Hyperwear hyper vest pro unisex 10-pound adjustable weighted vest for fitness exercises

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  • tyvek lycra nylon
  • made inside the usa and imported
  • professional-grade weight vest based totally on a patented layout and fabric
  • comes with 10lbs of excessive-density metal weights with ability for greater
  • thin profile affords full variety of movement
  • stretch fabric is wicking, scent resistant, cool and secure; open facet for ventilation
  • unisex design with aspect lacing for surprisingly-adjustable fit
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from the producer

quality weight vest

weighted vest schooling.

  • flexible and breathable
  • hugs frame for comfortable in shape
  • no transferring even as moving
  • unisex
  • no chafing
  • full zipper for easy on and off
  • hyperwear hyper vest pro weight vest

    the hyper vest pro weighted vest will help take your training to the following stage. Whether you are looking for sports overall performance education, move training, wellknown health, or rehab, the hyper vest pro provides intensity in any respect ranges. Loose on line exercise directory available to ramp up the depth of your education recurring. Hyper vest pro offers complimentary education with hyperwear softbell, sandbell & steelbell.

  • may be used for tactical schooling with fireplace, police, and military individuals
  • used for general fitness, bootcamps or for elite and expert stage education
  • superb for walking and allows build bone density with ordinary use
  • excessive overall performance training

    the hyper vest pro is ideal for running, excessive intensity c language training, on foot, trekking, weight schooling or other leisure, collegiate or expert sport precise education.

    quality weight vest

    the innovative layout capabilities a completely unique material manipulate gadget that hugs the frame for an exceedingly cozy healthy, like a compression shirt, however does no longer limit range of motion.

    the vest design flexes within the horizontal plane however not in the vertical plane. This lets in for complete chest growth for respiration while preserving the weights in vicinity even during energetic, multi-plane movements.

    the hyper vest pro weight vest comes pre-loaded with 10 lbs of high-density metal weights and is fully adjustable. The individual weight bar weighs 2. 25 ounce each and can be without problems removed or additional weights can be introduced. Each pocket can preserve weights and weights may be organized across wallet to alternate weight distribution.

    the breathable, odor-resistant, wicking cloth and beneficiant open facet panels offers advanced air flow. Noticeably adjustable facet lacing and slim profile lets in for exquisite suit and luxury.

    hyper vest pro weight vest

    loose on-line workout directory

    product description

    hyperwear hyper vest seasoned adjustable weight vest small, comfy fabric, unisex 10-pound, purposeful health schooling, taking walks weight vest, flexible material, side laces for custom fit


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    7 reviews for Hyperwear hyper vest pro unisex 10-pound adjustable weighted vest for fitness exercises

    1. Rocco Hazzard

      Way overpriced due to poor durability. When I lifted the vest up to put it on for the first time, with it having only the pre-installed 10lbs of weight loaded in it, I could hear tiny popping sounds where pieces of the stitching were breaking inside the edge stitching on back of the neck-area of the vest. Unnacceptable! The manufacturer knows there is a durability issue with their product and their lame solution is to have the customer expend time and energy to return the vest for another poor-durability vest replacement. Hey, Hyperwear, before you post a reply to this post like you have other reveiwers who have noted the poor quality of this vest’s durability…. realize that us going through the hastle of sending back and replacing with another poor-durability vest is not a solution! It is an absolute UNSAT situation to spend almost $200 for a weight vest that begins to fall apart right out of the box. I won’t waste my money buying the overpriced weight-booster pack now because I don’t expect the vest to last long enough based on my own experience and also the many other reviewers having durability problems (5lbs extra weight for $39 is also highway robbery). I will just chalk it up to “buyer beware” and do my own stitching to keep this vest from falling apart. It is such a shame because the vest is great except for this critical flaw of poor durability/quality…. making it’s high purchase cost laughable. Read more

    2. Josh

      Bought this vest because it’s slimmer than the CrossFit 5.11 tactical and it was on sale so I saved about $75 by choosing this one. Well I should have just upped my investment at the get go. This vest isn’t worth $10. Both Logos fraying and multiple holes after literally one week of use. Light use at that. Free weights, walks with dogs and one 1 mile jog. Can’t imagine what it would look like after you actually use it. Don’t let the commercials and reviews fool you. They must be using their extra revenues to buy reviews. It’s a joke. Save your $. 5.11 tactical….I think you’ll see the difference immediately Read more

    3. Indigocoatl

      I’m female, 62, 5’1″, under 120 and short-torsoed, so after perusing the size chart at their site, ordered the small. It was WAY too small. Even with the side cords let out as much as possible I could barely zip it up, even with most of the weights removed. I suppose my weight has expanded more around my torso than someone else with my stats, but they really REALLY should list the underarm chest/bust measurement for the vest – it would have been obvious that the S wouldn’t go around my evidently expansive chest. I didn’t order a M, because I’m concerned that it also would not fit – probably too long for my short torso. Again, having the exact measurements of the vest would be helpful for fitting. All that being said, I was impressed by the quality of the vest.. and really sad that I couldn’t keep it. They happily refunded my money, which was a relief. Read more

    4. Ecnmao

      Once all the weights are in and it gets sweaty it’s Smells horrible. The weights get rusted and permanently stink up your shirts. Also, after use the pockets that hold the weights wear and a couple are almost worn where the weights will fall out. Read more

    5. Fibonacci Fitness

      After 3 uses the weight pockets developed holes (photo). After seeing the photo and hearing my concerns Hyperwear told me I should have bought the newer version. HOLES AFTER 3 USES!!! Why sell the old one if it is a piece of crap. EXTREMELY poor judgement and customer service by Hyperwear. Read more

    6. Jtomage

      I m 5′ 7″ and can weight between 160 – 175 depending on my diet and workout goals. I got the medium vest which is a snug fit just a bit uncomfortable but not enough to hinder any of my workouts. I m not sure if a large would fit me better but that is something to consider when picking a size. I honestly like using the vest. I wear it almost every time I m at the gym or out running. Its great for a lot of the body weight works such as push ups, pull ups, and plyometrics, I have played basketball while wearing the vest without a lot of problems. The only reason why I wont give this 5 stars is because mine is only fraying. I have had the vest for almost 6 months and the little metal plates they use weights are beginning to make small holes in the vest. While not a major problem since the vest is still usable it makes me question the lifespan of the vest. I know I will rate this 1 star if the vest falls apart on me before the end of the year. Edit: I had to change my rating because the vest ended up falling apart on me before the end of the year. While it is nice and balance which is exactly what you want with a weight vest but its simply not made to support the little weights. Little holes stared appearing where the corners of weight contact the material. They slowly grow bigger with very view ways to patch the problem. Then it finally happened the weight fell through the pocket. Going over the vest again, I see a few more holes ready for the weights to fall out. Simply the vest is not work the price of $170 due the failure of materials I say the vest should only cost about $70. Read more

    7. MBK

      The Hyperwear Hyper vest pro is an awesome product (see may review on the vest). Although I would recommend getting these additional weights in order to up your workout, they are over priced. They are very well made, high quality and fit into the fest very well, but I feel that they are way overpriced. I would have given them a 5 star if they were less expensive. accessory Read more

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