Innova inversion desk with adjustable headrest, reversible ankle holders, and 300 lbs weight capacity

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  • make certain this fits by means of coming into your model range.
  • new longer knob ankle keeping gadget
  • six (6) role adjustable pin gadget with added patented shielding cowl for clean positioning and more secure inverting over strap systems
  • genuine stability system for smooth inverting with ergonomical & reversible ankle holding machine
  • adjustable headrest pad with huge and relaxed padded backrest
  • comprises users 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in with a three hundred lbs. Weight capability
  • protected components: components and hardware to install inversion table
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heavy duty deluxe inversion table

the innova itx9688 is a heavy responsibility inversion table that comes with many new capabilities that set it apart from other inversion tables. Beginning with its big backrest pad and tender touch foam handlebars, it affords a comfy, easy inversion. But these functions are just the fundamentals. The itx9688’s proper stability device allows every user to find their own precise center of gravity. The six perspective pin gadget permits customers to believe that the itx9688 will easily, correctly, and always supply at the finest inversion revel in.

unlike different inversion tables, which most effective have one adjustable parts, the itx9688’s true stability system capabilities adjustable features, to help each person person shape the smoothest and maximum comfy inversion revel in for them. The real balance shape can adjust the headrest pad and the height to micromanage the middle of gravity.

the itx9688 functions a patented shielding cowl for the easy to adjust six angle pin device. Simply position the pin within the desired angle and know that your inversion position could be safe, secure and steady whenever. Antique tether strap systems require the user to dismount absolutely climb under the desk so one can modify and may loosen after repeated use.

  • 300 lb user weight potential
  • assembly required
  • longer ankle maintaining knob for less difficult release
  • reversible ankle keeping machine (ankle holders can exchange places)
  • real stability system for easy inverting
  • 6-pin angle selection device with tender foam handlebars
  • adjustable headrest
  • huge, at ease backrest pad with adjustable headrest pad
  • innova health & fitness

    for a more secure and extra constant inversion.

    smooth to modify to deal with each individual’s frame type (height/weight distribution).

    functions a longer ankle locking device for less difficult mounting and dismounting.

    reversible ankle holders to make the inversion experience greater cozy for all users.

    choice 1: rear foam rollers with the front u-shaped holders.

    choice 2: rear u-form holder and front foam rollers.

    for smooth inversion.

    user settings: 4’10” to 6’6″.

    weight capability: three hundred lb.

    padded for comfort and massive to deal with all frame sizes.

    three positions to help find a extra relaxing inversion.

    for a extra comfy grip.


    Premium, Standard

    8 reviews for Innova inversion desk with adjustable headrest, reversible ankle holders, and 300 lbs weight capacity

    1. Parker Riebs

      The unit took effort and a couple of hours to put together, and was eventually finished almost in spite of the instructions. As like most things, it takes a while to learn how to use it effectively. I’m working on inverting comfortably by wrapping my ankles with towels. Even so, the foot end of things could use another axis of adjustment, adjusting the distance between the foot rest and the ankle pads. As it is, starting with my feet on the footrest, it’s hard to invert. Once inverted, I slide ‘up’ the board, making it difficult to come back to a standing position. Timing the stretch is easy, I watch an episode of ‘Cheers’ on Netflix. When the episode is over, so is the stretch. ……..Oh, my Sciatica seems to be better! Read more

    2. Melissa M Anchondo

      My husband is 6’2 and had major back pain with his back was locking up when he was trying to get up off the chair or out of bed. I took a little bit of time for him to put it together but once he did and he used it just a couple of times his back pain and mobility issues went from a 9 to 2 !!! Amazing , highly recommend it for those that have serious back issues, The only thing is it’s big and will take up a lot of room Read more

    3. Corey S.

      While the table is comfortable and easy to use, but it was an absolute pain to put together. After 2 hours and a trip to the hardware store ($8.00 for bolts) to replace a couple of bolts that stripped and had to replace a pin with a bolt (that held a spring in place) because it was too short and kept falling out. There were also burs on most of the ends of the tubing, fortunately I was able to clean those off to keep it from scratching the powder coating further. It is otherwise a good investment. *I work as an assembler at a metal fabrication shop* Read more

    4. Scott B

      Once we got this assembled, it is easy to balance and control my position. I feel secure and comfortable when inverting. Follow the recommended process and start with shallow angles until you are used to the sensations of inversion. It is adjustable for your height and center of gravity. I do find that both of these shift while inverting, such that I have to assist the return to horizontal. While inverting, I naturally stretch, so my center moves. I definitely feel taller afterwards! I found the ankle locking mechanism is a little difficult to operate, both getting it to lock into a slot that firmly grasps my ankles and also unlocking it after inverting. It uses a long pin that you bend over to reach and pull. I suggest some sort of long lever or ratchet system on a future update may give a more continuous range of settings and be easier to operate. Read more

    5. The Reviewer

      The inversion table doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it does what it should. It locks down on your ankles, holding you securely in place. It pivots smoothly, making it easy to invert and right yourself just by moving your arms. It provides several adjustments for inversion angle and height. The best part is that it doesn’t cost much money. Read more

    6. AZ Gal

      My husband has been having lots of back issues since his late 40s. He did see his doctor and nothing major was identified so we started searching for a solution. Several friends and family members recommended an inversion table so we decided to try this one after a little research. My husband uses it lightly inverted a couple of times a day for a few minutes at a time and he said it is helping! It’s not a perfect solution and he does still have some back pain but this Is a very helpful device! We wish we had gotten an inversion table with some lumbar support as it’s not very comfortable but it does work well and is a good quality table! Read more

    7. Andrew p

      It takes a little time to assemble the thing, but all the tools come with it. It is easy to.put together if you read the manual first. You will love this thing! Read more

    8. Velvet

      I took some leisurely time to read the instruction manual, since this is my first ever inversion table. First off, all items were very nicely wrapped and secured inside the box. The screws and bolts and the tools were all provided, so once I had all things sorted out, one can just follow the six steps to set it up. It took me about under an hour to have it all set and ready to test. The table is heavy, which is what we want. It is comfortable to lie down on, and it is quite sensitive to balance, which I find to be a positive thing. Just raising one arm into the air gets the teeter going! Lowering it slightly brings you back up and raising it again reverses it immediately. So this seems to me to be an ideal situation for an inversion table. My husband, who is not an exercise buff at all, liked it, although he was apprehensive about this “upside-down” situation at first. He said he felt relief on his spine between the shoulders and the neck area, and also in the pelvic-lumbar region. He’s been on the table several times already by now, and I can see that he feels more confident about using it. The setting pin allows him to invert only part of the way, or all the way if he wants to dare it. So, it is a nice “dosed” experience, for days when a full inversion is maybe not what we want to experience. I love it, and even I feel that the spinal extension does a lot of good in terms of stretch and relief of tension, even though I am a yoga buff/teacher. We are both very happy with this purchase! If you find my review helpful, thanks for letting me know! Read more

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