Hulkfit olympic 2-inch hex weight lifting trap bar, 1000-pound capability

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  • ensure this suits by using entering your version variety.
  • hulkfit hex entice bars come in stlyes: normal and open layout. Each bars have 1. Ninety seven” load diameter to ensure bars match all fashionable 2″ plates
  • each bars are manufactured from completely solid heavy responsibility metallic (now not hollow) with more than a thousand-pound capability. Designed for repeated use and long lasting
  • standard dimensions: fifty six. 1″ l x 21. 65 external bar length: 11. Forty two” between handles: 20. 07″
  • more long loadable sleeves permit you to load extra weights. , which permits you to carry out with a more range of muscle contraction and development
  • multiple knurling positions and lengths to your convenience and protection. Normal and raised handles come up with more flexibility whilst you work with them
  • product weight: forty five pounds (regular), 77 pounds (open-again). Bars simplest. Collars and plates are not covered
  • sport type: powerlifting
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7 reviews for Hulkfit olympic 2-inch hex weight lifting trap bar, 1000-pound capability

  1. Corey L.

    Structural engineer here… I think I’m being very generous with 3 stars here. At the end of the day, the bar probably won’t break during use and will get the job done. But the product quality… Packaging was sketchy to say the least. Opening it up, the welds are just plain terrible. I never would have passed my welding class if I had tried submitting these. Spatter around every weld and rust on the welds. You can tell they just built up the weld to make up for the lack of a good bead. If I may make a tip, tell your welders to hold the bead closer, and going over the same weld to build it up is poor practice. Weld heights are also very inconsistent. Just bad all around. The steel itself seems good. Knurl was VERY aggressive. Loaded 225 for farmers carries and my fingers were screaming after about 10 seconds. But if that’s what you like, maybe it’s for you. Maybe I just have baby hands? At the end of the day, I wouldn’t recommend, but it gets the job done. See my photos for welds and my hands after 15 seconds. Read more

  2. JHB

    shipping was garbage, but i’ve ordered a lot of of gym equipment from amazon that had the same issue. but i mean it was terrible – literally just in a bag, got scratched up pretty good. but i was fine w/ that, it is what it is. however, upon closer inspection, one of the joints was already rusted pretty bad. i’m surprised there was no quality control prior to sending, as it’s obvious this was sitting in a warehouse for quite some time. really poor practice. as for the bar itself, it’s solid, you won’t go wrong there. a great addition to your home gym to be sure. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    So (naturally) I read the full product description and and read thru the reviews and was led to think I would be purchasing a trap bar that could accommodate up to very heavy weights (“1000lb capacity”, “extra long sleeves”) and it wasn’t until receiving my bar that I realized this ONLY applies to the open back style and not the regular hex style offered (and prominently pictured)…the standard style I ordered in fact has rather short sleeves, enough to hold just a few plates on each side including collars…not a challenging or progressive capacity for more advanced lifters, and while the construction is indeed sturdy it is not possible to load even half the weight the listing insists the bar is designed to hold. Also, I see now the reviews are all combined as one and many of the things I read that appealed to me do not apply to the bar I got. This distinction should be clearly made in the description and it should not state both versions have 1000lb capacity when one can’t accommodate even close to that and really they ought to be separately listed altogether so as not to mix reviews of 2 completely different capacity bars and further confuse or mislead potential buyers like this. A sturdy, seemingly quality bar for what it is yes but one that does not meet my needs as the description promises and I basically wasted my money Read more

  4. Matt Petersen

    You are seeing 4 photos, 2 are from the first barbell, and two are from the replacement. So I order this thing, and my experience was the same as other negative reviews you can see. The packaging (if you want to call it that) is a setup for disaster. They are just asking for this thing to be bent and warped. The first one arrived bent at a 30 degree angle. I did not even fully unwrap it. I think, okay, maybe a fluke. I send it back and get the next one. This one is bent the other way at a 10-15 degree angle. Same garbage packaging. I fully unwrap this one. The welds look like amateur hour. They probably did penetrate, but look like a high school shop project. The handles are not even welded in the same position relative to the post that holds the plates. One grip is 3/8 inch closer than the other. (this is from center point to center point, so the bending does not factor in). Think about what that could do to your spine over time. Have some pride hulkfit. This is junk. This is yet one more product that makes me question the validity of amazon reviews. You cannot tell me this was a fluke. This is how all of them are being made. Read more

  5. Nicole reeves

    I purchased this bar as a gift for someone for Christmas and paid extra for the black finish. The bar itself seems sturdy and feels nice and heavy, but the black finish is disappointing, with the finish already flaking and wearing off before they have even had a chance to use it. If I had known the finish was so poor on the black version I would have saved the money and gotten the chrome finish. Read more

  6. Adam To

    Bought this bar for my clients and colleagues to use at the facility I work out at. The regular hex-bar can only do so much.. Regular Hex Bar: – weighs standard 45 lb, hold approx 400~ pounds. – can variety of Deadlifts, shrugs and farmer’s walk. This Monstrous Hulk Fit Bar: – weights 70~ lb – accommodates up to 1000 lb – can use for: incline chest supported rows, standing military shoulder presses, Bulgarian split squats/Rear-Elevvated Split Squats, Reverse Lunges, Farmer’s Walk, Seal Rows. As you can see, it has way more use with this bar vs the traditional hex. Great bar. I had a lot of clients and friends complimented on its use. Will recommend and repurchase again. Read more

  7. Hof

    I’m not running a gym so I don’t know how it’s going to hold up under a lot of use/wear and tear, but I made a call on this one because it seemed like the best balance of price and functionality for my home garage gym. For what I’m using it for, it does the job perfectly. I personally hate chrome so I love the black option which was another plus, and I’m not bothering to analyze it for imperfections in the finish, or the welds, or if the black will come off or not… I really don’t care; this was the best bang for the buck, and perfect for me (or guys like me, 5’8″ 200 lbs – perect fit, feel and range of motion.). I confess I went high-quality on my straight bar and my ez curl (both Rogue) but they have bearings and collars and all that jazz… This is just a solid chunk of steel that you lift up and down or do a farmers carry with. I saw no reason to have to go extra fancy. This is doing the job. Read more

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