Konus – konushot 7235 – 3x-12x40mm zoom riflescope , black

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  • ensure this suits by using entering your model range.
  • mil-dot reticle: the konuspro 6x-24×44 capabilities an unbreakable glass engraved, mil-dot reticle which affords very correct targeting.
  • powerful for varmint: the konuspro 6x-24×44 is an appropriate choice when varmint hunting is to your plans because the high magnifications offer lengthy variety functionality.
  • superior optics: the huge 44mm objective lens, coupled with the multi-covered optics notably will increase the light transmission for dawn to dusk looking.
  • clean-to-use: finger adjustable turrets are easily dialed in, inspite of gloved fingers. And parallax is absolutely eliminated with the adjustable goal.
  • nitrogen purged: as with all konus scopes, they’re nitrogen purged for real waterproof and fogproof integrity, in addition to being shockproof.
  • 6-24×44 mil-dot reticle
  • area of view at 100m/yds: five. 02/16. 5ft at 6x – 1. 24/4ft at 24x
  • period-mm/in: 393/15. 5″
  • eye alleviation mm/in: 76mm/2. 9″
  • click price in@100yds: 1/8 moa mm@100m: three. 4mm

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product description

specs dry nitrogen stuffed covered optics metallic creation includes lens caps and lens cleansing fabric

technical statistics:: *electricity/goal lens: 3x-12x40mm *tube diameter: 1″ *reticle:30/30 cord reticle *finish: matte *go out scholar: 13. 3 at 3x; three. 3 at 12x *eye alleviation: three”/76mm *f. O. V. At 100 yards: 27. 4ft/9. 5m at 3x; 6. 9ft/2. 4m at 12x *length: thirteen. 1″/335mm *weight: 13. 7oz/391gr *click on cost at 100 yards: 1/4 m. O. A. (7. 25mm) *max internal adjustment: 62″/1. 59m *parallax setting adjustable objective: one hundred yards *mounting duration: 18. Three”/465mm

8 reviews for Konus – konushot 7235 – 3x-12x40mm zoom riflescope , black

  1. John I. Gonzales

    What a scope! Hands down KonusPro scopes are worth well more than they cost. I am a “most bang for the buck” kind of guy. So a few years ago I purchased this scope. I have purchased 4 more since then. All have been great on my .308 and 5.56 rifles. I have never missed a deer wit this scope… as a matter of fact every neck/heart/lung shot I have taken between 50 to 200+ yards have hit on target. About 15 deer in 3 years with zero misses. I cannot personally speak of 300 plus yard shots… but then again I am not doing that kind of hunting in Texas. My buddy who saw my scope at the range decided to get the KonusPro 550 4-16×50 did drop a large buck at 400 yards. So I am confident if I needed to the scope will go as far out as my personal shooting capabilities will take me. At the range this is dead on… less than 1 inch groups at 100 yards. I shoot a DPMS G2 Hunter .308… the combination of rifle and scope make my rig a tack driver. My AR10 style rifle was not cheap. Plus I shoot suppressed with an ACC 7.62 SDN-6 suppressor. So a lot of money in the rig…. and a “cheapo” scope on it. Why? When I made the move from my old standard deer rifle to the DPMS G2 Hunter I splurged on a nice Leupold 3-9×40 VX2 scope. Not super high dollar but a great scope none the less. I took it to the range and hated it. The glass was very nice. A step up from the Konus for sure. But the magnification was a step back from what I experienced in the KonusPro. So I purchased another KonusPro and have not looked back. Don’t get me wrong… I wanted to love the Leupold… and I did for some specific reasons. But in the end the KonusPro made me feel far more confident in shooting and with eyes that are now 46 years old… the extra magnification helps. I will never fork over my hard earned dollars for a $1000, $1,500 or higher dollar scope. I won’t even spend $500 for doing what I do. (Hunting deer, hogs, etc). I am not in a combat scenario where life and death depend on the quality of my optics. That being said the KonusPro is more than enough for the real world of hunting. It is recoil proof with an etched reticle… plus fog and waterproof. And adjustments from 15 yards to 200+. The glass is more than clear enough…. not as nice as the Leupold… but on par or better than Nikon, Vortex, etc. For $100 you cannot go wrong. I suggest that if you are looking for a scope then buy this right now…. and try it. And if you do not like it then Amazon is GREAT for returning an item. So no real concern about losing any money over the effort. I also used the Nikon M223 scope mount which costs about $65. I like the UTG Pro mounts too ($20)…. but the Nikon just looks nicer and plus it is a 1 piece unit that is very solid. It will help in clearance when using on an AR style platform. The bottom line… you DO NOT have to spend twice the money on a scope compared to the rifle for great results. I think that the industry created that myth for force us all into believing that to make more money off of us little guys! (Kind of like the jewelry industry created the myth that the husband needs to spend two months salary for a ring for his wife…. and people fall for that BS all the time!) Good luck! Enjoy your KonusPro! – John Read more

  2. Brock

    The optics are decent. I can easily read a car license plate at 250 yards. The Mil-Dot reticle is very accurate when set at 10x. I purchased this as a trainer scope. My purpose is to prove to shooters why a 10x is what you need. At 24x, you can see your pulse and mirage quite clearly. I mounted using quick disconnect rings and a tripod to teach Mil-Dot ranging. I’ll update this review once I take it to the range and use it on a few different rifles. The front objective is adjustable and eliminates parallax very well. One year later, 3 different rifles. With dozens of swaps back and forth to teach scope mounting and sighting using only 5 rounds. This scope is durable, it is easy to adjust and holds zero well. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Just got this mounted on my Savage Axis 6.5 creedmoor and zeroed. The rings that came with the rifle are the perfect size so no need to change out rings if you’re putting this on an Axis. Glass is pretty clear and seems well built for a $100 scope but it does get a bit fuzzy when you max out the magnification. Honestly I expected that and am totally fine with it at this $100 price point. I threaded the barrel and am running it suppressed but even with the suppressor it’s shooting sub-moa at 100 yards and the scope is holding zero just fine. I don’t think you could do any better than this for $100. Read more

  4. Larry W

    Nice scope for the price. The objective lens was good but not as sharp as my other brand scope for the same price. My only wish is for the manufacturer to make the elevation and windage markings where it is not so fine in the increments. I would like to have 4 small increments followed by a numerical number and so forth and have a centralized marking where you can refer to going so many clicks left or right, up or down. Read more

  5. r0bert07

    This is my newly-favorite, inexpensive, 6-24x scope. I’ve used the Tasco Target / Varmint, and like that scope as well, but this one has better glass, a finer reticle, 1/8 MOA click-adjustments, plenty of adjustment for my needs (I use these on Rimfire rifles, for long-range shooting, 150yds+). The 44mm objective is on the large size for my uses, but if you have a higher comb on your rifle, and can accommodate the necessarily higher mounting, then this is a great choice. Read more

  6. ptron

    So I searched for about 3 weeks to find the perfect scope, had about 150 to work with (only cost 120). Bought for my savage axis .308 Just got it today, took only one day shipping with prime. During the holidays that is amazing! Looks great, very easy to use Keep It Simple Stupid -Michael Scott. All and all I couldn’t be happier!! Looks and feels 10x better than any other scope in this price range. Reasons I chose this scope: Price Known brand, well made Light weight Etched mil-dot (anything else has a risk of becoming tilted like my last scope) A.O.-adjustable optics And I thought it had an IR (illuminated reticule) but it doesn’t. Why is that on the pros list you ask, well in low light the multi- coated optics still produce just enough light to light up the reticule…no batteries, no joke! Cons: it wasn’t free Read more

  7. David B.

    Works as expected. I have the same model on my 300 win mag. A lot of people I talk to locally don’t realize you need to adjust your paralax when you get to higher zoom. Anyway, 6.5 creedmoor zero’d in just fine at 100 yds. I’ve had to use their warranty once before and it was hassle free. Read more

  8. Jim S.

    I put this on my Savage 6.5 Creedmoor. After 3 times at the range the reticle rotated to the right by 30 degrees. I am now beginning the guarantee process. Not cool. Read more

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