Horn hunter op-x bino harness gadget blend camo

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  • ensure this suits by way of coming into your version number.
  • low profile, light weight binocular harness with rangefinder case and rainfly
  • fits mostroof prism 8 to 10 energy binoculars
  • magnetic drop down lid
  • long lasting, mild-weight construction, breathable air mesh harness
  • aspect equipment loops, for radios, rangefinders, etc

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  • does the lid will be inclined to snap again shut whilst you do not want it to? The magnetic cowl on my badlands case does this.
  • query: does the lid have a propensity to snap back shut when you don’t want it to? The magnetic cowl on my badlands case does this. Solution: yes, it does occasionally. More importantly, it’s pretty loud whilst it does so. Via amazon client on january 19, 2020 failed to get answers. See more answers (1) collapse all solutions

  • what are the scale of the bio case?
  • query: what are the dimensions of the bio case? Answer: interior is 7″ extensive, 2″ deep, about 7 1/2″ tall. That is with it open by way of john s. On march 18, 2019 crumble all answers

  • will this suit the vortex vulture hd 15×56?
  • question: will this suit the vortex vulture hd 15×56? Solution: it say fits maximum eight to 10 energy binos. I might have a look at the scale. I did degree mine in comparison to the specs in your binos. It seems like yours could in shape but it will be a close match. By john s. On february 20, 2019 disintegrate all solutions

  • will they healthy 10×42 talons
  • question: will they in shape 10×42 talons answer: i take advantage of virtex 10×42. So i simply cant answer. By way of randy y donley on november 24, 2019 crumble all answers

    8 reviews for Horn hunter op-x bino harness gadget blend camo

    1. J. Tinsley

      Great system! I ordered the camo combo system. I wasn’t sure if my binos would fit because it said it fits 8-10 power binos. I just put my Leopold BX-2 Alpine 12×52 binos in and they fit great. It even has some extra room, so very easy to pull out. The magnetic system for the flap is great! Quiet simple operation. Awesome product for the price! Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      Only knock on this: there is no side pouch(es) for wind-checker & call. There is a back zippered pouch for tags/maps. Love the clasp mechanism. Very quiet, lightweight. Loved that the rangefiner pouch and harness all came with. If you dont have a harness, this is a great value to get you in the field. I would/will sew a side pouch eventually for wind checker. Right now i bought a molle pouch (holds tags, calls, flashlight, extra round) that i strap on the opposite side of the range finder. If youre serious about hunting. This is a great start. Only products I recommend above this NOT over $100 is Vector standard harness. Read more

    3. GreatScot

      I have avoided bino harnesses in the past because they seemed bulky and confining but glad I have this one now. All three of my binos fit: 10×42 10×50 and 12×50. There is no order selection for size however I was sent the large and glad it was not the standard. The magnetic closure and the fact that the lid opens away from the body was a big deal as so few models actually do this. Also it needed to fit under the backpack without any interference, which it does and is not felt at all. Rangefinder pocket,tether and cover are just the perfect reach for me. Read more

    4. edward m. doak

      I have hunted all sorts of big and small game for over 60 years and I never!! Used it new out of the package, some minor adjustment (I hate adjusting bino straps) which was pretty simple, hooked the safety straps up to the binos (10×50), dropped them in, dropped in the rangefinder and really never gave it a second thought for 3 different elk hunts in December. Loved the magnetic closure and you can even turn down the front flap to have exposed binos much like the very noisy zipper type. A winner in my book and mid priced comparatively. Read more

    5. Randy Y Donley

      Great bino covers Just used them during a week long elk hunt. They performed perfectly, quietly, and very easily. Easy to use while wearing a back pack as well. Access to range finder very easy too You cannot go wrong with these. Read more

    6. Bwana

      For those of us who can’t afford Range Finding Binoculars, this harness is the next best thing. The range finder holder keeps it secure, but I added a recoiling ID badge string device just in case I missed the elastic pocket. The bino compartment is easily adjustable, and can hold sunglasses, and gloves along with your binos. Only issue I have with the harness is for the closing magnets to be a little stronger or more of them; otherwise a valued purchase. It held my 10×42 Binos, thin gloves, and a small elk call. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      I really liked the construction of this harness. I have a friend that has the standard size version (Not Large) and he loves it too. I am only returning this because it is TOO BIG for my Leupold Marksman 10×42 binos and it’s a little too bulky when shooting my bow. I’m returning this and ordering part# A07300ST:hopefully this will be the smaller version It would be awesome if Amazon gave you the choice of Standard or Large when ordering these. Read more

    8. Pen Name

      Very nice setup. Magnetic closure isnt the most secure, but will work fine unless you need to do back flips in the field !! Read more

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