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  • ensure this suits by entering your model range.
  • well suited with simplest hulkfit electricity cage, wall set up electricity cage and squat stand seasoned. Fits 2. 5″ with the aid of 2. Five” body
  • spotter hands can handle a heavy load and face up to up to 500lbs over an extended period of time
  • powder coating finish ensures there’s no corrosion or rust
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from the manufacturer

blanketed are a couple of j-hooks and a pull-up bar. Now not protected with the purchase is the y-dip bar and spotter hands.

stringers offer extended structural strength for both drywall and urban installation. For drywall creation, the stringer need to span throughout 4 studs and be installed with hex lag screws (furnished).

the rack can be set up with out stringers through the mounts but is not advocated.

our wall-installed power rack can be collapsed in or extended all the manner out for garage. With the stableness of the stringer, each submit may be uniquely setup based totally on the workout ordinary.


Spotter Arms/Dip Bars, Wall-Mounted Power Cage, Y-Dip Bar

2 reviews for Hulkfit wall set up power cage – yellow


    Well after an eternity waiting for spotter arms that could fit the 2.5” diameter of the Hulkfit cages to arrive, they are finally here. Pros value, crazy value at $50 for the pair with delivery included. This cost 1/3 the price of my Rep fitness PR5000v2 arm and that’s before their delivery charge! Build quality is robust, the welds are….well let’s just say not pretty but it’s the same welding QC on their Jhooks and plate holders. Surprisingly they added a strip of UHMV with recessed screws holding them snugly onto the upper arms. At this price point I wasn’t expecting it. Cons: My only gripe with these arms, they have a little bit of slack/play/wiggle against the Hulkfit cage. I assume it would be the same with the newer squat rack since they all have the identical 2.5” columns. I remedied this with a 1/8 “ strip of UHMV on the back of the hooks against the cage. Comparison with the original Hulkfit spotter arms: The newer version has 18” of usable arm space, losing 1.5” of length to the original’s 20”. This is offset by the newer version being 1/4” wider, and the support plate and gusset are substantially beefier at almost twice the length. This will no doubt improve the weight bearing. I’ve included pics of both versions side by side. I haven’t loaded more than 360 pounds on it and can’t attest to the stability near the 500 pound weight limit. It’s not as robust as Rogue, Rep, or Titans flagship spotter arms, but at 1/3 to 1/4 the cost, it’s a no-brainer to get these. Overall, Hulkfit has improved on their original spotter arm design without increasing the price, which was already a great value. Highly recommended. Read more

  2. Juan

    I was having the same issue many others were having. The holes in the columns did not align and the spotters wouldn’t go through. Well, with these spotters; that are part of the Hulk fit wall mounted rack, I solved the problem. Read more

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