Konus 6. Five-25x 44mm konuspro m30 riflescope

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  • make certain this suits by way of coming into your version wide variety.
  • 6. Five-25×44 mil-dot engraved illuminated reticle
  • discipline of view at 100m/yds: 5. 3m/17ft 6. 5x – 1. 4m/four. 5ft at 25x
  • period-mm/in: 415mm/sixteen. Three”
  • eye alleviation mm/in: 101. 6mm/three. 9″
  • click on value in@100yds: 1/eight moa mm@100m: three. 4 mm

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product description

the end result of a multi-yr improvement venture, the era of these konuspro m30 riflescopes in the end combines in a unmarried unit the most superior capabilities and the most professional specs that the market has ever seen up to these days. These models without a doubt stand out because the first-class and remaining riflescope and will supply every avid sportsman the threat to step on the sector knowing that they are able to now efficiently taken even the maximum prohibitive shot.

5 reviews for Konus 6. Five-25x 44mm konuspro m30 riflescope

  1. Fuel683

    I bought this for a rifle build. Glass is clear even at the edges. The objective does very well collecting the light for a sharp image. Zoom function is smooth throughout. I mounted this in a Burris P.E.P.R. QD scope mount. Zero was fast and easy, and in the mount it retains zero very well. I have a few friends that own other brands costing much, much more, and they are thoroughly impressed. Personally I own 11 Konus scopes in varying magnifications, and every one is fantastic. I had an issue where I dropped one, and it stopped working. I contacted Konus, told them the issue, and they replaced it at no cost within a week. Customer service is Awesome! Read more

  2. D. Landers

    I do like this scope for an Illuminated Mil-Dot scope with 0.1-Mil adjustments, resettable and lockable turrets, reticle focus, etc. While it is not perfect, it does perform fairly well for the price point and features, as well as acceptable quality. It’s limitations are that it is a SFP (Second-Focal Plane) scope, so you can only perform range estimation when at the specified magnification level, which I believe is 12x. That works out okay for most mid to long range shooting (600 yards to 1,000 yards), although at 1,000 yards that magnification can be a little on the low side. Most other SFP scopes tend to jump up in price for any degree of reliability and Konus glass has proven to be fairly decent as I have a 100mm Spotting Scope of theirs with 20x-60x magnification that works fairly well. Again, not top of the line, but not budget-breaking, either. I rated this a 5-star rating because the 4.4 star average it currently has definitely deserves a 4.5 star average, which would be my true rating. Things to note are that this scope is fairly long and heavy, but I suspect this is to be robust enough to deal with recoil, some minor abuse or accidental rough handling, etc. It is not excessively heavy or long, but I did add the sunshade which definitely adds to its overall length making it appear longer than a typical 44mm objective scope. The things I would point out as de-merits are the glass appears to have very small particulate or possible pits/voids that has the appearance of tiny specks in the glass. It does not detract from your ability to view or target objects, it is just an observation and is an acceptable flaw in the optics for this price point. Eliminating those flaws in higher end competing brands/models is not a high enough priority for me to justify stepping up to a higher end model for 2x the price, this functions just fine from 600 yards to 1,000 yards+ for any targeting, target ID, etc. It is only really noticeable at the highest magnifications. Otherwise, at mid to low magnification it is not noticeable. The red and blue illumination are nice features, as red is not always the most desirable color and it is nice to select the blue for different colored backgrounds in low light. The etched reticles are a bit grainy at high magnification, as the mil-dots grow larger this is more noticeable. At low or mid level magnification it is not really noticeable. The turrets are lockable to prevent accidental adjustment when carrying the rifle in the field, transporting it in a soft case, etc. The adjustments are distinct and are accurate. I was able to dial the sights in with 3 rounds, including windage and elevation adjustments, and it held zero just fine on a 5.56/AR15. I’m sure it will hold up just fine on a .308/7.62×51 as well, as it is a sturdy scope. The only other scope I know of that gives this one a run for its money and wins, is the Athlon 214061 Argos BTR 6-24 x 50 Direct Dial Side Focus Riflescope, Black scope. I just left a review of that one, and am entirely impressed with its First Focal Plane (FFP) optics and 50mm objective, along with illuminated reticle with an enhanced reticle which assists windage hold-over in addition to mil-dot holdover with very fine etched reticle subtends. I will certainly keep and use both, but the Athlon is my favorite for a very similar price point. Read more

  3. Center of Excellence

    This is my second Konus M30 scope and the seller provided the item on time as promised and at a price competitive to the retailer (brick and mortar store). I’ve used the Konus M30 scope in the training environment and it performs well, is rugged, and reliably consistent–the glove friendly turrets bring the cross hairs back to zero across the full range of turret MOA adjustments. Keep in mind the turrets adjust MOA and the mil-dots are graduated in milliradian. Read more

  4. Mountainman

    This scope appears to be everything I expected. It is seems to have some pretty good glass and the weight is great with all the features. I can’t rate it any higher as I have not put it to use. It is mounted and ready for the range. I love the features. This is my second Konus. I stepped up to this grade of scope for the illumination features and the mil dot reticles. For the money I don’t believe I could expect anymore from a product and I think it will exceed my expectations. With the economy the way it is, I don’t think you can go wrong here. Thanks Konus Read more

  5. Christian Kaysen

    First impressions were awesome scope, heavy, long, but very clear and bright. The turrets were very easy to use even though they are 1/8moa and the locking mechanism on the turrets is a very nice feature when slinging. Audible and tactile clicks on each turret. The scope performed well at the range, shot from 100-400yds. The illumination on the scope is vibrant and very, very blue. The only thing I can find wrong with it is the scope caps. They flip up, but every time I go to flip them up they fall off since there isn’t a tight seal between the rubber and the metal. Oh well, a few butler creeks and the problem was solved! GREAT SCOPE! GREAT PRICE! I was looking at the Millet TRS-1 and finally, opted to get the M30 instead. NO REGRETS HERE!!! This thing is BOMB! It’s a little large for my liking, however, for the price and what you get, who cares. I prefer to use the scope at 10x-14x, however, when needing to go the extra distance, it’s nice to know you have the option. As I said before, no regrets here. If you’re lingering between this scope and another, stop considering and just buy the M30. You won’t regret it. Read more

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