it is a little fuzzy. The Holosun is actually sharper and the auto brightness function is really terrific. It seems to always select the correct brightness–unlike other sights I have used (Lucid HD7 for example). In the past month, I have not felt the need to touch the buttons to adjust anything on the rifle. In fact, other than zeroing the sight, I have not had to make a single adjustment to it. Oh, and yes, it holds zero perfectly even when I have taken the sight off the rifle and put it back on few days later. I do have a couple of criticisms. I really don’t love the battery drawer. It’s difficult to get on and off and the screws they provide are a little soft and strip easily. They provide two of these drawers for a reason apparently. Since will only be changing the battery every 5 or so years (just to be safe), this is not a big deal. The included high rise mount does give you a perfect 1/3 co-witness on an AR. I purchased the 1.4″ riser because I prefer an absolute co-witness (I am glad the offer the option). I do wish that Holosun made their mounts with QD attachments. On the other hand, the will fit on any aimpoint micro patterned mount, so finding a qd riser isn’t a problem (but you’ll have to pay for it). For $275 (I bought it as an amazon warehouse deal for a lot less), the Holosun 503CU is a great deal. For this price, it’s definitely not in the cheap-o category (although you get a 403 in various configurations for $130-180). For the features you get with the 503CU, you are getting a bona fide bargain. If I were actually going to fight in Afghanistan, would I trust my life to the Holosun…. maybe!! I would probably still go for the aimpoint or eotech because they have been battle tested, but I don’t see a reason why the Holosun wouldn’t stand up just as well. For home defense use and prepper purposes, would I trust this sight–hell yes!!! Seriously, before you drop $500 plus on an aimpoint or eotech, give this a try. Buy it on Amazon for the awesome return policy. This sight is so good that I think you’ll find hard (impossible for me) to justify spending the extra $$$ for the aimpoint or eotech. Even if you do go for an aimpoint or eotech, you’ll probably still keep this sight for another one of your babies. Update 1/5/2017: My love for the Holosun has NOT diminished over time. This remains a very solid optic and continues to function flawlessly. I have since added a Primary Arms 3x magnifier (gen IV) with a tms flip to the side mount. It’s a great combo with the holosun and lines up perfectly. It’s really helped me tighten up my groups even further. The reticle looks crisp even under magnification. Update: 12/19/2017 I have had the Holosun HS503CU for well over a year now and it’s still my go to sight. For the past year, it’s been riding on top of my AR, which is usually locked in the trunk of my car–waiting for a free moment to hit the range. So, it’s been there during 95 degree summer days and -5 degree winter days. I never give it a moments thought because everytime I take that rifle out to shoot, the reticle is waiting for me at the perfect brightness setting and I haven’t had to adjust zero since I first got it locked in a year ago. I am still using the original battery that came with the sight and see no change in performance since the day I unboxed the sight for the first time. I have also moved this sight around and had it on several different rifles during the past year. As long as I put it on the same position of any given AR (between the 10-12 mark on the standard flat top AR receiver), I don’t have to adjust for zero on any of my weapons (assuming I am using the same bulk Federal 55gr FMJ ammo). I have it set up now with a primary arms 3x magnifier with a flip to the side mount. The combo works great and I am able to consistently shoot 1.5 moa groups at 100 yards, not counting the occasional flier or my own jerking of the trigger. I am getting this performance using this site, the primary arms magnifier, cheap federal bulk ammo out of a PSA Freedom upper, with 16″ melonite treated barrel. (It’s a respectable, reliable upper, but nothing to write home about.) With this holosun and primary arms combo, I am getting essentially the same accuracy at 100 yards that I get using my Bushnell 1-4x FFP scope. Bushnell Optics FFP Illuminated BTR-1 BDC Reticle-223 Riflescope with Target Turrets and Throw Down PCL, Matte Black, 1-4x/24mm The difference is that I can get much faster target acquisition using the Holosun (with or without the PA magnifier). Beyond 100 yards, the advantage goes to the Bushnell or any other quality magnified scope with a BDC reticle. Since I live in an area where it’s rare that I even get a chance to get to a range with 100 yards or greater distance (have to drive 60 miles to get there), I am more often shooting at 50 yards or less for practice. I also intend for my AR’s to be used for home defense. So, for me, the holosun makes for the perfect companion for any half-way decent AR and is an amazon for the guy that’s been wanting an aimpoint or Eotech for a years, but doesn’t have $500+ to burn. I still believe this sight is every bit as good as those, but without the fancy brand name and price tag. Read more

  2. CKJ

    I have an Eotech 512 and an Eotech XPS2 on my ARs. I saw a Youtube review where the guy mentioned the Holosun. I went on their webpage and did some research, and decided on the 503CU. I am VERY HAPPY that I did. This is an amazing sight! The site has battery & solar power, so if you’re shooting in light, the battery will last essentially forever. I’d like to clarify some features on this also: You can set this sight to auto. It will adjust the brightness of the reticle based on the ambient light. If you set the brightness manually, it will remember that brightness. This is what I’m using because I didn’t like it changing brightness on me. Here’s the thing that I really love about this sight. It is auto on / off. If you leave the sight for 10 minutes, it turns off. That, in itself, is a great feature. But better than that, when you pick up the gun, the sight turns on automatically! This sight is completely automatic. I zeroed it at 36 yards on a CZ Scorpion 9 mm. I am hitting a steel plate at 300 yards with it. I have fired over 300 rounds through the Scorpion with the Holosun on it, and it is still dead on. Bottom line: I cannot say enough good about this sight. It is amazing. I am very happy with it. OH, and one more thing: this sight comes with a riser. I mounted this one on my Scorpion, which was too tall. I removed the riser, and it is perfect. I ordered another one to put on an AR. The riser made it the perfect height for the AR. If you’re on the fence, buy it. You won’t regret it. This is a very nicely made, solid & accurate sight. Read more

  3. Mike

    The product is packaged nicely, comes with two mounts, and should be awesome, but alas it is not. It looks great, but it’s dim. It’s not bright, and there are no two ways about it. If you are using this optic on any type of home defense type weapon with a light, the reticle will completely disappear when the light is activated. The solar feature is effective but kind of cheap and gimmicky, and the battery drawer is odd and sure doesn’t inspire confidence in the overall build quality. Just because they used an eotech style reticle, don’t expect anything on the level of an eotech. The small battery and lack of overall battery power of this unit and the projected battery life of thousands of hours, Vs eotech’s much shorter battery life should basically tell you that unit just isn’t going to be very bright. The fact that you cant use this in conjunction with a weapon light is a dealbreaker for me. Even a cheap bushnell trs25 can do that. Read more

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