Hulkfit 1-inch or 2-inch iron plate for strength schooling, weightlifting and crossfit, single – singles

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  • ensure this fits by using getting into your model variety.
  • manufactured of solid solid iron with a machined hole and an tooth end to enhance sturdiness
  • each plate features grip holes to offer a comfortable hold and a selection of strength schooling sporting events without or with a barbell
  • those weight plates are to be had in 2. 5, five, 10, 25, 35 and 45 kilos
  • weights have a 2in hole to match on all 2in olympic bars. Plates are categorised in both kilos and kilograms for smooth identification
  • recreation type: excercise & health
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hulkfit iron plates are available in 2. 5lb, 5lb, 10lb, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb weight increments across 1in and 2in hole diameters.

iron plates may be used without or with a barbell to enlarge your exercising recurring. Use with a barbell for curls and bench press or without a barbell for floor presses, deadlifts and weighted situps.

manufactured of strong forged iron with a machined hole and an teeth finish to enhance durability


1in – 2.5lbs (SINGLE), 1in – 25lbs (SINGLE), 1in – 35lbs (SINGLE), 1in – 45lbs (SINGLE), 2in – 10lbs (SINGLE), 2in – 2.5lbs (SINGLE), 2in – 25lbs (SINGLE), 2in – 45lbs (SINGLE), 2in – 5lbs (SINGLE)

8 reviews for Hulkfit 1-inch or 2-inch iron plate for strength schooling, weightlifting and crossfit, single – singles

  1. Rolidnot

    Amidst all this COVID mayhem, it’s been very hard to locate iron plates (and dumbbells). I’ve been checking local fitness suppliers weekly for months and they have nothing in stock. They keep telling me “we expect them sometime next month”. That began in March 2020 and it’s now it’s nearly December 2020. I went online months ago searching for plates and the iron plate prices have been astonishing, even for used stuff on eBay. Plates used to be about $1.50 a pound and I’ve seen plate prices over $5 a pound for the brand name iron. So when I saw these plates, I took a chance and ordered them. I wasn’t sure what level quality they would be and when one of the plates arrived today, I was pleasantly surprised. Pro: -Nice fit and finish -The plate was exactly 25 pounds – I put it on my shipping scale (see photo). With generic plates, you never know about the weight accuracy but mine was perfect -Easier to grab versus solid round plates -$2 a pound is reasonable given the circumstances -Quick free shipping – the second plate is due in a couple of days – split shipment. No matter, as long as the quality is good I can happily wait another 2 days for the second plate after searching for them for 8-9 months Con: -None that I can see. I’ve been a gym rat for 50+ years and it’s always been at a membership gym, never had much of my own equipment but COVID has changed that. While I prefer a real gym with my lifting buddies, we have to make concessions these days so I’ve finally accumulated enough gear for a “COVID home gym”. Gyms in NY where I am located had been closed from March – July. They closed last week, probably for months again so a backup plan is required. Even after COVID clears up, hopefully in another 6+ months or so, I’ll still have my backup gear for when the weather is bad or I don’t have time for a gym run. Based on what I’ve seen and measured with these particular plates, I highly recommend them. Hope that helps! Read more

  2. Christina

    These plates have a nice design and are easy to grip. I also received them in a reasonable amount of time. However, I decided to weigh them because they didn’t feel like they weighed the same. I found out that one of the ones I bought is 46lbs and the other is 50lbs. Im not too upset about it because I have 4lb ankle weights and I can just throw one of them on the bar to even it out. Just be aware that the weight might be off by as much as 4 lbs. I’m aware that it’s very common for plates not to weigh exactly what they say, but 4lbs is kind of a lot and can affect the balance of the barbell. Not a deal breaker for me and I even ordered more. Weigh the plates if you buy them! Read more

  3. Paul C

    I ordered the plate in the 1″ standard size for my 1″ standard bar. The plate hole was too small and does not fit on the bar. You would think they would check each plate prior to it leaving the factory. Poor quality control. Read more

  4. Mary Seacross

    I was looking specifically for plates that would fit my 1 inch bar so that I would not have to buy a 2 inch bar which would cost over $300!! This is at a time when nobody had any weights whatsoever due to the virus ! I ordered them on December 22 thinking they would not get them for weeks because of the Christmas holiday. However one week later on the 29th I got them! Very pleased these are very sturdy and you will not have to buy a 2 inch bar. (But, I think if you want a 2 inch bar hole you can have that as an option). As I get stronger I definitely will be purchasing more of these as well as other plates! By the way plates that I purchased from Walmart were stolen by FedEx employees which forced me to go this route. However Amazon was very reliable and I’m very pleased! Read more

  5. Juliana

    I’m so happy I found these HulkFit weight plates. Weight plates are in high demand these days, and prices have truly surged. HulkFit has kept their prices fair, and I’ve found the quality to be higher (and the plates to be nicer looking) than those of CAP (compared to the two 10 and 25 lbs CAP weight plates I own). I bought two 45 lbs plates and I’ve ordered some extra plates (2.5 and 5 lbs) that should be coming in soon. Thanks, HulkFit! Read more

  6. Donna Atwood

    I bought this weight to repair a floor lamp. The original base weight was a plastic-covered concrete which disintegrated over the years and fell apart. So, after hearing from a couple lamp repair shops that it couldn’t be fixed, I tried this. I bought some JB Weld Epoxy and glued this weight inside the base. Now my lamp is fine. Repair is less than half the cost of buying a new lamp, if I could actually find one I liked as much. So, there it is. Read more

  7. Greg

    This is pretty much the only option for a 45lb plate w a 1 inch hole, and it works great in that regard. One side felt noticeably heavier than the other so I weighed the two plates received and they are off by 5lbs (50lbs) and 2 lbs(47 lbs) which is problematic. They work but I wish QC was a bit better Read more

  8. ami

    I was skeptical on ordering from here because the reviews are not very consistent so I ordered 2 25lb plates and to my surprise they are great! I’ve attached a picture using the iphone measuring app you can see that the whole is 1″ and it fit my 1″ bar and the weight is only off by .6 on both of the plates which I dont mind. Read more

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